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Dubstepped Radio 002

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Shouts to the homey SNF at for throwing in some fresh Elucid cuts in his latest podcast. Some other sick dubstep jams in this... peep game!

DOWNLOAD (mirror 1 \ mirror 2)


01 - Yong & The Widdler - Cloudchaser (unreleased)
02 - Kial - The Skywalker (unreleased)
03 - Murderbot - Crowd (Dead Homies)
04 - 12th Planet - Be Blatent (Smog)
05 - Dubsworth ft Bakir - Dirty Suthin (Dubs Alive)
06 - Rumblejunkie - Training (Dirty Circuit)
07 - Kid Simple - Body Slam (Shift Digi)
08 - Decree & Enuf - Auto Motive (forthcoming Stupid Fly)
09 - Dumbsteppaz - Sho Nuff (unreleased)
10 - Starkey - Creature (Planet Mu)
11 - Sloppy - Pony Organ (unreleased)
12 - Mastodon Tricycle - Bullshit (unreleased)
13 - Eskmo - I Dream I’m Flying (Ancestor)
14 - FBOM - Got to Get (unreleased)
15 - Svpreme Fiend - Colors (unreleased)
16 - Zeno - Dub no. 9 (Trillbass)
17 - Joker - Digidesign (Hyperdub)
18 - Elucid - My Mayor is a Billionaire (BBC) (forthcoming Sub Bass Diet)
19 - Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General (Liondub International)
20 - Jahdan Blakkamoore - The General (Noah D Remix) (Liondub International)
21 - Juju ft Don Carlos - Young Girl (bootleg)
22 - Mochipet ft K. Flay - Lazy Day (memes Jazzy Day Dub Wobble) (unreleased)
23 - Overcast Radio - Vendetta (Surface Tension)


Richard Raw "Dear Pac"

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Richard Raw "Dear Pac": On Pac's bornday, Rich Raw pens a sincere letter to one of the most influential MCs of all time. Rest in Peace, Pac.

Bonus Beats Crooked I "Dear Tupac (Komplex Remix)" [via Mr. X]

[video] Pugs Atomz Roof Top Intro

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Roof Top is out now.

Mariah Carey "Obsessed"

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Mariah Carey "Obsessed" (prod. by The-Dream & Tricky Stewart): I'm guessing this is the track that Dream spoke about on the Def Jam conference call; this goes at Eminem, and is the first single from her Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel LP. This premiered earlier today via many radio stations - what say you?

Props: YK2 Daily.

Bonus Beats Mariah Carey ft. Gucci Mane "Obsessed (Remix)" [via BoBO]

PreZZure Presents The Commercials

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The hype for PreZZure's CanYaFeeliT??? has been helped by a series of commercials that you should've seen around the 'Net (at least on this very site); he's dropped the dope tracks into one package, with a bonus...



1. Commercial 1 (PreZZ Minus The Go Kart)
2. Commercial 2 (Heaven)
3. Commercial 3 (T.G.I.F.)
4. Commercial 4 (uMadeMe)
5. Commercial 5 (In My Dreams)
6. Commercial 6 (Rox Story)
7. Commercial 7 (Download x Delete)
8. Commercial 8 (Steve's Revenge)
9. Commercial 9 (D.O.P.E.Man)
10. Commercial 10 (GTA 4Ever)
11. Commercial 11 (No Greater Love Remix)
12. Commercial 12 (In The Night/ While You Slept (I Crept))
13. Commercial 13 (The Finale)

CanYaFeeliT??? drops June 25th.

BK Cyph Rhymes Are Easy, Life is Hard Mixtape

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The homey BK Cyph hit me with this mixtape; he is a dope spitter, and I love hearing his new material. He also hit me with this message to put out with the tape, so let's hear a word from the homey himself:

I couldn’t pay my mortgage this month, but put out a free mixtape. With all of life’s ups and downs, it feels like music is my only escape. Thank you to everyone involved especially RL and Paul “Gooch” Cantor.

Real talk right there. Enjoy this.



