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The Combat Jack Show (4/13/2011)

Over the past month we had a great run with some very talented and esteemed guests. So for today we’ve decided to fall back and just do us (pause), barbershop talk if you will. I’m not sure but somehow we started talking about our troubled or not-so troubled childhoods (lmao @ Premuim Pete). Obviously I’m not gonna give it away here, you just have to listen to the stream or download below. Salutes to DJ Benhameen for playing all that new heat. Major acknowledgements to our interns Jerome aka “Captain Schnacks” and RiNaldo for the awesome skits/pranks. #Excellence [via PNC Radio]

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (4/13/2011)
The Combat Jack Show 4-13-11 by PNCRadio

[video] e.d.g.e. ft. Dave Ryan & Jaykin "Target Practice Pt. 2"

[video] El Gant ft. J57 & Tek "Problems"

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 4/13/2011)

Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Lil Silva Remix)"

Tyler, The Creator "Yonkers (Lil Silva Remix)": With the hectic news of Earl's whereabouts, we almost forget that Odd Future is debuted at Coachella this week. Playing off the bass music side of the festival, I love how this remix dropped this week. Lil Silva flips Tyler's single into a Grime/Bass-fueled orgy; he keeps Tyler's venom in tact, but kicks up some nasty sounds underneath. I fucks with these remixes. I pre-ordered Goblin this week, and I wonder how this deluxe version will be - if there's some kind of double disc or what have you. We'll see...

Via Blog and Bass by way of Pitchfork.

Friday, April 15, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 4/15/2011)

I tried...

[video] Lyle Horowitz ft. Elucid "By The Block (Child Of The Sun)"

The Clipse ft. Slim Thug vs. Original Sin "Wamp Wamp (What It Do) (Disc Jockey Nappy Drumstep Refix)"

Usually, we get shit early. We've been getting shit early for over a decade - it's just how Nappy and I roll. This week, test presses of Original Sin's You Love It EP dropped. This news is important, as a tune entitled "I Love It", his latest drumstep cut is on there. DJ Hype's been teasing this on his show since Halloween 2010, and this one has the potential to become the drumstep anthem of 2011. Just so aggressive - some real no nonsense shit. Nappy no sooner got the tune then he hit me with some "meet me in 5 minutes" shit, and Superman'd this refix. Clipse's flow on this fits perfect over this fury, even though their wamp wamp is leather smooth. Pyrex prophets going ham over nasty bass? Wamp wamp.

DOWNLOAD The Clipse ft. Slim Thug vs. Original Sin "Wamp Wamp (What It Do) (Disc Jockey Nappy Drumstep Refix)"

Spooky On UKG M1X (4/13/2011)

I admit it - I'm not the biggest UK Grime / Garage / Funky / Bassline head out there; everything I know, I learned from the homey DJ Cable. DJ Q's did a remix of Rusko's latest single, and rocks the 1Xtra UKG M1X show. This week, he featured Spooky, who I DO know of due to his "Spartan" riddim and other smashes he's produced... included a remix of DJ Nappy's "This Is Anger". He stopped by 1Xtra on Tuesday and gave an interview and dropped a pretty sick mix of his bits and others, including multiple versions of "Spartan" and other refixes he has in the pot. Tough.

DOWNLOAD Spooky On UKG M1X (4/13/2011)

Botchamania 167

Hype Men Podcast, Episode 35: Fat Jew

TV personality / actor / former rapper Fat Jew joins the Hype Men to discuss Duck Down Records + beefing with nice white rappers + Paul Barman's je ne sais quoi + how much we hate Jewish spoofs + sneaking into a Jamiroquai concert + freestyling circles in high school + unintentional gay rap lyrics + friends who love Fat Jew but hate his rapping + prank calling Bono + the funniest 5 minutes on Hype Men ever + much, much more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Podcast, Episode 35: Fat Jew
Bonus Beats Hype Men Podcast, Episode 33: Donnis

[video] Triple J "Big Deal"

Bonus Beats Triple J "Big Deal"

My Thoughts: OG Niki

I should probably be shocked and appalled over this, right? I saw this up on RWD the other day, after her raunchy rhymes, spittin' bout fucking "6 man on the camera", and really only thought "wow, she is kind of fly on the mic". See, I grew up when Lil Kim and Foxy Brown were spitting all kinds of raw sex shit on their albums. I was kind of perplexed, wondering why this was blowing up on twitter so much, then I figured it out: UK Grime hasn't had a female go in like this. Oddly enough, Skepta dropped a pure porn video for his "All Over The House" track, and I don't remember this getting as much play that OG Niki is getting. Fair play to her - I don't condone kids going ham like this so young, but I won't act like the shit doesn't happen. Hell, didn't the UK bring the world Skins? Maybe that's why shows like that are so popular - as sexually-charged as we make society be, cats must be hella prude. Big up OG Niki, do your thing. Just mek man wear protection dem. Brrrap!

