Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rihanna "Wait Your Turn"

Rihanna "Wait Your Turn" (prod. by Chase & Status): Lemme hear all of you "oh, I don't know about dubstep" niggas talk shit about this one. C&S got Rihanna sounding like it's time to shine, and I imagine a lot of cats are eating crow when wondering if Rihanna is going to come back better than ever.

And for you Rihanna fans, she will be doing her first interview on GMA this Thursday, with a deeper interview on Friday's 20/20.

MP3 via Team Supreme. Cover via Pop Eater.

Happy Halloween From Deadpool

Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz " Psychosis"

Tricky vs. The Gravediggaz "Psychosis": You wanna talk scary Hip-Hop? Look no further than The Hell EP, the soundclash between Tricky and the Gravediggaz. While many might remember "Hell Is Round The Corner" from its single days, or "Tonite Is A Special Nite", (the other B-side) which was on one of The Crow soundtracks, this one was truly frightening. You've got that slow rumble of found sounds that they called a beat (but sounded more like a dubbed-out death march), paired with Tricky's paranoia and Poetic's esoteric excellence? You are truly not ready for shit like this. You want to scare those snot-nosed kids coming to get their candy? Make 'em earn it - blast this out of a speaker in your porch while they wait for your arrival.

Falling... slowly falling... Jesus Christ.

Bonus Beats Tricky "Ambient Pumpkin"
Bonus Beats Tricky "Aftermath (I Could Be Looking For People Remix)"

Botchamania 105

The Halloween Special!

Botchamania 103

Darklord x DJ Solo "Jason"

On the heels of the Crush.Kill.Destroy mixtape, DJ Solo hit me with these funky Halloween dubstep cuts for you sub-low maniacs to get your freak on to. You Friday The 13th freaks should be up on the samples thrown into Darklord's "Jason", which has Jason Voorhees' moms sounding so sweet about her son's birthday, before gut-punching you with that bounce. On DJ Solo's remix, the tempo is a bit slower, but the intensity is upfront. I love the "it's ya birthday!" sample thrown in. You adventurous DJs need to find a place for both of these mixes tonight.

Be on the look out for Darkload's "EpicStep" sound, as well as some original tunes and bits from the one like DJ Solo. Respect to Solo for sending these through! Enjoy, creeps!

Whodini "Freaks Come Out At Night"

Whodini "Freaks Come Out At Night": Any DJ worth his weight in holiday-specific playlists should have this classic in their arsenal. Any horror film "expert" worth his weight in dusty reels should have Freaks in their collection.

RTD tonight - and save me some candy!

Soulja Boy Paranomal Activity Mixtape

I haven't seen if he's dropped the other three mixtapes I heard he was to drop this weekend, but I'm not mad at the nigga for being in the Halloween spirit...



12. 2012 BEST RAPPER
22. BONUS: Trick or Treat Motherfucker
23. BONUS: Maximum Lyrical Pwnage
24. BONUS: No Joke Bitch
25. BONUS: Ready or Not, Soulja Comin

Shouts to Mr. X. EDIT TSS has thrown up the other two.

Nosferatu (1922)

This is just one of the 10 movies you can watch FOR FREE online for Halloween. Hit up Mashable for their complete list.

[video] Britney Spears "3"

Excess Bangers 50 - GOLD

What better way for Highbrid Nation to celebrate 50 consecutively dope mixtapes than with a special double disc release!?



