Saturday, July 09, 2011

Black Collar Biz "The Introduction"

Black Collar Biz "The Introduction": I hope you didn't miss the video I dropped with this track last month. Glad BCB decided to let this one go. I knew he could spit, but didn't realize he went in like THIS! So Jersey, so Trenton indeed. Real heavy on this one - probably one of my favorite tracks he's done. Love the scratches in that beat to. Something to rock LOUD in your whips, but when you actually take a listen to his lyrics? Nothing but heatrockets.

Bonus Beats Black Collar Biz "SOLO Cypher (Ya All Welcome)"

R.O.E. "Revive (Live)"

R.O.E. "Revive (Live)": ROE recently flipped one of my favorite tracks from A Backpacker Named R.O.E. (which RTD presented back in March) in-studio and recorded this session, and I think the J. Slikk beat got a dope live reinterpretation. Sounds like homey really knows how to present his shit in a live setting - you trying to book him? Let the BPA affiliate touch down on your city and revive that Hip-Hop spirit - it won't die as long as he's breathing.

And if you want to hear the entire studio session, head over to Audiotree.

The Jack Spratt Cypher

Big up to Laura (@LTrouble22) for throwing this video up on YouTube. I saw this on Facebook, and had to have this one posted. MCs that appear in this cypher: Rome Jeterr, J Capps, Cyrano Sinatra, S.Gold and St. Nickel. Just a number of hungry cats going for those. Shit like this is why I love the Garden Variety shows in Jersey - you will see mad cats going for theirs for like 20, 30 minutes. That real Hip-Hop shit.

[video] Raekwon ft. Nas "Rich & Black"

[video] REL "On My Way"

[video] Boaz "Black Ice"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/08/2011)

cough up a lung, where i'm from...

Friday, July 08, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (7/06/2011)

For this week's episode, Combat Jack and crew officially announced the #BYOBBQ2, which goes down on the 20th of August. It's being presented by the CJ Show, and should be a grand affair. FLUD camp touches down, CJ and Dallas expound on classic house and other tings gwan. See you there!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/06/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (The Announcement) 7-6-11 by PNCRadio

Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator "Trouble On My Mind"

Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator "Trouble On My Mind" (prod. by The Neptunes): Well damn. I've not been a big supporter of recent Neptunes tracks, but this shit right here? Feels like the mutual respect Tyler and the 'Tunes have for each other grew into something SICK! They bring a funky, throwback flavor on this one. Even with the subtle, eerie keys underneath. I'll be rockin' this all weekend. All. Week. End. I'm sorry RedBullUSA; I see you guys premiered this as a stream, and that the single drops on the 12th (and Fear Of God Part 2: Let Us Pray drops August 23rd) - but I had to have this. Shouts to Fresh Grind for the MP3!

Deal – The Villain "Return Of The King"

Deal – The Villain "Return Of The King": Talk about dropping some shit out of nowhere! Dropped VVR 22 last night, and today we’ve got the flyness from DTV, the first in what (hopefully) should be a wave of jawns from his studio. I’ve been in constant contact since the release of EPic, and have a handful of serious shit that he hasn’t dropped, I also know he’s been going through a number of things, and with the promise of a new situation hopefully manifesting beautifully for him, it’s good to be able to let loose some new fire. Love the instrumental on this, and with lines like “when you Google me type in BAD MOTHERFUCKER!”, you can’t help but get hype.

ForteBowie Something About #Bowie

Finally, after a grip of leaks, videos and other advance sounds, I'm proud to help present Something About #Bowie, the latest project from the homey ForteBowie. Dude's got a lot of style - he knows how to flip styles from rappin' to singin', and while he spends time sangin' to (and about) them females, but knows how to represent his part of the world (ATL, shawty). I could go on and on and on and on and on about #SAB, but really, you need to just peep it. Brilliant, moody, riding music.