[video] Moka Only "Grab Grab Grab"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

[video] Styles P "It's Over"

[video] Atmosphere "She's Enough"

[video] Bryant Stewart "Not Quite There"

Benji B - Exploring Future Beats (4/14/2011)

junclassic "People"

junclassic "People" (prod. by Wunderkind): The homey junmufuckin’ is sitting on a pile of crack in album form, but due to the fact that niggas ain’t fucking with vinyl (his preferred medium for this project), he’s holding onto it. Luckily, he let go of this cut, which he originally penned in 2009, and as he says, it still rings true. End of the day, it’s really all about your people – friends, family or friends who are family. Lose them, that shit can crush your whole world – but if you have the right team, shit can be so excellent. Couple of different sides here, from partnas to younger gods in your cipher. Something to really marinate on while the green burns sweet…

Margel ft. Chill Moody & Ethel Cee "Let Me Know"

Margel ft. Chill Moody & Ethel Cee "Let Me Know": I’ll say it all day – love Philly. Some of my favorite artists are from out there, and some of my favorite Philly heads (DJ Ambush and Haj Dumhi) co-sign Moody and Ethel, respectively. On this fly funk from Margel, Chill and Ethel pen some tales about love and life. Might be the greatest mystery – or rather, love is one of those mysteries that we’re probably not supposed to be solving, just living and experiencing and trying to do the best that we can. Light some incense to this and explore your lover, troop.

Complex Mag Found Earl Sweatshirt

...and the nigga is in Samoa. There was a line from "TANGGOLF" that I considered a throwaway reference to Earl, because OFWGKTA has always been kind of cryptic about where the lil' homey was. Mad heads just chalked it up to some boot camp shit, as Earl's young and going IN with the content, but possibly has some strict parents. Complex Mag did some motherfucking reporting and found that Earl's parents shipping him out to Samoa, to something called the "Coral Reef Academy", a spot that apparently specializes in what sounds like a deprogramming facility for young men who are doing drugs or drinking. I don't want to speak on what demons (if any) Earl has, but doesn't this just feel a tad bit excessive? I can now understand why Tyler and the rest of OF were seriously shying away from speaking about Earl's whereabouts. Hopefully that nigga can get home soon and live life normally - hopefully picking up the mic and excelling at his talents, but just not as some programmed robot monkey. #FREEEARL forreal.

And I know some people are calling for a hoax - this is elaborate, but not as fanciful as the Passion of the Weiss April Fool's Day piece, but after doing a lot of reading up on the origins of OF, especially with Jeff Weiss' recent piece for the L.A. Times, this just screams "real".

EDIT Or maybe there's a reason why I felt compelled to put quotes around real. Tyler hit twitter to say that the info Complex gave was false. He doesn't go into specifics, so who knows if it's just a piece or all of it is untrue? I'll keep you lot updated...

Moke & Tone "Fuck Y'all"

Moke & Tone "Fuck Y'all": Here’s another leak from Moke & Tone’s Shot Heard Around The World, which dropped this week. This one is laidback, but aggressive. Kind of like if you’re on your backporch with your homies, but instead of laughter and beats blasting, you guys are passing a dutch and really plotting – be it on someone you’re trying to duff out, or just how to come up. Because fuck them, really. Them being straight laced corporate crooks, fucks who think that their shit doesn’t contain stench or whomever is hating. Busting gats sideways. Do what you’re trying to do, MAKE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING MARK and add on.

My bad, I went on one right there. If you are intrigued by what Shot Heard Around The World has to offer, preview that shit – t cop it.