01.Complete BET 2009 Awards Cypher (10 Minutes)
02.The Juice Crew (Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, Craig G, Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie, TJ Swan & Marley Ma.
03.Eminem - Warning (Mariah Diss)
04.Beanie Sigel - What You Talkin Bout (I Ain’t Ya Average Cat) [Jay-Z Diss]
05.Jay Electronica - 2 Step (Prod. by Sol Messiah)
06.50 Cent - Death To MY Enemies Prod by Dr Dre
07. Snoop Dogg Ft. Gucci Mane- Awesome
08.Wale Ft. Bun B- Mirrors
09.Young Money (Lil’ Wayne, T-Streets, Shanell, And Mack Maine) - Let’s Go Crazy
10.Saigon - Say Yes Pt. 2 (The Art of Storyrhymin)
11.Timbaland Feat. Justin Timberlake - Carry Out
12.Ludacris ft Shawna- How Low
13.Game Ft. Gucci Mane & Timbaland - Krazy
14.Hell Rell - I Heard They’re Looking For Me
15.Sonny Rich Feat. Jadakiss - Hard Living
16.Gucci Mane - Outta Me
17. Class A - Scooped Up



01.50 Cent feat. Gucci Mane-Crime Wave (Remix)
02.Gucci Mane Ft. Lil Wayne, Jadakiss & Birdman – Wasted Remix
03.DJ Khaled feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Drake - Fed Up
04.SupaStar CJ feat. Fabo and Shawty Lo - Think No More
05.CunninLynguists - To Be For Real.mp3
06.Saigon feat. Marsha Ambrosius - It’s Alright
07.Juvenile Ft Dorrough & Shawty Lo-We Be Gettin Money
08.Jay Electronica - Suckas (Prod. by J Dilla)
09.Juelz Santana - Mixin Up The Medicine
10.J.R. Writer - Im Alive Bitch
11.Ying Yang Twins - Do It
12.Gucci Mane -Hood Up Ft. Shawty Lo _ Busta Rhymes
13.Lupe Fiasco – Say Something Freestyle (Timbaland Beat)
14.The Game & Richie Wess - My Bitch
15.Wale feat. John Mayer - Letter (prod. Mark Ronson)
16.K-Hard - Toss It Up

[video] Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind"

[video] Lil Jon ft. Kee "Give It All U Got"

Friday, October 30, 2009

[video] Skyzoo "Popularity"

Friday, October 30th 2009 playlist

If I were dressing up for Halloween, this would be my costume...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(10-22-2009-10-29-2009).zip ~690 MB
___ _____

Since we're in the Halloween spirit, check out some ghost stories from Ghostface Killah:

Enjoy your weekend; 7PM This Is It show for me tonight!

[video] M-Dot "Backstabbers" [teaser]

Here's the teaser trailer to the video for M-Dot's "Backstabbers":

Bonus Beats Snowgoons ft. Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot "Hate On Me"

Beanie Sigel "What You Talkin' Bout (Average Cat)"

Beanie Sigel "What You Talkin' Bout (Average Cat)" [clean \ dirty]: Remember when the Internets were ablaze when Beans spit a verse at the most recent Powerhouse show? Here's the diss track aimed square at Hov. @DontHateBeHated spoke on how he took the track, and I'm in agreeance. Definitely sounds like something that could've been put into a multi-page kite.

Charlamagne posted a 37-minute phone interview with Sigel about a half hour ago. He goes in about the whole situation - Jay, Dame, everything. If you're a fan of Mac, you need to be up on both of these.

Damn, I guess shit really goes down when you're sleep. Shouts to Nah Right for documenting this while it unfolded in the early morning hours.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

[video] Jay-Z "Empire State Of Mind" LIVE At World Series

Featuring Alicia Keys:

[video] Ne-Yo "Never Knew I Needed"

[video] "The Wu-Massacre" Trailer (Part I)

Via BoBO:

On December 22, Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface will be releasing one helluva an album. To promote this highly anticipated release, we proudly present “The Wu-Massacre” Part I of III Trailers inspired by the classic David Fincher flick “Seven”. Enjoy!

[video] Freddie Gibbs “Boxframe Cadillac”

Shouts to TSS.

Cymarshall Law "No Fear '09"

Cymarshall Law "No Fear '09": "I don't care what people think, I just wanna make my son proud" sounds like some shit I'd say. Something about Drake's "Fear' instrumental that opens nigga's pens to speak on their lives. I believe Big Breezy told me Cy's at The Ivy in Princeton tomorrow night, and he will also be at the Diamond District show on November 11th at Silk City, then down in Baltimore on the 18th of November at Club Reality. Nigga makin' moves!