DOWNLOAD ForteBowie Something About #Bowie

Chaz Kangas ft. Homeboy Sandman "I Think, I Know"

Chaz Kangas ft. Homeboy Sandman "I Think, I Know": Here’s one of those instances where Sandman effortlessly murders a feature. I wasn’t up on Chaz, but did find out that he’s reppin’ NY but comes from Minneapolis, and holds a world record for the longest group freestyle rap (28 hours). Dude recently put out his A Personal Reference album, and the title of this track essentially lays out what you’ll hear on this track. Both cats drop lines about what they think and know about things, and I can’t front – I think Chaz is nice with his, but I can’t escape how much I dig Sandman. And that beat is kind of crazy. “Top Billin’” drums with some wild sample – I can’t tell if that’s a classical thing or what, it’s all random harpsichords and strings. Test drive this one.

[video] Ras Kass "The Line"

Bonus Beats Ras Kass Endangered Lyricist (Volume 3)

QuESt "Applause"

QuESt "Applause": HAH! Random Rawkus-era instrumentals that I love. I’d actually like to hear Q and Mos trade bars – their styles would blend well together, I’d say. Plus he isn’t afraid to drop lines about Nicki Minaj’s butt pads. And his doubletime sounds like young Hov or Big L. Just saying. How Thoughtful 2 soon!

[video] Headnodic ft. Latyrx & Kat ((O1O)) "Moving On Up"

Bonus Beats Headnodic ft. Latyrx & Kat ((O1O)) "Moving On Up"

Cello Kid "Shoot Me Down"

Cello Kid "Shoot Me Down" (prod. by Cello Kid & Darius Mines): I know Cello has been putting in a lot of work, so to know that his Ready, Set… mixtape is due out on Labor Day 2011, I’m glad. “Shoot Me Down” is the first single, and honestly I don’t like that hook. It’s bad enough when guys like Drake bother me with their “singing”, I don’t need the Cello Kid harmonizing when he could’ve gotten someone better equipped to touch down. Be on the lookout for the video for this track, as well as GO!, the album that this mixtape is prequel to.

The Opus ft The Gent$ "International"

The Opus ft The Gent$ "International": It’s been a minute since I’ve heard new ish from The OPUS, and them linking up with Pugs and The Gent$? Nice one. This is taken from the DJ Intel-mixed The Opus Of The Opus II mixtape, and features the Chicago Gent$ weaving some true country-hoppin’ on this track. Has that Eastern flair to the track, from the melody and the percussive elements as well. Some fly shit to rock to, puff a lil’ cheeba to and visualize the lyrics. Boom. Or is that Bombay?

sene. - exit,us.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Villainous Volume 22

I’ve been over here sitting on this latest edition of VVR, so I apologize to DTV, the real Jersey Devil. Respect to him using a bit from my favorite Roots album for the intro of this episode. “If you played the shit that they like, people will come!” Anyways, Deal and Myk Dyaleks (no Espee) go in with some fly ish on a theme of “grown man music”, which features Deal digging to the shit he grew up on, that essentially feels older than the shit that’s crackin’ off right now. He even uses terms like “get down with the get down”. Pull your fitted low and take a trek back with us, iight?

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume 22

[video] AWKWORD ft. Y-Love "Mr. President (Wisconsin)"

previous AWKWORD ft. Y-Love "Mr. President (Wisconsin)"

[video] DJ Lord Ron ft. John Robinson "The Touch"

ForteBowie "Impala"

ForteBowie "Impala": Before we drop Something About #Bowie, homey wanted to leak one more track, and this is some summertime afternoon lovin' kind of shit. I imagine it's more something to grip wood grain wheels to, but that Friendly Fires jack has a different kind of flavor to it. One that you need to caress a chick down to. Maybe it's a backseat lovin' jawn. Whatever it is, it's dope, and shows Bowie's sangin' as well as spittin'. #SAB drops tomorrow (July 8th).

Legit x Fake Shore Drive

Bonus Beats Legit "Yachtzee"

blctxt "Cooking Up"

blctxt "Cooking Up" (prod. by Illastrate): This track might be the anthem for niggas who don't release on the Web 2.0 schedule of NOW NOW NOW like most Internets rappers. Don't take their quiet schedule as being stagnant. As you can see, blc definitely has some bangers. The Illastrate instrumental on this is kind of perfect - nice wailing guitar hidden behind the hype beat, throwing itself out there when it needs to be. And blc shows just why some cats might be on that "RELEASE SOME SHIT EVERYDAY ALL DAY" shit. Don't fret, his A Smart Black Boy EP is on the way... and if the rest stacks up to this lead single, you niggas best be ready.

