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[video] Illa Ghee "All I Know"

[video] Big Lou " Fly"

Danny! "Where Is Danny?"

Danny! "Where Is Danny?": What a difference a random disappearance makes. I remember when Where Is Danny? leaked back in November 2009, Def Jux was still operating as a label, and Danny Swain's star was about to rise, but guess what? Either a planned leak or a journalist's slip caused his album to get pushed back. Since then, I'd not heard much from Swain, aside from a fly appearance on Von Pea's album, and got word today from Danny that the nigga not only got signed to Interscope recently, but will be re-releasing Where Is Danny?, featuring nothing but beats he produced himself, due to the fiasco with the leak causing a rift. If you have that, enjoy it, and if you need it, let a aggin know. Expect an interview w/ Swain on this very blog in the near future, as we'll try to shed some light on things, and prep for his ascension.

Apollo The Great "John (If I Die Today) Freestyle"

Apollo The Great "John (If I Die Today) Freestyle": Here’s some “real nigga shit” over a big body beat from Jersey’s own. Apollo hops on Weezy’s “John” instrumental (at least, that’s what I’m told – I don’t fuck with Weezy enough to know fat bottom bass like this) to give you niggas something to spazz to while he’s out on the Left Coast for some show dates. ATG’s been getting a lot of praise, for good reason: if you want that real street shit right now, the best to hit up are Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino and Apollo The Great, in my opinion. Need these four on a track entitled “The Four Horsemen”, with Ric Flair tough promo talk in the intro. Someone make that happen! Apollo and DJ Omega have a new project, Apollo 21 on the horizon. How can I be down is the question…

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (4/14/2011)

Once again it's on! You can pre-register via e-mail or sign-up at The Court Tavern Thursday night. The songlist is serious, too! Ladies are free, guys are $3. Big up HHKNJ for continuing a fine event.

[video] Scripts "The Darkness"

Taken from Script's Director's Cut.

[video] Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Zion Land"

Bonus Beats Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz "Zion Land"

Friday, April 08, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 4/08/2011)

Thick and vintage...

PreZZure "Bust Dat Ass"

PreZZure "Bust Dat Ass" [clean | dirty]: The homey PreZZ is back to get his pockets fatter than Amber’s ass over a classic drum roll and chant, taken from The Reset Button. There’s something refreshing about PreZZure’s whole demeanor, no matter what track he gets on. Proper levels of braggadocio, flavor and ability. And raunch – the place where he likes to play “hide the salami” makes me appreciative that he’s included a clean version as well. I’m not sure when The Reset Button drops, but you better save anything you already have out there, b/c homey is about to totally revamp the game.

This Is A Celebration, Bitches

As I sip my Red Stripe and revel in the fact that RTD is in its fifth year right now, I wanted to highlight two blogs that do the damn thing and are also celebrating thangs. Rizoh sent over word that just turned 6 years young TODAY! While I'd not known Rizoh back then, his site was one of the first that I latched onto when I started following these Hip-Hop blogs, trying to figure out where new media was taking this thing. The site's morphed over the years, but Rizoh's blend of humor and facts, as well as skrong-ass opinions, has helped TRU flourish. The TRU Brain Trust helps, as well, with a number of talented writers helping support the site's original vision and it's growth.

A younger site,, celebrated it's two-year anniversary the other day, and I wanted to give Ant some props. I remember when his address got ganked; I was at an ill Nets basketball game, tweeting during the boring parts, and kept my eye on dude's site. We share the same taste(s) in Hip-Hop, and we're even helping present RayDawn's Controlled Chaos 2 mixtape on the 29th. Anyways - it's always great to big up sites that are doing the damn thing regardless of what the next nigga is doing, so Salute! And if you want to help celebrate, YNMD and Blue Note collab'd for a limited-edition (count: 48) t-shirt that you can cop NOW!

Po it up and get your celebration ON!