1. Til Death Do Us
2. Stars Feat. The Incomparable Shakespeare & Mickey Factz (Prod By RL)
3. Never Sold Crack (Prod By Acafool)
4. The Voice
5. Return of the Dodgers (Prod By Graphic)
6. Flyer Preview (Prod By RL)
7. Bang Bang
8. Beastly Feat. Laws (Prod By JK the Supernova)
9. James Evans
10. Different Over Here Feat. Streets Buchannon, U-N-I, Lex One (Prod By Lex One)
11. BK’s Punch-Out (Prod By RL)
12. Rhymes Are Easy
13. Life is Hard (Prod By RL)
14. Goin’ Back (Prod By Paul “Gooch” Cantor)


June ft. Kool & AB3 "Obnoxious"

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June ft. Kool & AB3 "Obnoxious" (prod. by Ron Browz): Buck Marley has been doing a bang-up job of covering The Month of June; while I haven't POSTED all of the joints, if you peep the .zip files I include in the daily playlists, you'll see a grip of them. He passed me this Ron Browz-produced cut over today, and its interesting... that bassline sounds sick right there. That sound is not typical to Hip-Hop, but I am feeling it. I might need that instrumental...

The Paxtons "Just Tonight (Remix)"

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The Paxtons ft. RAtheMC, AP & Te'Luv "Just Tonight (IGetPaidInOochieWally Mix)": Dave hit me with the new remix for your whips - nice dash of nostalgia for the Hip-Hop heads out there. You can cop the "Just Tonight" single right now via iTunes - I suggest you guys do that!

Christina Milian Maxim Spread

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This is forthcoming in the July 2009 issue of Maxim. Damn.

YK2 Daily has more flicks.

Brown Bag AllStars "Uglyface"

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Brown Bag AllStars "Uglyface" (prod. by marink): Latest edition of Brown Bag Season; this track is named the way it is for a simple reason... did your face screw up when you heard that beat? What about when you heard one of the sick lines? Either way, that's what you did - made the uglyface. BBAS ftw!

[video] Buff1 ft. AB "Real Appeal"

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Slaughterhouse "DOA" Freestyle

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Slaughterhouse "DOA Freestyle": Four of the best MCs doing it right now murders one of my favorite beats right now on Green Lantern's show. Here's the full Interview from the same appearance. Shouts to Nah Right.

"Who keeps it hotter than Jerz?" - Joe Budden

And here's their interview with True Stories Radio

[video] Sunkenstate "Cavities" LIVE

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Spotted this video over on TCRR; you should already know that this is from Offshore Drilling:

Check out Whygee & Sunk One perform cuts from their Sambodextrust release:

DJ JS-1 No Sell Out Mega Mix

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I remember first hearing JS-1 from Return of the DJ, Vol. 2; good to know he's getting props on a major-scale, especially for his No Sell Out LP. I believe a cut from this leaked last week; check out the mega-mix for it - dude is serious!

DOWNLOAD DJ JS-1 No Sell Out Mega Mix

Rachel Crick also sent over an interview with the god... check it out HERE.

F. Stokes "Pretty Shit"

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F. Stokes "Pretty Shit": Here's another cut from the homey F. Stokes; this is one of those tracks that I can't do anything else but listen to when its on. It's one of those gritty, real life situation type tracks - topic is domestic violence, but in the sense that we're hearing both snippets of the ensuing argument as well as fragments of what's going on, mentally, during said argument. Thought provoking shit. Stokes hit me with an e-mail detailing himself. Dude keeps it way real. Check it out.

[video] Sean Kingston "Fire Burning"

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High Power Moves TV (Episodes 2+3)

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Episode 2 (Part 1)

Episode 2 (Part 2)

Episode 2 (Part 3)

Episode 3

Offshore Drilling On FrostClick!