Lefty & DJ Concept Gangland Vol. 4 (American Nightmare)

Lefty and Concept link up for the fourth edition of the American Nightmare series, this time coming around Halloween. Drop this with the lights turned low...



1.There Is No Danger Intro
2. 2minus1=12, 5, 6, 20
3. Zoner
4. Self Discovery Interlude
5. Lefty Speaks
6. Big Noise Remix
7. Bada Bing feat. Scarub of Living Legends
8. Rakka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) visits Gangland
9. Yessir
10. Misery
11. Sean Price & Kimbo Price arrive
12. Homicidal Recital
13. Head Medicine feat. Verbal Kent, Very, Tab One of Kooley High
14. Under Nuclear Attack Interlude
15. Dance with the Devil
16. Piseas steps in / Get Acquainted With The A-Bomb Interlude
17. Permanent Midnight Remix
18. Awful Gas Outro

And here's the video for the "Big Noise" remix:

DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz & Co. At Diesel U Music Radio

[video] Invictus [trailer]

[video] Bisco Smith "Fresh Water"

The Blockhead remix of this dropped on Money Isn't real

Brokn.Englsh Dreamscape EP

Before the November 17th release of The Drawing Board, BE has released this fresh EP for free. It's produced by my niggy Deal The Villain and The Other guys, and I'm told that "it takes you on a journey of an emcee being corrupted by the game, as well as the struggles of trying to be heard in an over-saturated industry". Some sick sounds, captivating lyrics and only one feature: 8thW1! Download via Bandcamp... stream it below and see what you're in for.

<a href="">Intro by Brokn.Englsh</a>

[video] Dizzee Rascal "Dirtee Cash"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[video] S'ar Lavoe "The Same"

[video] Shad ft. Jermiside "The Calling"

Wordsmith "Braggin' Rights"

Wordsmith "Braggin' Rights" (prod. by Rafpak): Here's a leak from Wordsmith's Overdue & Underrated mixtape, which is dropping on HipHopDX, 2dopeboyz and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes on December 7th. This is some grown-man music right here - all my niggas who would rather brag on their kid's good grades than a new pair of kicks, rock to this.

50 Cent "Death To My Enemies"

50 Cent "Death To My Enemies": So, a P2P rip of the "international version" of Before I Self Destruct leaked sometime today. I haven't peeped the whole jawn, but this one is the first that really caught my attention. That harpsichord-lead beat caught me off-guard - definitely what I'm trying to hear right now. He speaks to Dre in the beginning - did he produce this?

It sounds official to me - the site I saw this one mentioned this as being a "nice P2P rip before the main scene rip", but the tracklists match with what I saw (excluding the bonus tracks).

Bonus Beats 50 Cent ft. Eminem "Psycho" [via TeamSupreme]
Bonus Beats 50 Cent "So Disrecpectful" [via 2dopeboyz]

Bekay "Bloodsport"

Bekay "Bloodsport" (prod. by Shuko): Peep the second single from bekay's Hunger Pains; cuts provided by the homey DJ Dutchmaster. The video drops next week, and the album drops November 10th. That beat is fire as fuck - you sleepin' on this? DJs, get on this one for your Halloween parties this weekend!

DJ Khaled ft. Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy & Rick Ross "Fed Up"

DJ Khaled ft. Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy & Rick Ross "Fed Up" (prod. by The Runners) [clean \ dirty]: Was Khaled "fed up" with Akon, and had to get Usher on the hook? Was Khaled "fed up" with his own voice, and figured he should tone down his hypeman antics? Were The Runners fed up with normal beats, and added as many hi-hats as they could in this one?

Who knows. I will tell you that I'm fed up with these random posse cuts that sound a lot bigger than they actually are. Just sayin'.