Billy Woods "Good Times Had By All"

Billy Woods "Good Times Had By All" (prod. by A.M. Breakups): AM Breakups has been catching my ear lately – these are the kind of beats that got me through all of the muck and bullshit during my HS years. Billy is part of the Super Chron Flight Brothers, and breaks down a trunk load of thoughts and feelings over this dreary riddim. This is taken from the Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty mixtape, which I hope touches down soon. It’s funny, the shit you have to laugh at at times in your life. Keeps the hurt out, or for my wife, keeps the tears away. I don’t even know. Just throw this on loop for like 20 minutes, or however long it takes you to smoke that spliff 2/3 of the way down, and shut the fuck up. Once that 20 minutes goes by, if you don’t bust a giggle at something – ANYTHING – find something.

01 Billy Woods - Good Times Had By All (Prod. A.M. Breakups) by backwoodzstudioz

Bonus Beats Super Chron Flight Brothers ft. Lord Superb, Pastense & HiCoup "42nd St. (A.M. Breakups Remix)"
02 Super Chron Flight Brothers - 42nd St. feat. Lord Superb, Pastense & HiCoup (A.M. Breakups Remix) by backwoodzstudioz

DaVinci ft. ST 2 Letta "Get Her High"

DaVinci ft. ST 2 Letta "Get Her High" (prod. by Lunice): Random. Lunice has been getting love, randomly, in varying spots on the Internets, but I didn’t realize this Montreal producer was doing Hip-Hop – this is actually his 2nd credit inna Hip-Hop raincoat. His beat is fly, kind of subdued – almost as if it’s waiting to go HAM if someone says “go”, but the lowkey feel works for the bedroom eyes that DaVinci and ST have in their raps. Not too much of a fan of what’s going on here, lyrically, but when you’re face down in some muff, drunk off pussy juice and Henny, you’re not really hearing much music, right? Get it? Because her thick thighs are around your ears!

Starkey ft. Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca "Holodeck (Three Dollar Pistol Remix)"

Starkey ft. Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca "Holodeck (Three Dollar Pistol Remix)": Curly and Zilla are a deadly combination, and I feel lucky that I’ve heard the heat these cats have sitting on deck. Word is Zilla and Starkey know each other for a while, so I guess it’s logical that that fact, mixed with Zilla and Curly’s excursions into the Bass Music realm, would birth shit like this. This is one of my favorite sounds from Starkey, marrying the proper street bass vibe in the low-end with some proper fury on the strings. Some real homegrown Grime, if you think about it. Screwed vocals is a nice touch as well. This is all wins.

Starkey - Holodeck feat Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca (Three Dollar Pistol Remix) by ZillaRoccaNoir

[video] RayDawn "Heir"

previous RayDawn "Heir"

Jelani "Ok, You're Up"

Jelani "Ok, You're Up" (prod. by Durkin): Druk brought the drums out for Jelani, who heard this instrumental and almost instantly daydreamed of it being performed live. He says the inspiration from that drove him while writing, and hell – you can feel the energy of a packed-house, hands in the air in appreciation for a skilled MC ripping up the stage in front of them. I’m at work now and the trace scent of mary jane is wafting through the… wait, that’s just the mailroom. Jelani is coming correct with the gems, can’t wait for what this all is leading up to!

[video] Virus Syndicate "Your Life (Starkey Radio Edit)"

The Combat Jack Show (4/06/2011)

This week's episode goes in on the recent Mister Cee scandal, which has everyone from Howard Stern to Elliott Wilson talking. Dante Ross also stops by. You already know...

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (4/06/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show 4-6-11 (Dante Ross) by PNCRadio

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (4/07/2011)

Camp Lo "TNT (Dynamite Love)"

Camp Lo "TNT (Dynamite Love)" (prod. by Apple Juice Kid): With the 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s mixtape recently leaked, TSS decided to throw out a previously-unreleased sly one from The Lo(-ah). AJK comes correct with some skraight out of the Blaxploitation-sounding sample, while Sonny and Geechi break down some of those dynamite ladies in their past. You can hear the symmetry of great MCs and the perfect complimentary producer. Not much room for effort – the random sample thrown atop some fawn-ky drums. Can you dig it?

FuseBox Radio (Week Of April 6th, 2011)

Apollo Brown ft. Oddisee "The Times"

Apollo Brown ft. Oddisee "The Times": Following in fellow MMG member Has-Lo’s footsteps, Oddisee flips one of Apollo Brown’s Clouds’ into a commentary on the changes going on in Sudan / Northern Africa (Oddisee is half-Sudanese). You might not know much about what’s going on over there, so use this cut as a proper introduction, and get your politics up, fam. And on the release-tip, Odd’s Odd Seasons deluxe edition is due out May 17th on CD/vinyl/digital download.