[trailer] Kosha Dillz Is Everywhere

Bonus Beats RZA ft. Kosha Dillz & Kool G Rap "Operator" (prod. by The RZA)

Klever vs. Heroes x Villains - Sloppy Seconds 5Yr Mix

Here's a new double shot of a mix from Klever and Heroes x Villains, presented by Karmaloop and The Overthrow, all in the name of bigging up the five year anniversary of the Sloppy Seconds party. I'm sorry, but LOL at the site saying it was "your's to stream" today, but the exclusive K.TV download will be up on the 8th. Oh, really? Do I not know how to click a download button via Anyways, this is a dope mix for your summer fun, trust.

DOWNLOAD Klever vs. Heroes x Villains - Sloppy Seconds 5Yr Mix

[video] Toddla T with Roots Manuva "Watch Me Dance"

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[video] Crooked I "Million Dollar Story"

[video] Neako "Hello"

[video] Vakill ft. Vizion "Endless Road"

[video] Smokey Robotic "Bazooka"

[video] Mean Doe Green ft. Chuuwee, Black Zeek & Dell Jr. "Haiti's"

SL Jones "Michael Jordan"

SL Jones "Michael Jordan" (prod. by Lex Luger): If Lex Luger doesn’t sort out a mixtape entitled The Human Torture Rack, I might have to. I liked a lot of the SL jawns I got sent, but I can’t deny that not only does Lex seem to make the same beat (well, he’s got an A-sound, then cuts like this, where it’s this beats-by-numbers B-sound shit), but Jones comes in with a straight up Rawse hook. Not the best look, in my opinion. This new jawn is taken from the 15 track, no-DJ re-release of The Number 23, and is one of the two new cuts from that project. If you dig this or his previous output, catch Jones at Generation Next in NY on the 13th of July.


The track used in this was Rob Sparkx's "Walk On", which you can grab exclusively at Beatport.

[video] Isaiah Toothtaker "Muerte Folks"

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Small Eyez NWords

I was really hoping that the title to Small Eyez2dopeboyz-presented EP was referencing, um, niggas. Alas, he trying to be all cryptic with his. Taking one car labeled “Cappadonna” and another named “Stevie Wonder” and causing a head-on collision into Hip-Hop and Soul, this EP is a win all around. Dude isn’t just one of the first bloggers I added to my RSS feed many moons ago, but he’s a definition of multi-faceted niggas who know how to explore them different avenues, expressing themselves excellently. Some deep shit on this one right here, trust, with features from Lyric Jones (who is NOT homegirl that was on Cheaters), Antonio Dye, Spree Wilson and more. I’d give you more info, but Eyez ain’t say much, and Shake really ain’t say much. Maybe a dope project just needs to be heard, and not conversed over…

DOWNLOAD Small Eyez NWords

araabMUZIK – Live At Dim Mak Studios

I see araab using those dubstep samples in that set. I'll wait for you guys to keep telling me how odd dubstep sounds with Hip-Hop.

[video] Notoriety "Pictures On My Wall"

[video] Zero Star "72 Dolphins"

PURCHASE Zero Star Don't Look Now EP

[video] Skriblah "Belly Of The Beast"

I respect the They Live nod.

[video] UllNevaNo x Logic Marselis "Strange Loop"

Monday, July 04, 2011

No Humans Allowed "Good Night, America"

Something that landed in the inbox today - kind of fitting: "From the cracker fat cats who profit off the poverty, to the hippie 'revolutionaries' who bitch about the system over bong rips, No Humans Allowed has no sympathy, no mercy and no patience for anyone on Independence Day. This song is about living in the aftermath of an empire that's been gutted before the peasants even realized what happened. Happy 4th of July!".