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Earlier this year, I featured FrostWire when they featured Black ELement's A Major Minority project on their ill P2P site. Over the last few weeks, I've been in talks with peeps over at FrostWire (whattup Kademlia?!?!), who spoke to my homey Hav about Offshore Drilling and possibly putting it on FrostWire. And sure enough, after what seems like a bit of back-and-forth making sure we had all ducks in a row, FrostWire has featured Offshore Drilling, and offered it up for download! I did a nice lil' write-up over there, touching on the project, but if you check this site (or many of the blogs who bigged it up - thanks!), you should be up on it. It's just dope to have a dope project that I helped put together not only getting that love, but making marks outside of my normal circle of life. You feel me?

And remember when I spoke on Offshore Drilling hitting the CMJ Top 40 Hip-Hop Charts last week? I found CMJ's Replay blog, which has a .PDF of that week's journal up (here's a mirror just in case that disappears). And just so you know - this ain't the end; it's definitely just begun. Keep an ear to the ground.

EDIT Here's a pic of Offshore Drilling from FrostWire's welcome screen! Props to @gubatron.

Articulate "The Illest Out"

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Articulate "The Illest Out" [dirty \ edit]: Instead of just doing a regular freestyle over Jay-Z's "D.O.A.", Artic flipped it into a Bmore Club slamma. It just sounds fresh off the rip - talk about a wake-up call for Monday morning! Articulate threw on that producer's cap, just to show you niggas that its not just him being ill with the pen. Trust!

[video] Boom Blake ft. AP The Mayor "So Sincere"

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The MP3 dropped about a month ago, and Boom just hit me today like "peep that video"; him and AP go in:

Trenton STAND UP!

Lil' Wayne "Kobe Bryant"

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Lil' Wayne "Kobe Bryant": I'm not a big fan of Weezy, and I dislike Kobe even less. Aside from all of that, you gotta give props where props are due. Kobe finally won a championship by himself, and no song is more fitting that Weezy's pause-worthy tribute to this era's top shotta.

Well, maybe "A Milli", but that's if you're with Kobe's trophy wife at the bank.

EDIT And while he's being very humble, I can't resist:

Take It Personal #19

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I'm glad Danyelliott spoke on Dukie Hamilton this week; the above image/scenario never gets old. And after a tall glass of Pepsi and Bacardi, the hilarity/REAL TALKedness of Take It Personal is just what I need.

DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #19

[video] Sunkenstate LIVE at Herman's

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Odd that The Colorado Rap Report posted this today; I had the leaks from Suicide Watch 2 on earlier, and was hoping for more heat from Sunk One. Word is he and Kid Hum have an EP coming?!

[video] Birdman "Always Strapped (Remix)"

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Featuring Lil' Wayne & Mack Maine:

Trey Songz ft. Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane "LOL :)"

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Trey Songz ft. Soulja Boy & Gucci Mane "LOL :)": Yes, that title is definitely "L-O-L smiley face"; all about trying to get some play off a chick via twitter or whatever. Very 2009, and all the way remedial. Gotta love Sundays!

Via Trey Songz.

[video] Akon ft. Dulce Maria "Beautiful"

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[video] Coco Smooth Magazine Photoshoot

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blctxt "The Special"

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blctxt "The Special" (prod. by King-I-Divine): Allow me to introduce you to blctxt from the Peach State. I immediately latched on two this for two reasons: King-I-Divine makes ill beats, and Dert makes ill beats. I hate saying that, but beats hook me. I threw on "The Special" and thrown into this cavalcade of ill rhymes is the following line: "im a verbal vegetarian/the beef is wack". Wow. I really shouldn't have to say shit else but AYO BLC, KEEP ME POSTED W/ NEW HEAT!

Bonus Beats blctxt "Drop Tears" (prod. by Dert)

Sy Hilton "Intro To A Dream"

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Sy Hilton "Intro To A Dream" (prod. by Krill Krak): The homey Krill Krak hit me with this fresh cut the other day, and I'm messin' with it right now. This has a real slow, brooding feel to it. Very interesting, deep vibe to the beats and the lyrics are on point. Watch out for these two...

Bonus Beats Sy Hilton "Higher" (prod. by Krill Krak)

previous Krill Krak "Ugly Starts (What Up)"

Skream vs. Benga at FWD (6/7/2009)


Skream recently celebrated a birthday at FWD - judging from the twitter comments, looks like it was a dope event. Here's his set with the homey Benga from that night.