Daddy Nino "Players"

Daddy Nino "Players": Bowie flips one of my favorite Dilla instrumentals to kick some more story-driven raps. Flipping the “playaaaaaaaaa” in the beat, Nino concocts a story about those females who are stacked in the donk, the chest and the brain, and their realization of guys sniffin’ pussy blocks away allows them to kick proper game and run niggas for whatever they can get. With so many niggas claiming to be players, I always laughed when realizing how much them niggas were the ho’s and getting played. Not mad at anyone who can get their hustle on.

Jacques Morel Interviews YC The Cynic For DJBooth At SXSW 2011

Via DJBooth.

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[video] Rusko & Reso "Lick The Lizard"

Bonus Beats Rusko & Reso "Lick The Lizard"
PURCHASE Rusko Everday Single

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (4/06/2011)

EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursdays 022

In preparation for Mayhem's upcoming "Early May 3 - More Retro" mixtape, I bring you a classic Mayhem joint from circa 05 and one of the first solo songs Mayhem recorded as an EMS member. This is a party joint sure to get the heads knoddin' and the glasses raised. Check it out and turn it up! Early May 3 coming soon....

DOWNLOAD Mayhem "Do It All Again" (prod. by Xplosive)

[video] STS "The People"

Do Ear "Soul Dealers Dub"

Do Ear "Soul Dealers Dub": First, I wanted to say big up to everyone for the love they showed RTD and the FiF compilation – we figured our fifth anniversary would get some love, but the outpouring of support and praise from peers and readers alike was truly astounding. I saw that Do Ear posted a 135BPM edit of their “Soul Dealers” cut, which can be found on FiF, and had to post it. Leaving the Run DMC sample in tact, this duo pitches things down, and actually make a fresh DnB tune even better! This rides the dubstep range, but is way more energetic, and that bassline is hypnotic and just plain HEAVY! Lookin’ to sort out a digi-single from these guys in the near future, so be prepped to hear more flavor from them via RTDLTD!

Soul Dealers Dub (135 Edit) by DO EAR

Moke & Tone "Destiny"

Moke & Tone "Destiny" (prod. by Illmind): This is one of those moments where I get hype off a SERIOUS beat from one of my favorites (this organ-and-bass lead instrumental has me vibing something ill), then let the lyrics introduce me to two cats I’d not been too up on. Mokeout reps Cali and was born in The Bronx, while the Problemaddicts’ own Tone reps MA. This cut is the second single from their forthcoming album, Shot Heard Round The World, which drops on the 12th of April. Gotta love tracks like this – with so many cats talking about their grind and hustle, you have to wonder – does hard work make destiny, or is it just fate that dictates? I figure you can sculpt anything into being, if you’re ready, so that’s why I do what I can, daily, to keep this ship afloat.

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 34: A-Trak

World Champion DJ / record label owner / foodie DJ A-Trak joins the Hype Men to discuss the DMCs + what you do after winning five titles + Sunglasses is a Must + working with Kanye + who he really was supposed to DJ for on Rocafella + signing Kid Cudi + Nervous Records + why Duck Sauce used the name "Barbra Streisand" + DJ AM + so much more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 34: A-Trak
Bonus Beats A-Trak ft. Donnis, Pill, Danny Brown & CyHi Da Prynce "Ray Ban Vision (Remix)" [via DDotOmen]

[video] Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite "Dead Flowers"

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy (Part 1)

Via Al Lindstrom: "The team took a trip up to XL Records to talk with Odd Future's manager Chris Clancy. In the interview, we talk about how he got his start at MCA records, and eventually started working with Steve Berman and Interscope. His first project with Jimmy Iovene's outfit? Product manager for The Marshall Mathers LP. We then talk about his departure from the label, and finding Odd Future. Finally, we discuss what he has learned from OFWGKTA."