Elucid "Take Charge"

Elucid "Take Charge" (prod. by Metabeats): Well damn; I had no idea that FWMJ leaked this banger from Elucid last week. If there's anything about Gutta that I love, its that this nigga has a shitload of flavorful tracks on the backburner. If you're looking to start the revolution, just pick up his harddrive and there's your anthem. Or soundtrack of anthems, as it may. Don't even sleep on this one, fuckface.

Shouts to Meka for the heads up!

It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo!!

<a href="">Thoughts by 6th Sense</a>

"We Gonna Win"

I'm not big into baseball or anything, but I heard this on Hot 97 earlier today, and it had me dying. Rosenberg and Rico did a good job of flippin' Lil' Wayne's "Goin' In" for a Yankees anthem for this year.

Izzi Dunn "Tits & Ass (Blunt Lazer Remix)"

Izzi Dunn "Tits & Ass (Blunt Lazer Remix)": Don't let that track title deceive you - this isn't expounding on the virtues of bosom and bottoms. Izzi's first single (available on November 16th) is a clever track, questioning the excess breasts and butts we do get lambasted with on the regular. Hell, I just got back into reading comic books, and I FORGOT about how large the breasts (and how small the waists) were drawn in these books. That's just one example, though... this House-y rerub is reminiscent of "The Message": jammin' w/ a message. Don't leave your brains at the door!

Rikers Island Vacation

This bit has been heard on Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg in the Morning; they need to put out the MP3 of the Yankess-centric "Goin' In" that they played earlier. Shit was funny.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hulk #16 - Variant Cover

This storyline had Deadpool working with (for?) Red Hulk. Ed McGuinness cooked up this hilarious variant cover. Hulk #16 drops tomorrow (October 28th).

Shouts to TDB.

Sean Price Is Right...


Diamond District "Something For Ya'll"

Diamond District "Something For Ya'll": If you're asking where the real Hip-Hop is, and not checking for Diamond District, you've failed at Hip-Hop. In The Ruff is out now, so if you're down for the cause, grab this one. jben.ok let me know that the trio will be on Funkadelic Freestyles tonight, 8PM - 10PM EST, LIVE from the Hip-Hop House. Video stream and all. I'm on some "fuck the BET Hip-Hop Awards" shit... as well as some "fuck the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors" shit, and any other awards/honors show you throw in front of me. You watching that? Nah, check for this!

Rakim Speaks On "Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim"

Shouts to Miss Info.

Curly Castro "Summer Of '77"

Curly Castro "Summer Of '77": I premiered "First Release" about a month and a half ago, and just got hit with Curly Castro and DJ Ambush's Phatman & Likklebwoy mixtape, and this thing is a heatrock. This is a bit different, and I don't know if its the dreary weather here in the tri-state, but those junglish drums and that eerie melody are killing me right now.

Beat Garden x RTD all up in your area, trust. Shouts to Dom P.

[video] Senor Kaos, Homeboy Sandman & Von Pea LIVE @ High Water Music CMJ

El Da Sensei & The Returners Money EP [trailer]

Bonus Beats El Da Sensei & The Returners ft. Ghettosocks & Timbuktu "Ain't Trippin'"

[video] Vybz Kartel "Gaza Nuh Bore Tongue"

Kam Moye Splitting Image LP Sampler

This CD is bonkers. Peep this 7-track sampler.



1. Splitting Image ft. Neenah
2. Imani
3. Re:born
4. Hello Karma ft. Phonte and Ayah
5. Let's Be Honest
6. Give Out, Give In
7. Life Line ft. One Be Lo

Please support, and watch out for the "Let's Be Honest" video, dropping next week!

Junclassic "Recognize"

Junclassic "Recognize" (prod. by J. Slikk): One thing I forever respect about Jun is that he takes the time to big up all those involved before he spits his darts. Lil' things like that. ANYWAYS, this banger is brought to you by the good folks over at Ruby Hornet. I love seeing other sites bigging up people I consider fam. If you need some cold weather heat, this is the track that will keep you warm.