1. Kito feat. Reijah Lee - LFO
2. Noah D - Serious
3. Crazy Cousinz feat. Kyla - Day Dreaming (LD Remix)
4. Benga - One Million
5. Emalkay - Solid State
6. Joker & Ginz vs Tempa T - Re-Up/Next Hype Mash Up
7. Skream - Filth
8. Kutz or Benga - ?
9. I'm assuming Benga? - BIG TUNE BY THE WAY!
10. Skream - Filth (Silkie Remix)
11. Skream - Metal Mouth
12. Benga - Moving
13. ???
14. Skream - What Did He Say?
15. BBK - Too Many Man (Skream Mix)
16. Benga - 26 Basslines
17. Joker & Ginz - Purple City
18. Zinc feat. Nolay - Killer Sound (Skream Mix)
19. 12th Planet - 68
20. Benga - Baltimore Clap
21. ???
22. Skream - Clap Your Hands
23. Rusko - Paper Bag (I think!)
24. Simian Mobile Disco - ? (Joker Mix)
25. Benga - ?
26. Benga - Descending
27. Skream - Wibbiler (I think!)
28. Emalkay - When I Look At You
29. Skream - Aggy Face
30. Benga - ?
31. MJ Cole - Sincere (Remix - I'm guessing Nero?)
32. Skream - ??? (FUCKING BIG TUNE!)
33. Benga - Buzzin'
34. Benga??? - ???
35. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream Mix)
37. Benga - ???
38. Benga - Better
39. ??? - ??? (Skream Mix) BIG TUNE.
40. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
41. Skream - Chestboxing (Benga Remix)
42. Kutz or Benga? - ???
43. Toddla T - Inna Di Dancehall (Sinden etc Remix I think)
44. Von D feat. Phe Phe - Show Me (Skream Mix) PROPER GROWER!
45. Benga - ?
46. Benga vs Kutz - I'll Kut Ya
47. Skream - Burnin' Up (A Jungle Tribute)
48. Skream - What The Fuck Are You Looking At?
49. D Bridge - Wonder Where

Looks serious, right? Shouts to ERBAN MOOSIK.

[video] Linkin Park "New Divide"

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[video] Spec Boogie "Enter The Dragon"

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Spec dropped a line that I couldn't place earlier today - now I know what it do!

[video] Rap City: Relapse Edition

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I caught a bit of this special Rap City episode featuring Eminem (my DVR caught the rest):

All praise due to RapRadar; hit them up for more footage.

Tri-State All White Affair (7/11/2009)

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Damn, it looks like Tikizia (AKA the club formerly known as The Conduit) has a white party going on! I'm not sure who or what many of these artists do, but it looks like it should be a hot event. And its right across the street from the Sovereign Bank Arena. Hit up Def Familia for more info.

We need some fun nights out in Trenton, right?

PS I love how this video was filmed like two blocks from my house - why I don't know the local talent is beyond me:

Manchild "100 Styles & Runnin'"

Operation: Ignore Charles Hamilton

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Jay Smooth for Mayor of Hip-Hop.

Friday, June 12th 2009 playlist

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I've been to hell... and it looks like Helltemp is gone! More on that later, though.


DOWNLOAD RTD_PLAYLIST_(6-05-2009-6-11-2009) (~769MB)



Dizzee Rascal fell off...

And on that note, I'm out for this week's playlist. Holla!

[video] Tanya Morgan "So Damn Down" LIVE at Fat Beats

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Bonus Beats Tanya Morgan "The Drop" [via DJ Booth]

Slaughterhouse Backs Joe Budden

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As if this is a shock, the SlaughterHouse is backing Joe Budden in his war of words with Method Man:

“With all due respect, I think [Joey] would tear Method Man a new asshole and that’s just my personal opinion,” said Royce resolutely. “Let’s just keep it all the way funky. Nobody means no disrespect, man. It’s like when Allen Iverson crossed over Jordan. It’s like, ‘Come on, man. He just got new legs.’”