Big S.I.N. "The Illest Man Alive"

Big S.I.N. "The Illest Man Alive" (prod. by Jackel Hyde): S.I.N. is always consistent. This cats flow always kills me – he’s no nonsense, and attacks the beat the same way – with furious anger and a smirk on the side. The samples in this are wild – Hyde threw in some vintage vibes in the background, nice to rock to. This cut will not only be featured on homey’s The Best of Big S.I.N. mixtape (which drops this month), but will also be found on S.I.N.’s The Soul Of Henrock album, which is due out this summer.

Whitefolkz "Blue Skies"

Whitefolkz "Blue Skies" (prod. by Benny Rome): I won’t front – I didn’t know what was going on when this track first kicked in. Feels like Whitefolkz used to dabble in that (def) poetry, as he goes into a different zone, breaking down thoughts as his phone rings, before the Benny Rome bass kicks in and homey kicks it up a notch. There’s a lot going on here, lyrically, bouncing thoughts on his people to plans on making scrilla, ‘Folkz has a lot going on. This second leak from Year of the Dogg shows Whitefolkz’ range, which I’m glad to see.

Mr. Miranda "Ritchie's View"

Mr. Miranda "Ritchie's View": Miranda recently leaked a Rick James tribute, and now opens a different chapter, penning this track from the point of view of Ritchie Valens, who was tragically killed on "The Day The Music Died". This is taken from La Bamba: The Ritchie Valens EP, which will drop on Valens’ birthday (May 13th), and is entirely produced by Mute. Love hearing cats really making ART with this artform.

Spec Boogie "Afrikingstyle"

Spec Boogie "Afrikingstyle": The other day, Spec made a comment about the Loosie Champion Hoods mixtape, which dropped almost five years ago! Crazy to see how long I’ve been rocking to the Lessondary crew, and now Spec is international. And he’s got lines for days – the one that struck me on "Afrikingstyle" is him saying he doesn’t fuck girls who don’t read books (because you can’t get brains from a dumbass, obviously). Dude is BKLYN born and bred, but his craft has him worldwide. Take that journey with him – you’ll be glad you took the trip!

K-SISE "Rewind N Replay"

K-SISE "Rewind N Replay" (prod. by Husky): The MC formerly known as Monsta X sent this one over to let us know he’s not affiliated with the Czars anymore, but still fucks with junclassic and is cooking up some intriguing heat with the nigga Husky. Even without the leftfield M.I.C. influence, Sise knows how to marry the unorthodox beat with the dope bars. New name, same quality. Or better.

DJ Solo ft. J-Live "Parts Unknown"

DJ Solo ft. J-Live "Parts Unknown": I almost had a heart attack when this e-mail came through – I thought this was the Hip-Hop/Dubstep DJ SOLO out of Chitown, but this Solo hails from across the pond. DJ Solo is said to be influential in the Middle Eastern Hip-Hop scene, but it’s really not where you’re from. This sounds like Hip-Hop, no nationality. J-Live is perfect. You could give that nigga any kind of heat and he’ll throw you a gem, as he’s done here. Feels like the perfect track to help usher in the proper Spring weather, right? Solo’s Who Is Wriggly Scott? album is on the way...

DJ I-Dee ft. Eli Porter "Part-Time MC (Shiftee Remix)"

DJ I-Dee ft. Eli Porter "Part-Time MC (Shiftee Remix)": This track came out of NOWHERE, and while I kind of wish I-Dee got Eli for the official video, we get the hybrid sound of Shiftee on this remix. Has that low-end sub, but isn’t necessarily dubstep or anything. Love that jungle-vibe Shiftee throws in there. E Dolla FTW, everyday. That nigga is #winning. How much is he charging?

Blitz the Ambassador ft. Les Nubians "Dear Africa"

Blitz the Ambassador ft. Les Nubians "Dear Africa": My memories of Les Nubians are from listening to their album while in my mom’s car. She loved that first disc, uncharacteristically. I had been seeing their name pop up as of late, and love that Blitz called upon them to help set this organic letter to Africa off. Setting the record straight, charting a new path from our generation to the fam over there. I’d like to hear them perform this with the Roots, on some eight minute excursion shit. Has a real great feel to it. Big up Mama Africa. Blitz’s album, Native Sun, drops on May 6th, and features more authentic African sounds. Les Nubians also has a new one coming, Nu Revolution, which is due out April 19th.