Moke & Tone - Shot Heard Round The World by Mystika Music

N.B.S. ft. Virtuoso "Feast Or Famine"

N.B.S. ft. Virtuoso "Feast Or Famine": I’m actually surprised niggas are fucking with “Yonkers” like that on some “let me freestyle to this” shit. Is there even a proper instrumental of this one out there? By the sounds of this, there can’t be – decent cut & paste job of the most non-rapped on bits of the track. I’m not gonna lie – I’m not really into this. Niggas sound ill on it, but it’s almost like Tyler’s making his beats for himself, so while niggas can definitely come up on his shit, it doesn’t have the same feeling as Ace or another OF nigga getting theirs on it. I’d assume he’s doing a lot of shit tailored to his camp, so their sound is homogenous. Plus, while Tyler spits from that bugged out lane, there’s definitely more of an artistic/tongue-in-cheek absurdity to his shit. This is more just straight thugged out shit. Not a bad try, but I’d rather hear this over something a lil rougher. Just sayin’.

My Record Store Day 2011 Plans

While I won't be in Brooklyn this Saturday for the Fat Beats x Wax Poetics Record Store Day 2011 extravaganza, I will be heading out to Princeton Record Exchange to celebrate RSD2011, one trip I try to take yearly, and copping some Hip-Hop. Figure I'll at least buy J. Rocc's Some Cold Rock Stuf and Has-Lo's In Case I Don't Make It. If they have Von Pea's Pea's Gotta Have It, I'll buy that too - I never did get a physical version of it. PREX has a boatload of special releases lined up for Saturday - not much Hip-Hop, but that's just the way it goes. Hopefully you go out and support your independent record shops not only on Record Store Day, but all year round.

Has-Lo "Everything Is (Oddisee Remix)"

Has-Lo "Everything Is (Oddisee Remix)": In Drum & Bass, the idea of shit being minimal swept over the scene about two years ago (or so), and if I were to apply that method of making beats, I’d throw this Oddisee of Has-Lo’s “Everything Is” right in that realm. There’s not a LOT going on here – you’ve got ripples of melodies, some percussive banging and a muted breakbeat thrown against Has’ subdued flow, sounding like its stream of conscious shit, but he’s got a LOT going on in these bars. Everything truly is everything, and if I have to sit here and explain that to you right now, you might need to check your age and act accordingly. Love grown man Hip-Hop. Go grab that In Case I Don’t Make It right now.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (4/13/2011)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy (Part 2)

Via Al Lindstrom.

previous Organizing Chaos with Christian Clancy (Part 1)

[video] J Rocc "Stay Fresh"

Mayer Hawthorne filmed this on his iPhone when the two were on tour in Japan, and edited it on his laptop on the flight back home. Stay Fresh is a cut off J Rocc's album Some Cold Rock Stuf.

[video] Astroid Boys "Roundabout"

[preview] Nappy vs. Definate This Is Anger

I love my team, even though they keep me in the dark with shit. We premiered "This Is Anger" on a whim back in December, and truthfully, I'm not sure where the idea for remixes happened. Let's just assume Nappy turned a thought into a movement - it's happened before. What possibly began as "something to do" has turned into an all-out remix project for "This Is Anger", utilizing artist's like Spooky and Teeza (who are smashin' things in the Grime scene) to guys like Linton Brown (who you might not have heard of, but need to get to know), to RTD bredren like DJ Hipnotikk and The Two. Fifteens. In this preview that definitely just randomly hit your Internets earlier today, you get to hear versions from all of the aforementioned artists. I think a few of these are final, but a lot of this - including the cover art - is still in the "rough" stages, and trust: when we hit you with that final release (which I plan on dropping via RTDLTD), you won't be upset. Massive things a gwarn! Run the riddim track!

Nappy - This Is Anger (Previews) by djnappy

And if you missed it, some behind the scenes footage of the making of "This Is Anger" hit the YouTube last night. Shouts to Definate for that.

Aleon Craft Mothership Decatur

In my infinite wisdom, I try to send out feelers for cats to get down on certain things. I don’t know if it’s my approach, or niggas just not being interested, but I can’t get a lot of shit up off the ground. Nappy did a refix of Aleon Craft’s “Donkey Kong”, which I’m not even sure has been properly released. I wanted to see if Aleon would be down for an EP ala the From Mississippi To Mars project, but SMKA told me homey was busy. Welcome to the ship that caused my plans to be shifted. Craft’s been grinding heavy in the studio, and this mixtape is the last freebie you’ll see from that work before his album, Solar-Hop Chronicles, touches down. Obviously dude has a fondness for spaced-out shit, and in an Outkast/P-Funk kind of way, he blends that into his cipher. Capable producers like SMKA allow him to realize the visions he sees while peering into his telescope, and all you need to do is fire up a sack of that good and beam yourself up. You’ll definitely enjoy the funked out star trip, trust.