Ortiz broke it down, differentiating between lyricist and MC. “Mcing comes with a whole bunch of things,” he explained. “I’ve seen a Method Man show and seen how he rocked it so I’m answering this as a fan and not being biased to my group. They both have strong points as MCs but Joe Budden’s clearly the better lyricist.”

Crooked also sided with Budden, saying, “If them two get on a song right now, [Joe’s] gonna have the best verse,” he said. “That’s just what it is. It ain’t even about being biased. That’s like if I get on a song with Em right now, I don’t know If I’m gonna have the best verse.”

Not a shock at all, but I am in agreeance. I love Meth's work, but in a lyrical test of wit, I don't think Meth could fuck with Budden. I'm tired of all the TALK, though - where's the tracks!?

Did you miss Dallas Penn's footage from the Slaughterhouse Listening session?

previous A Slaughterhouse Summer? \ [video] SlaughterHouse Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

[video] Cassie ft. Diddy "Must Be Love"

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Mike Tyson's Punch Out Scarf

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Simply amazing. I'm still gonna get the game for the Wii at some point.

Via TSS.

Bonus Beats...

BK Cyph "BK's Punch Out" (prod. by RL) [via BK Cyph's Blog]

EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 007

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Revalation "Diarrhea Of The Mouth": For the 7th edition of this EMSxRTD thing, Rev selected De La Soul's RockKoKaneFlow" to kick a dose of that REAL TALK. Use this as the teaser for his forthcoming Push Back mixtape, which will showcase a boatload of unreleased, older and collaboration material from the god, which will be the tape that drops before his The Revalation Will Be Televised project, which is set to drop Late Summer/Early Fall 2009.

A Letter From Chuckie

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So Quest MCODY got a letter from Dukie Hamilton...

[video] Keelay & Zaire "Slick Talk"

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Featuring Nightclubber Lang:

KKZ Community Play Date (6-14-2009)

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My homegirl Alex hit me with the info on KKZ' Community Play Date, which goes down on Sunday, June 14th; check this video out for some details:

That's right, KKZ linked up with G-Shock watches, and if you play, you can win one of the 10 watches they are giving away! This will be going on from 8PM to 11PM EST; the game will be NBA 2K9 for the Xbox 360.

Look for the following gamer tags (if you're a Gold member):

For more information, hit up the KKZ link, or the Xbox link.

Old Money Lime Tree Lane

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Here's a year-old mix that's been previously unreleased... nice mixture of Club cuts with the Dancehall Reggae...



Beres Hammond feat. Buju Banton - “Little More Time”
Wayne Wonder - “Saddest Day”
Wayne Wonder feat. Buju Banton - “Bonafide Love”
Shabba Ranks & Krystal - “Twice My Age”
M.I.A. - “Paper Planes” (Them Jeans Turf Remix)
Dizzee Rascal - “Sirens” (Paul Devro Remix)
Thunderheist - “Bubblegum” (Hatchmatik Remix)
Elephant Man - “Ova Di Wall”
Shabba Ranks - “Ting A Ling”
Chaka Demus & Pliers - “Bam Bam”
Lumidee - “Never Leave You”
Drop The Lime - “Come 2 Life”
Klaus Hill - “Boombaclart” (Original Mix)
Pharoahe Monch - “Simon Says” (Konrad Remix)
M.I.A - “Bamboo Banger”
Wayne Marshall - “Astronaut”

"Ting-A-Ling" is my shit; shouts to Old Money!

Kosha Dillz "Hebrew Ebonics"

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Kosha Dillz "Hebrew Ebonics": The Summer Jam 2009 Battle winner hit me with a few freestyles (one I don't think I can leak yet), and this one had me hooked from the rip. Dillz flips Big L's "Ebonics" to let you know what is really good with Hebrew.

Why doesn't Ron Browz make beats like this now?

[video] Drake Calls Out Kardinal Offishall?

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Is this something that's new? Got a feelin' that this is some throwback shit:

Love how dude isn't signed and already has fake albums & old beefs poppin' up.