What Inspires UllNevaNo?

The Drone Interviews Tyler, The Creator

The fact that Tyler has to explain that his music isn't just about rape makes me realize that when I was rockin' subversive shit back in the mid to late '90s, I was right - aboveground fucks didn't get it. What's even better is Tyler doesn't even WANT to be underground love. Killin' me. Via Rap Radar.

[video] Re-Surch "Never Fall For White Girl"

I don't subscribe to that notion at all - I say never fall for a girl with no ass.

[video] A.Jay.D ft. MiLKMEN "Rolling In The Deep"


I gotta say, I'm glad that OJ Da Juiceman didn't pan out.less than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | Reply

And to anyone that replies "Who is OJ Da Juiceman?" I'll say, "Exactly"less than a minute ago via web   Favorite | Retweet | Reply

[video] Elemental Zazen ft. Fashawn "Kill Em With The Beat"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thinking about...

...this had me listening to this:

...which had me obviously throw on this:

...and because of what today is, I had to throw on this:

Rest in peace to all of the people we've lost, especially Cyrus.

[video] Nas & Damian Marley ft. Dennis Brown "Land of Promise"

Has-Lo "Untitled #1 (Hold On)"

Has-Lo "Untitled #1 (Hold On)": You’d think after dropping In Case I Don’t Make It last week, Has would be out of leaks, but this heartfelt, personal trip back arrived in my inbox, and when I fired it up, it felt like a Ghostface track – from the obvious throwback sample to Has’ lyrics, which open the door right to the kitchen of his youth, letting you see his life, through his eyes, in sepia tone. Even his tone is different. You don’t find too many artists being this open and honest, and that alone should coax you to cop homey’s album (digitally or physically) right now.

Kosha Dillz ft. Homeboy Sandman, MC Lars & Geo "The Alien Song"

Kosha Dillz ft. Homeboy Sandman, MC Lars & Geo "The Alien Song": Taken from Dillz’ Gina & The Garage Sale, these four impressive MCs took a theme and ran with it. I don’t know if marijuana (or other drugs) were imbibed while coming up with this intergalactic funk fest, but I’m loving how it played out, from the obvious themes in the verses to the spaced out sounds within the beat. The further you go into the track, cats drop the ball a bit – but Sandman took it there, and won this one.

Bonus Beats Homeboy Sandman "I Knew (Late Night)" [via Nah Right]

Sub Heat (6/09/2011)

When he's not creating movements or plotting world domination, my boy DJ Nappy is just making moves. Most niggas in the situation he's currently in wouldn't be plotting some of these situations - or actually making them a reality. One of the things I've been discussing with him is a string of shows that he and Marty (aka Rose Music Productions) will be putting on in Chicago. Their first show, Sub Heat, goes down on the 9th of June, and tickets are on sale NOW. Here's a little blurb I wrote for the event:

Touching down at V Live in Chicago on the 9th of June is Sub Heat, the debut Chicago event from the Rose Music Productions crew. Aligning some of the finest performers within the Bass Music scene, this night is primed and ready to shake the dancefloor and leave the patrons breathless! Featured DJs include DJ Craze, a three-time DMC World Champion, Dieselboy, a staple within the Drum & Bass and (now) dubstep scene (performing with the acclaimed MC Messinian), Mad Decent representer Dillon Francis out of LA, Atlanta’s own Heroes & Villains (representing Mad Decent and HEAVY), and the Thugstep architect, DJ Nappy. All DJs pack their own Sub Heat, and are ready to crush speakers and rinse the venue. 18+ to enter, 21+ to drink. Eight hours of partying from 8PM to 4AM. BE THERE!

If you're in Chicago, and a fan of Bass Music, this should be the party to kick the summer off right. Or make a trip out there. Should be an ill night. EDIT New acts/stages have been announced for tomorrow night's Sub Heat show in Chicago. Loads of local Midwest EDM talent are lined up - check it out!