DOWNLOAD Aleon Craft Mothership Decatur

[video] Crew54 & CientifiQ "For The People"

DistantStarr "Infinite Soul"

DistantStarr "Infinite Soul" (prod. by Nex Millen): Been a minute since I’ve heard new ish from MAGr’s DistantStarr, and to hear that he and Nex were fucking with some music together? Definitely got me open. He’s working on his solo project, For Them, and the FUNK in this beat allows him to bear his soul. Nex goes from some intergalactic synths atop a more basic drum kick, but the blues-y guitar seeps in, allowing the drums to ride on their own. Distant wastes no time to really kick the lyrics that drew so many smart Hip-Hoppers to the Rap Pack/MAGr crews. Word is there’s more Soul where this came from… get on your spaceship and ride out with me.

[video] ReadNex Poetry Squad "Be Dif'Rent"

Bonus Beats ReadNex Poetry Squad "Ready For War"

P.L.O. ft. Sonnyjim & Mudmowth "The Heat"

P.L.O. ft. Sonnyjim & Mudmowth "The Heat": And the newness from the cats who helped FiF get the exposure it got continues. Mayor from Associated Minds hit me with this new P.L.O. jawn, and this harder-edged UK flavor has me opened. I like how they used that brief snippet about “rapping” in the intro, and Sonny & Mud sound perfect over the raw aggression. The forthcoming EP from Associated Minds & Eatgood Records, The Highball, is where this cut is taken from, and the EP describes “the one hazy night in Birmingham it was recorded over. It's the combination of the whole rosters of both teams clashing styles together into some rugged bangers for the heads”. Can’t wait for this one, bredren.

[video] Vast Aire "Nomad"

[video] Tdot iLLdude "Just The Beginning"

Featuring Dre Skuffs, Big Rod, Chuck Young & Nyticka Hemingway:

[video] Kooley High "Pedals"

Win A Limited Edition Coalmine x Classic Materials Tee-Shirt

In promotion of Coalmine Records five year anniversary, the Brooklyn-based indie joins forces with the burgeoning Classic Materials tee-shirt brand for the launch of a limited edition tee-shirt, just in time for the release of the label's full length anniversary compilation, Can You Dig It?, which drops next Tuesday (4/19). Inspired by the 1979 cult action thriller The Warriors, this double label garment includes a download dropcard of the anniversary comp. This digital-only release includes tracks from El Da Sensei, Bekay, Brown Bag AllStars, Heltah Skeltah, Custom Made, Skyzoo, Big Noyd, Supernatural, CL Smooth & more! Follow @CoalmineRecords for a chance to win. The winner will be picked at random and announced via twitter the evening of 4/19 -- good luck!!

[video] The Black Sunn & 810 "DMV (Everyone Knows)"

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Nappy "This Is Anger" (Behind The Scenes)

I don't really post "behind the scenes" videos that often, but I had to throw this one up. It's from the two-take session that birthed "This Is Anger", which Nappy and I have some slick plans for. Sorting out some remixes and such. You'll hear some of that heat we're holding when it's ready to go down. Big up Definate for sorting this one out.

Hawdwerk & Jansport J BlackBalls EPK

previous Hawdwerk & Jansport J "You Ain't Sayin Nada"

A Bit About Mister Cee

Via Ill Doctrine.

marink I Never Finish What I star

Love this title. I actually had a marink beat that I wanted someone to spit on for FiF, and while I’m praying that shit still comes to fruition, it never got sorted. That happens a lot, though. I’ve got mad reviews, mixes and other ideas that start out well, and never get completed. BBAS affiliate marink took that concept and ran with it – I’m hoping he actually had more tracks to go on this and just said “fuck it”, but who knows. I get like that sometimes, finish writing and let the people sort it out. Too much shit be going on. But you already know what the fuck I’m talking

DOWNLOAD marink I Never Finish What I star presents Stereotypes

Respect to the REUP crew for providing a mixtape featuring nothing but female spitters. We all feel the void within the game – not really sure what the problem is. I could say that “the industry only fucks with Nicki Minaj/Lil Kim types”, but that’s not how it always was. I grew up in an era where a Yo-Yo video would be in constant rotation, as well as ladies like Isis, Queen Latifah, Miss Melody, Monie Love, MC Lyte and PLENTY more. Over the last couple of years, though, we’ve seen a number of ill women getting love for their talent, many of whom are featured on this project, including L.A., Dominique Larue, RAtheMC, SigNif, Syren and even a special jam from the one and only Rah Digga. This mixtape answers the 2011 remix of the age-old question “where the ladies at”, and with the obvious talent left off (Eternia, for one), we can only hope a Volume 2 is on the way!