[video] Raekwon "New Wu" (Alternate Version)

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Sans GFK, but with more Joell Ortiz, Teyana Taylor & N.O.R.E.:

[video] The Alchemist "Smile"

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Featuring Twista & Maxwell:

I've Been To Hell...


I've been to Hell, and the Devil is a female who stands 6'2, weighing 220lbs EASY.

See, God rest the dead. My co-worker passed earlier this year - without going into too many details, dude drank himself to the point where his body shut down. Damn shame, dude was in his 40s and looked like he was 65, all crippled up. A real fucking mess. Now, we've been working w/ one man down for a few months, and shit can be tough. Our department hasn't shut down, but we need some help, so when my supervisor said they were going to be interviewing for a temp., I was all for it.

Now, before I dip into the nightmare we've lived in for 6 weeks, let me just tell you that I have a co-worker who isn't the team lead but wants to be. I'm gonna call her M.L., short for Marlboro Light, because that's what she smokes. She wanted to make sure we got the right person, so she sat in on the interviews. She interviewed the Devil, AKA Helltemp, and said "hey, this might work, but she is going to have a problem getting along with Haitian Jack" (Haitian Jack is another co-worker)... I said whatever, if it works, it works.

OK, let me tell you that I've never been so annoyed at work in my LIFE! The day Helltemp started, no one wanted to help her - which is par for the course. I am the asshole who says shit like "I'll train her on some stuff", and come to find out, I sort-of have some history with her. Well, first things first, this nigga I'll call Chubbypimp hit me up on the sly like "Yo watch out for that girl, everything she says is a lie"; it reminded me of Memento, where Leonard wouldn't believe anything "Teddy" said because his Polaroid had a note that read "Don't Believe His Lies" or whatever. So she starts talking... and talking... and talking. Which is fine, but what the fuck? Where's your notepad? Where's your off button? Bitch can I take the batteries out? I find out that the chick is "married" (more on that later) to a nigga who used to manage this Big Box store that I part-timed at like 5 years ago. She apparently worked there as well, and tried to tell me that I even worked a Saturday evening with her, but I a) was long gone during the time period she placed and b) would've remembered working with Goliath.

Mind you, I know way more than I need to know about this chick, which is probably my fault. While my tweets about work-related hate are funny, that's also an outlet for me, so I can NOT say the shit I want to say to these pinheads. But I digress...

The bit about her marriage is a story altogether. The nigga she was "married" to is a fucking mack-a-roni. I knew for a FACT that he was a mack-a-roni, because I had to previously listen to his fiasco with a former crack-addicted meatball at the job, who ended up having static with Helltemp. The thing is, homegirl would slip up: another fact I know is that once you are married, you stop using terms like boyfriend or girlfriend, you know? At least I did. On her Facebook page, her shit said "engaged", which further let me know the bidness. Bust it, though - she told me the nigga was hardly there. Not like he would come home late... nah, the nigga lived there like half a week at a clip, or just didn't come home.

Say what?

Now, while all of this is going on, I'm doing my damnest to train her - was even told that she picked up on shit quicker than most people would. What's crazy is - she didn't retain shit. Don't let her go home on a Friday and be asked to run a report we trained on all week - she'd hit me up every step like "now what?" or "what's this?"... no retention what-so-ever! While our building is going through renovations, I'm sitting across the room from my group, so I'm having to getup and help her 10, 12 times a day? I wore the fucking rug out with my back and forth!

And on top of all this, the bitch is pregnant with the mack-a-roni's baby! Yes, she started a job three months pregnant, and had no intention of telling anyone. I know because she is a stupid blabbermouth, and told me (even though I kind of picked up on it when she asked about benefits and shit - you know you're on a 90 day probation, right?)... whatever, that's just deep, because now I know this fucking big secret and feel like a snitch nigga if I tell my supervisor. And then I have to have the guilt of "oh what if this bitch gets the job, then goes on maternity later in the year - will my boss ask me if I knew?" shit... bad situation, fam.