And if you want to have a laugh, here's what happens when Nappy doesn't answer his phone:
My Manager's Voicemails by djnappy

Lil' Jon x Santi Junior The Real Crunk Rock

Building onto the first proper HOODLUM release (the “U Don’t Like Me” Refixes), one of the crew’s latest findings, The Netherlands’ own Santi Junior has flipped his own refix project, taking the acapellas from Lil’ Jon’s Crunk Rock album and giving it the proper THUGSTEP treatment. I always think that I overthink these things, but it sounds like Santi actually put some thought into this. Or he at least has a great ear for what works. I know it sounds easy, but to make a refix that not only works on a few levels, but lasts, you don’t just beatmatch and let it fly. Or maybe you do – again, I overthink shit. In any case, Santi’s crafted some sick refixes, capturing the rowdy flavor that Lil’ Jon brings when his voice touches a mic device. I’m not sure who Requake is, but I think the couple of refixes that feature his beats are my favorites. Just has a nice swing to them; the hooks take on a new life over that proper sub bounce. Something fresh for the new season, seen?

DOWNLOAD Lil’ Jon x Santi Junior The Real Crunk Rock: The THUGSTEP Edition [mirror]

Topaz, Volition, Mars & D-Dand "I Got A Love For This"

Topaz, Volition, Mars & D-Dand "I Got A Love For This" (prod. by Thelonious Martin): I had a pretty busy end of week last week, through Sunday’s Wrestlemania buzz, so I’m sorry for posting this later than I had imagined. Without going off on a tangent on certain niggas out there, let’s take a look at the Tastemakers crew out of Jersey – none of these cats can buy beer but bring that back to the future cool to this Thelonious track. The title really says it all, and each MC expresses their love for this thing of ours. I feel comfortable in saying “Jersey Stays Active” when the younger cats can bring forth fire like this. I feel like I need to take a trip up north and let these niggas know personally that we all need to stick together and do it for keeping Jersey on the map. Then again, anytime I try to get people to drive towards a vision, based off of MY love, the train derails. So I sit near the tracks, trainspot and record my sightings. For you, the lover. Enjoy that.

Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis "TANGGOLF"

Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis "TANGGOLF": For all of the comparisons to the Wu-Tang Clan (and the co-sign from Steve Rifkind), I find it funny that this is the first time I’ve heard any of OF on a Wu instrumental. Picking up the classic “4th Chamber” from GZA’s Liquid Swords, Hodgy and Domo go in. I like hearing Domo on this – might be one of my favorite verses from him, really complete. Hodgy does his Method Man on this one, too. The last few leaks from OF have come from his way, so he’s either trying to get some love in hopes of getting his own album, or has some kind of mixtape coming. Or just doesn’t give a fox and wants to unearth gems. Love that.

And since we’re talking Wu, here’s a Wu-Tang x Blue Note cover art mash-up.

Mr. Miranda ft. Simone Hines "Go James"

Mr. Miranda ft. Simone Hines "Go James" (prod. by Hexsagon): Taking a pretty interesting interview snippet of Rick James, Miranda unleashes a leak from his The Super Freak Tape: A Tribute to Rick James mixtape, which is set to drop in August. This is part tribute/part fly breakdown of Rick’s history within the game, a “true pioneer” as Miranda says. Something funky to listen to while puffing on some green or just lounging on a Friday night, on your way to a chillspot. RIP Rick James, you’ve done a lot for the game.

Kings Of The Midwest "Piling Up The Paper"

Kings Of The Midwest "Piling Up The Paper" (prod. by Indiana Rome): InHouse Productions/Force affiliate Indiana Rome has been on his grizzly, coming with project after project. Kings Of The Midwest is Rome linking up with D.I. Skreet for some groundshaking tracks. I always say it, but this beat is made for your trunk. If your system has the capacity, blast this one LOUD. If your car audio system can’t handle this, get a new one before grabbing another Rome jawn. This is the first leak from the KMW album, so enjoy that and get your house proofed for the next hit.

Dallas Penn: SneakerCon D.C. 2011

DP traveled down to DC over the weekend to attend SneakerCon. Here's his report.