DOWNLOAD presents Stereotypes

[video] Reks ft. Styles P "Why Cry"

Cyclops "Going Nowhere Fast"

Cyclops "Going Nowhere Fast" (prod. by Tokyo Cigar): A lot of you might’ve been introduced to Cyclops on FiF, which is dope – I also didn’t know about homey until I got submissions for the project! I like dude’s realness – not too many cats follow up lines about wanting to get a salary from Rap with mentions of taking Benadryl for their allergies. It’s hard to throw your dreams up against your reality, you feel me? Know how many days I wish I could stop sitting behind a desk in an air-conditioned company to be sweating behind a desk at home, writing to my heart’s content? My own personal goals aside, this cut is part of a bundle that Cy’s working on for his forthcoming mixtape with DJ Jay Skillz. Not sure when we’re dropping this, but be on the lookout. I ride for dude’s honesty.

Don McLennon "Down."

Don McLennon "Down.": I believe I got into Lennon’s shit when I first discovered TheHipHopEffect, and while the posts I first fucked with are gone from THHE’s archives, McLennon felt the need to hook me up with this new leak, taken from his 1992 EP. This is dude flippin’ the Living Legends’ “Never Fallin’” cut. I was never a huge fan of the Living Legends, but I was 18 once, and definitely feel what neph is spittin’ on this. Nice funky synth on the bottom end, matched up very nicely with the piano atop. Those years are make or break for a lot of cats – send this one out to those who are going through the struggle; know that life’s hard. You gotta work harder.

Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)"

Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)": Not that I’m gonna compare Daví to Prince, but the lo-fi fuzzy bass, snare cracks and those random keys had me feeling like I was dancing in Paisley Park or some shit. The influences are definitely some 80s Funk style, from actual lyrical content to the whole vibe. Like neph is going to have to make a video shot entirely on VHS to make this one perfect. Daví’s a choreographer that’s worked with loads of people (Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson and Cubic Zirconia, among others), and is using that work to help mold the music he’s making. I respect the idea of mixing genres, and when homey says he wants to pull from George Clinton, M.I.A. and DâM-FunK, you can tell someone’s being forreal. Some funk that you might need to save for Friday night, while you’re in the midst of a serious trip – or about ready to put the head in.

Rob Yung "LoveDon'tLiveHereAnymore"

Rob Yung "LoveDon'tLiveHereAnymore" (prod. by Nefarious!): I almost cringe when someone hits me with a bio that says things like the artist “is the complete package of Hip-Hop now and forever”. While I get that cats need to be confident, I feel that it’s the people who make that decision. I won’t sa comments like that will kill someone from even being heard, but I wouldn’t put that in my own bio. Maybe I’m lacking in confidence, though. Rob’s just “a kid from the suburbs” of Long Island, and on this Nefarious! track, he blends a nice flow with a classic sample. There’s not much that’s “new” about this, and truthfully, I’m stumped as to why this track is so short – I figured a student of Nas would’ve tackled that obvious sample and pen a nice story. I’ll keep my ears out for homey, regardless.

[video] Night Creatures ft. Mandeep Sethi "Pound For Pound"

[video] Malkovich "WTF"

DOWNLOAD Malkovich Ayatollah Presley

Monday, April 11, 2011

JSWISS "Specialize"

JSWISS "Specialize": Following up his strong showing with Out Of State Intuition, JSWISS resurrects his New Music Mondays series, which he had going on from July-October of last year. This time he picks up a Pete Rock fucking GEM and adds his own flavor to it. With the temps climbing to where they sat this afternoon, this is something nice for the early evening ciphers (rhyme or dutch) you might be partaking in right about now. One of the nicest from the new(er) school.

[video] Skit Slam & DJ Tee "The Setup"

Rickie Jacobs "Did It On 'Em Freestyle"

Rickie Jacobs "Did It On 'Em Freestyle": Rickie got a lot of play over the last week - mad spots posted "Malcolm X", but none of them let niggas know that it dropped on FiF. I'm not mad, just glad a nigga I had been representing for a minute got his name up there. Hopefully he can parlay that love into some other shit, you feel me? And with him destroying beats from Nicki? So necessary. While "Malcolm X" was more raw unadulterated Hip-Hop shit, this is some skraight nignorance, and it sounds so ill. Nigga shitted on the beat like disgusting fetishes. Keep it locked to nephew's work, young'n.