Jamie Foxx Exposes Plies

Not that I ever believed Plies was anything more than an illiterate rhymer, Jamie Foxx details Plies' "run and hide" offense:

Spotted over on TRU.

[video] 3Oh!3 ft. Katy Perry "Starstrukk"

[video] H-Town ft. Jodeci "Knockin' The Heels"

[video] Busy Signal "Medley"

[video] Mike Epps ft. Dorrough & Young Dro "Ain't Chu You"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Main Course "Fresh Air"

Main Course "Fresh Air" (prod. by Kid Hum): Yes, this is that ill shit. Haven't heard a Kid Hum track in a minute, and this one was a pleasant surprise. Colorado has it locked. Not sure what Main Course had crackin' off in the near future, but this track needs to be on it. Really ill vibes.

Tef Poe "Showstealers"

Tef Poe "Showstealers" (prod. by Tech Supreme): The "rap version of Richard Pryor" asked that I hit you niggas with this cut from The Redeemer, and I had to oblige. This sounds like a fight song at a Black college during a Homecoming game. Big horns, big bass. Tech Supe stuck his foot in this one. Poebama should be working on a video for this one - be on the lookout, fam.

M.anifest "Playback Music"

M.anifest "Playback Music": After giving Zebra Is Food the exclusive leak on this, M.anifest passed along the MP3 for his coastin' over "Maybach Music". Dear Officer Ricky: M.anifest murdered your beat, fam. Sorry.

This was going to be on The Birds And The Beats mixtape, but word from M.anifest is that that tape has flipped into an ALBUM of original material - still free on November 20th. Keep it locked!

[video] Tyler Perry On 60 Minutes

[video] Onyx "Black Rock"

[video] RWD TV: Chase & Status

Via DJ Semtex.

Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee "I'll Wait For You"

Pugs Atomz & Rashid Hadee "I'll Wait For You": Word up; Fake Shore Drive and will be dropping Stormy, a collaborative effort from Pugs Atomz and Rashid Hadee. This is the second leak from the project (the first is "Back Again"), and it jams. Andrew says this is coming soon, but I wish it was out NOW!

6th Sense It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo!! Cover+Tracklist

6th Sense is dropping a mixtape tomorrow; here's his info on It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo!! (Vol. 1):

After supplying a ton of music for free for the last couple of years, here's a mixtape of mostly unheard material. To show your support it's only $5.

Volume 1 contains songs that mainly feature 6th Sense on the mic as well as behind the boards. The overall feel is a more stripped down sound, with a focus on dense, multi-layered lyrics, with hardly any hooks or choruses.

More volumes are on the way and coming soon with different formats (more for free too). There's a whole lot more music that hasn't been heard yet.


1. Thoughts
2. Sunrise
3. Yeah
4. Let It Breathe
5. Wherever You Are, There You Go
6. As Far As I Can Take It
7. Tastemaker Cosign
8. Take 6
9. It Is What It Is
10. Presently
11. In The Garden
12. Take 6 (Instrumental)

Be on the lookout for this one tomorrow (October 27th).

[video] Blitz The Ambassador At OkayAfrica

UNDRCRWN Presents DJ Jazzy Jeff He's The King, I'm The DJ

I was just bumpin' DJ Jazzy Jeff's The Vibe I'm On a few weeks back, and when I heard UNDRCRWN sorted out this mixape, I was into the idea. I'll be bumping this all week, getting ready to see This Is It with my mom on Friday. Enjoy this, and be sure to grab that commemorative t-shirt!

DOWNLOAD UNDRCRWN Presents DJ Jazzy Jeff He's The King, I'm The DJ [mirror]

[video] Junior Reid "Real OG"

Braille "Give Myself"

Braille "Give Myself": It's been a minute since I've covered new Braille music, so shouts to Bence for sending over this track from his forthcoming album, Weapon Aid. I've noticed a lot of love-driven Hip-Hop tracks coming out lately. Watch for my next compilation, which I plan to drop in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy this one.