[video] Knesecary "Winning"

[video] LMS "Respiration"

[video] Show Dem Camp ft. Lucci "So Appalled"

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor "I Know"

Johnny Spanish & T-Razor "I Know": In a couple of weeks, Spanish and Razor are dropping 2 The Top, and sent over this track recently. While it’s cool to spit about getting fucked up and how ill you are, you have to take some time to go a bit deeper. Span and T found a proper instrumental and really let loose on this one. One of my favorite tracks from either, mainly because it’s kind of against type, but primarily because it’s just good to hear cats spitting from being inspired.

Monday, April 04, 2011

RayDawn "All Night"

RayDawn "All Night": After the acclaim that "Heir" received, here's the latest leak from Controlled Chaos 2, which will be presented by SMKA, YNotMyDream and RTD on the 29th of April. Has that space-y vibe to it, something you can open the doors of the club to and stunt on niggas to. Over the last couple of weeks, I've gotten to know RayDawn, and respect his grind. That nigga is putting his all into this shit, and it shall pay off. Determination and consistency will break necks and backs, and RayDawn achieves both. Rock to this one, and be on the lookout for some visuals from RayDawn very soon...

Rockwell Knuckles You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In

I don’t know much about this project, truthfully. I know Rocky brings that undeniable flavor from the STL, and that this project kind of just dropped from the heavens. Maybe I shouldn’t say heavens, unless God saw the cover/heard the title and threw it out of his discman. In any case, we’ve got these devilish treats, another example of a nigga who needs to be headlining more shows, putting out more albums and really just have his name in the mouths of more niggas who do shit like talk about music. Production comes from the likes of Trifeckta, Adult Fur, Brainstorm and more, with niggas like Tef Poe, Vandalyzm and others providing features. Trifeckta’s instrumental for “Silly Human” wins for flipping Rick James like that, with Rocky flowing along with it so perfectly. You need this, bitch.

DOWNLOAD Rockwell Knuckles You’re Fucking Out, I’m Fucking In

Mister Cee - Throwback At Noon (4/04/2011)

With all of the press surrounding his recent arrest, Mister Cee did what any capable DJ would do: speak with his hands. After the news broke last night, many knew he’d have to handle it some kind of way during today’s throwback, and you could feel the intensity in his track selection. I personally turned it on and got hit with a barrage of Biggie and Hov venom – really angry, aggressive bars. Twitter was ablaze, with many comments – some for and some against – but you can’t deny that this was a different type of Cee. If you’re riding or suspect, you definitely listened. And he brought it. I’m not with a lot of the “hater” talk – I personally don’t see it as hate, just scandal talk over a different portrayal of the man who brought Biggie to us. Regardless of all of that, I was loving this show. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, Cee has a twitter (@Real_MisterCee) and an e-mail address ( – kind of mad that it took a bad situation like this for a nigga to get on the bandwagon. And for what it’s worth, Power 105.1 called Cee their Donkey Of The Day.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee’s Throwback At Noon (4/04/2011) [via]

[video] F. Stokes "Jo Jo Dancer"

[video] Thelonious Martin "Schizo"

Members Only: The After Party (4/09/2011)

Pretty sick after NJPAC after-party with a number of Elite Assembly affiliates. Shouts to Daniel Joseph for sending this one over - homey has his If Walls Could Talk EP on the way (produced by the Co-Pilots [Capicoo and Sincere]), his Jimi Led Joseph side-project (featuring BullyMouth and more w/ Production from Mr. Len (company flow) KRK! (former JS KRILLZ), as well as beats from Dan himself), and his Silver Lining, Screen and Bullet album, which already has production from KRK! and the Co-Pilots. This nigga also slipped up, saying him and KRK! have a dubstep album that they'll be playing cuts from at the after-party. Of course he didn't SEND any cuts off of it, but I need that, Espee. Now.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

[preview] N.O.R.E. "Yonkers Freestyle"

I'm don't know who put Nore up on Tyler, The Creator, but I'm NOT mad at him grabbing "Yonkers" and going buck. This is a preview that features another track, "Bottles Go Bang", which I'm kind of mad at. Nore sounds ill on that "Yonkers" instrumental. And no so dope on the other jawn. Anyways, I'm on my #WM27 ish right now. Sorry.

DOWNLOAD N.O.R.E. "Yonkers Freestyle / Bottles Go Bang (Preview)"