Fat Beats x Was Poetics: Record Store Day (4/16/2011)

Here's the Facebook event page; what are YOU doing for RSD 2011?

UllNevaNo x Logic Marselis #InstantMessengers EP

I love when people use today’s technology to craft albums. Back in the early to mid ‘90s, unless you had the ability to travel, you wouldn’t be able to make music with those you fucked with in distant lands. Hell, you might not even know some cats existed! These days, trading Pro Tools sessions or, hell, just sending acapella .wav files is nothing. Anyone can collaborate, and in using BBM/AIM/e-mail or whatever, themes can be cultivated states and countries apart. Now, UllNevaNo and Logic did the same thing, and while they’re not that far apart, it’s just great to know that dream collabos are just a broadband connect away. Their free EP dropped today, via mixbullies, and is a great primer for Ull and Logic’s forthcoming album, Protocol. Nothing but pure Hip-Hop – great samples, rhymes etched in composition notebooks that are stuffed in Jansports, and overall fly alternative shit to what’s currently poppin’ on the radio. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

DOWNLOAD UllNevaNo x Logic Marselis #InstantMessengers EP

Sahtyre "Cat Daddy Freestyle"

Sahtyre "Cat Daddy Freestyle": It’s funny, I’ve played the shit out of “Nosiree” off of the latest Hellfyre Club tape, so I’m glad Sahtyre dropped a new freestyle on the ‘Net. Apparently this track leaked prematurely, but instead of getting aggy, he let the world enjoy this definition of Norcal rhyme excellence over a quirky, ever-changing beat. Something fun to learn the words to and bounce to with your like-minded bredren in the whip. Trust.

Signif ft. Phil G & Haz Solo "Round Here"

Signif ft. Phil G & Haz Solo "Round Here": Lovin’ the beat here – reminds me of the way Tricky would sample shit. Keeping random noises in there (sounds like a chick is inhaling towards the end of the loop), and the bounce thrown in with the more hypnotic feel is so necessary. Kind of surprised how hardcore these three bring it – wasn’t expected, gun cocks and all. This is taken from Sig’s Significant Wi(z)dom EP, which is due out later this month. Oil up your gats to this.

Kyle Hubbard "Around The Way"

Kyle Hubbard "Around The Way" (prod. by Djay Cas): I fuck with Hubbard for this one – I definitely ride for a few things, but never feel like I fit in, so a Houston anthem from a cat who’s admittedly not stereotypically “Houston” is right up my alley. Hell – the beat isn’t even what you’d think when the Htown sound comes up – but you could grip your wood grain to this and po a few up to it. Not sure what the home Hubb has going on, but I hope he attacks his next couple of projects with the honesty shown here.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Theo Martins "The Spotlight"

Theo Martins "The Spotlight": When he’s not wowing a new set of tastemakers, or starting up book clubs, Theo Martins is here noodling over electronic ecstasy, then letting it go for free. On the first leak since the well-received Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor, this track sounds like a reflection on a really exquisite night, full of mountains of blow and fishnet dreamcatchers. Beverly Hills nightlife (it feels like, anyways). Some shit Theo needs to remake with someone like Lady Gaga. Homey is that agile, he’d be able to make it work – then keep it pushing. Homey got some good post-SXSW accolades via URB recently, and is embarking on spot dates in Boston and NYC in April. Go shake his hand and offer him a line, clown.

J.Nolan "Made It Out Alive"

J.Nolan "Made It Out Alive" (prod. by oriJanus): Following up the surprising Loose Files mixtape, J.Nolan comes out swinging, this time with Pac in the intro. oriJanus comes correct with the beat, too – starts out sly, then gets ramped up and is a really understated banger. There’s a lot going on, especially when he comes with those scattered drums and such. J.Nolan details some struggle in his life, but still looks towards brighter days, instead of drowning sorrows or holding ninas to his dome. If you’re feeling nice, cop this for a buck, schmuck. And be on the lookout for Nolan’s Chaos Theory LP.

[video] Soul Of The Message (4/08/2011)

Via S.A.G.E. Collective.

[video] Fat Joe "Massacre On Madison"