One afternoon, Helltemp informed me that the Mack-A-Roni was in a South Carolina hospital, essentially on his deathbed. She had no idea where the nigga was, no hospital name, room #, nothing. OK does that sound right to you? If I got sick out of town, my wife would be hellbent on finding out where the shit I was - not even knowing where her man is is not even on the fucking menu! And this chick accepted it, and kept it moving. She don't know this, but I had a feeling she was shullbitting me about the "marriage" right then. Whatever. Weeks of this, with a nigga in the hospital, getting worse and worse - and somehow you have no thoughts like "maybe I need to take a day or 2 off and be with him". Blah blah, he's given 6-9 months to live. No cause for alarm, nothing.

The nigga died this weekend. RIP to the Mack-A-Roni.

Now, no disrespect to the death or to the situation, but this nigga macked to the GRAVE! How about Helltemp wasn't even his only chick! How about Mack-A-Roni wasn't in S.C. at all - the nigga was like 10 minutes away in another town with his real wife?!?! A bitch that Helltemp and I worked with at the Big Box, a bitch who KNEW about his thing with Helltemp for like a year and change prior!

Talk about shit luck.

Now as sad as all of this is, the chick still has to go. I sympathize with her trying situation and all, but her work ethic is kind of crap. Whether its cussin' a bit too loud to always coming around my desk talking about her gas, or just loud talking in general. Or should I break down the numerous reports and projects I try training you on, only to have me continuously need my assistance in EVERYTHING? What about her already having taken 3 or 4 days off, in a 90-day probation?

Not to mention Helltemp and M.L. being the ones who have beef, and not Hatian Jack?!?!?! Bust it: M.L. would straight try and son Helltemp for ANYthing. I had a feeling they didn't get along, but when I have one hitting me by e-mail while the other is at my desk, both complaining about the other? My fucking head is spinning.

As yours probably is, and you're just reading this.

Long story (a bit) short, Helltemp came to my desk and told me that either tomorrow (Friday) is her last day, or she'll be going to another department. I got a feeling the other department won't have shit to do with her after an interview... especially if this bitch tells them that she plans on being out for 3 days next week. Yeah, I'm hoping this is "peace out", but knowing my luck, the bitch won't go away.

I do promise this: if Helltemp does NOT leave after tomorrow, expect a shitload-more posts breaking down her fuckery. It might aggravate me, but I need to get this shit out of my system or I'm liable to crack.


So yeah, I've been to hell... its hot and it smells like feces. And the Devil is a 6'2, 220+ pound white chick who thinks she is cooler/more ghetto that she truly is. And I want out!

Brokn.Englsh The PreWreck Mixtape

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If you've been a smart negus, you'd have known most of these tracks just by following my constant coverage of the trifecta known as Brokn.Englsh, including "TCBY", which was featured on last summer's The Lighthouse Project. This tape features a lot of ish that's leaked from them in the last year, as they prepare to drop their album, Drawing Board. Remember "Cherry Popper"? Yeah, expect more like that.
DOWNLOAD Brokn.Englsh The PreWreck [via 2DBz] EDIT link updated!

[video] Apple Juice Orchestra EPK

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Royce Da 5'9 The Revival EP Cover+Tracklist

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I hipped you to this info the other day, and now got the tracklist + cover:

1. Gun Harmonizing 3:16
2. Count For Nothing 3:37
3. Warriors 5:10
4. Street Hop 2010 2:53

Due out July 7th.

FuseBox Radio (Week of June 10th, 2009)

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This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of June 10, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

Our commentary this week focused on the passing of Blues Music Legend KoKo Taylor, what is REALLY important folks should get out of Jay-Z's "D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)" track, 21st Century economic class issues in the Black Community and some other things here and there.

This week, we had a great interview with independent Hip-Hop artist on the rise Swazy Styles (

Some of the topics we covered with this talented MC included his foundation growing up and getting into the music industry in New York City before moving to Florida, the difference between the NY & FL music scenes, the overall grind a successful independent artist needs to make to have a solid foundation, his upcoming mixtape & album projects, how staying grounded is a great thing overall in life, much less entertainment and more!