Brother Nature "Mama's Lemonade"

Brother Nature "Mama's Lemonade": Here's a fresh slice of nostalgia from Brother Nature's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade mixtape, which they released in conjunction with 5 & A Dime. This theme really is on some "when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade" shit, and is a precursor to their Rob Viktum-produced album A Midsummer Night's Dream, which will also be released by 5 & A Dime. Shouts to Real J Wallace for hitting me with this one.

Random ft. Dual Core & Jermiside "DJ Hero"

Random ft. Dual Core & Jermiside "DJ Hero" (prod. by DN3): I know I can't wait to get my mitts on DJ Hero, and apparently the homey MegaRan couldn't either; he links up with Jermiside and "nerdcore" crew Dual Core for this tribute track. Cuts by DJ LES 735 and c64 of Dual Core. Hit up Ran's Bandcamp page to download this, for free or a fee.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chrome Kids - Pimp My Tour Bus Mix

Here's a sick mix from the Chrome Kids camp that got played on BBC Radio Wales on my birthday (October 11th 2009):

Chrome Kids keep it in Dubstep territory for this half hour mix but with strong Hip-hop and Grime overtones. Starting with the big bass monsters, smoothing out a touch then getting twisted before leaving you on a high note. With a couple of original productions from crew members Monkey & Stagga. If you like the sound make sure you're a regular on the Chrome Kids Music Blog and if you want to book a DJ set e-mail Adam.

Chrome Kids - Pimp My Tour Bus Mix by Chrome Kids


George Lenton – Troll
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy (Z-Trip Hellrazor Remix)
Caspa feat. MC Dynamite – The Takeover (Fabric)
Don Leisure – Bronx Dub V1
Inja – Hats Low
Mistabishi – Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
Eskmo – San Francisco (The Rhythm) (Ancestor)
Central Spillz + TIME – Aim High
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight (Warp)
Hovatron – Let’s Get Wet
Monkey & Stagga – Original Misty
Dema – Oobla
Donkey Kong (DK) - Yuah (Dema Refixxx)
Doshy – Space Attack (
Monkey & Stagga – Moog Lighting
Elucid – Yum Yum (N Type Dub)
Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Humanleft – Got Beatz

RTD Exclusive: Steve Rifkind with Vlad Yudin

Steve Rifkind speaks to Vlad Yudin about the early days of Loud Records and Label to Artist Relations

Shouts to Jonathan Hay Publicity.

Karniege "Spread The Word" Remix Contest

Got some word on this remix contest for Karniege's "Spread The Word", which was produced by the late Camu Tao. Here's the full details, including links to download the single:

Karniege is pleased to present the 1st single from his upcoming mixtape "Can I Kick It Vol. 2" which drops on October 27th through Soulphisticated Records and Dub MD Promotions. This single, "Spread The Word" is produced by the late great Camu Tao, while new jack Lostsun takes care of the B-side. Download the track below and make sure you mark your calendars for 10.27.09 when Karniege drops his new mixtape which features guest appearances from Vast Aire, Poison Pen, Da Beatminerz, Camu Tao, Access Immortal and more!

You can download the single for free at:

And yes.. there is more...To celebrate this first single, Soulphisticated, Karniege, and Dub MD are proud to present the Spread The Word Remix Contest. Producers can download the 12" and use the acapella for their own remix. The winner will be on the third installment of the "Can I Kick It" series which will be released globally through iTunes. All submissions will be reviewed by Soulphisticated, Karniege and producer Metaphysic (Dead Prez, Jay-Z, Immortal Technique, Ras Kass).

The deadline will be 11.27.09. Tracks can be sent to:

All of you dope producers, get on this one!

Kam Moye "Forever Fresh"

Kam Moye "Forever Fresh" (prod. by Marco Polo): This is sick. Taken from Kam's forthcoming Splitting Image disc that drops this Tuesday, this one is a banger from end to end. Shouts to Bence for this one.

Hellz Yea! Weekly Series (Week 13)

[video] Michelle Obama On Jay Leno