Due to the length of this week's interview, we do not have new Black Agenda Report or Direct EFX segments this week.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of June 10, 2009 (in no particular order)

Ice Cube feat. Chuck D/Endangered Species/Capitol & Priority Records
Wu-Tang Clan feat. Ghostface Killah, AZ & Inspectah Deck/Harbormasters/Wu-Tang & E1
Boy Wonder/Idiot/
Capleton/Bless From Birth/White Label (
B.o.B./Put Me On (Rebook Classic RMX)/White Label (
Johnny Polygon/Daydreamin'/Future Green Records & Invasion Music Group
M.O.P/ feat. Busta Rhymes/Blow The Horns/E1
Tele Cruz feat. Ward One/Material Tings/White Label (
Ace Hood feat. Jazmine Sullvian & Rick Ross/Champion/We The Best & Def Jam
Jus Bleezy feat. T-Pain/I Gotta Tell Her/JB Entertainment
Allen Anthony/Invisible/Bluezane Music
Mikkey Halsted/Hello/Uncrowned City & Beat Machine (
J. Dilla feat. Black Thought/Reality TV/Nature Sounds
Chicago Jones/The Weekend Begins/8th Chamber Recordings (
Swazy Baby/Pockets Fulla Green/Hustle Life Entertainment
Mama's Mustache/Heavy Metal/White Label (
Superstar Quamallah/You Need Knowledge/Brick & Cotter
M. Beezy feat. Ole-E & T-Pain/2Nite 2Nite 2Nite/Low Key Key Figures
Swazy Styles/Half of It/Slip-N-Slide
Gorilla Zoe feat. Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman/Helluva Life (inst.)/9196 Music Group
Buckshot & Kardinal Offishall/I Got Cha Open '09 (Smirnoff Ice RMX) (inst.)/White Label
Marco Polo & Torae/Party Crashers (inst.)/Duckdown
Yo Gotti/5 Star (inst.)/Polo Grounds Music
Mike Epps/Trying To Be A Gangsta (inst.)/Koch
Dolla/Feelin' Myself (inst.)/Koch & Jive
Pitbull/I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)/Ultra
PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

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Cy Yung "Catcher In Cy" [rough snippet]

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Cy Yung "Catcher In Cy" [rough snippet] (prod. by J. Slikk): Slikk's Escapism LP is on the way - here's a rough snippet of the first single! Cy and J linking up is always quality shit, and this is no exception. I've got a new interview with Slikk coming, with a load of info on him and the BPA crew. Hold tight!

Brown Bag AllStars "All I Do"


Brown Bag AllStars "All I Do" (prod. by marink): This beat is almost as heavenly as Amber Rose's ass. With cuts from DeeJay Element, day 9 of Brown Bag Season see the first appearance of the four-headed monster known as Brown Bag. Score another one for the good guys!

[video] DJ Houseshoes Speaks On Charles Hamilton

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While he's already said a lot, here's a video of him speaking on the Dukie/Dilla situation:

Via Nah Right.

EDIT All Hip-Hop spoke with Houseshoues. That nigga loves to curse.

Offshore Drilling Hits The CMJ Charts!

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Kid Hum's Offshore Drilling compilation dropped on this very blog about a month ago, and the word is that its charted on CMJ's Top 40 Hip-Hop releases! For some unheards, that's pretty damn good! Respect to everyone who downloaded/shared the project, all the talented individuals who contributed their craft to making this a great project. Working on getting it up on FrostWire - hold tight, torrenters!

[video] Jadakiss "Who's Real"

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Featuring Swizz Beats & OJ Da Juiceman:

Via Rap Radar.

[video] MC Lyte "Brooklyn"

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[video] Marie Digby Covers "My Life"

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I actually really mess with this. I'm not sure who Marie Digby is, but I like hearing Hip-Hop reinterpreted like this, especially by pretty women with great voices:

Via TSS (shouts to E for the heads up).

Charles Hamilton's Greatest Fails

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Via Complex. My answer woulda been "his entire career", but you know.