DOWNLOAD No Humans Allowed "Good Night, America"

DJ Stank Daddy's Summer Camp Mix 2011

Via OF's Tumblr: Hi. I’m On A Big Tour In Europe Right Now, Pretty New To This. I’m Used To Spending Summers Not Doing Anything Productive With My Friends. I’m Really Fucking Home Sick, Not Only That, I Have A Cast On, So, To Feel Better, I Put Together An Hour Mix Of Songs That I Like To Listen To, That Reminds Me Of Summer Back Home. Fuck A Tracklist, Figure It Out. GOLFWANG. - Tyler

DOWNLOAD DJ Stank Daddy's Summer Camp Mix 2011

SMKA x Present The Report

Frank Ocean "Acura Integurl (DJ Cable Rework)"

Frank Ocean "Acura Integurl (DJ Cable Rework)": After the awesome RESPECT. The Jux show that YN put together with nothing but Odd Future music, I've been on an OFWGKTA kick lately. Was at Sesame Place with "Nightmare" stuck in my head. Anyways, Cable hit me with a rough of this refix a while ago, and the final product is even nicer. He didn't go to crazy with the rework, just spiced it up nice for the Bass Music set. Drop this tonight. Seriously. Panty droppin'.

Acura Integurl (DJ Cable Rework) by djcable

EDIT That download link is a .wav file - I made a 320 if you want.

Loot "Press On"

Loot "Press On" (prod. by Ralph Random): You guys enjoying your Fourth? I'm trying to. I'm getting a grip of pressure to, like, write and stuff. Duty calls, but hell, I'm trying to grill! In any case, here's something that I got passed yesterday and felt you guys might fuck with during your Fourth cookouts. Loot spits that "keep on keepin' on" over some hazy guitars. Not my usual cup of tea, but something people can get into, I'd imagine.

Tommie Chase "Chocolate Rain Revisited"

Tommie Chase "Chocolate Rain Revisited": Finally back home from an expensive weekend at Sesame Place. Phew. Got this track in the inbox last night, and I had to do a double take. Chidda really had to flip Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain"!?!? Even brought in Chordz Cordero (from the "30,000" single) to add his vocals to that classic sangin'?!?! This is some unexpected hilarity that turns into some really awesome shit. Chidda says this was the result of a "FUCK IT" mode, and won't be doing this again, but I'm glad this is in the Tay Zonday canon. #winning

[video] Skrewtape "A Dollar And A Dream"

Uptown Swuite - Church Street Blues

ForteBowie ft. Stanza "Alive"

ForteBowie ft. Stanza "Alive": Here’s a leak from Bowie’s Something About #Bowie which is due out on Friday, July 8th. Alongside Stanza, Bowie gets introspective, showing how easy it can be to express oneself in rhyme form over tough beats, and how banding together in the name of music can invigorate others. They say music one of the true driving forces – sounds can make people feel happy, sad, triumphant, disturbed and plenty more, emotionally. A lot of us use this shit to escape with, and Bowie is a perfect conductor for that train.

Astronote - The Raw Tape

St. Joe Louis "Slippin' Into Darkness"

St. Joe Louis "Slippin' Into Darkness": July 4th weekend is a time of celebratory family gatherings that in the case of St Joe Louis caused them to reflect on family moments that didnt go as well. I had to laugh when I got this in my e-mail - not b/c family drama is funny, but because that described a lot of my family get togethers, and is part of the reason why I don't go ham at those functions. Family shit can be some OTHER OTHER shit, nahmean? So, if you're at your Fourth of July cookouts today, tread lightly, and hang with the weed cousin, or the E&J cousin. Just don't talk about that failed test or missed opportunity - you know you're not trying to hear that shit!

St Joe Louis- Slipping Into Darkness Feat Kasim by St Joe Louis

Push the Fader & Roy Ayers Project Present One for Gil


BGDB Presents Boom Shottas X

Zumo Kollie Last Showing

Sunday, July 03, 2011

DJ Laser x Nerd At The Cool Table - Give The DJ Some Vol. 1

Drums & Ammo Vol. 1: Extra Clip

Jermiside Live And Let Live

Earlier this week, released Lessondary affiliate Jermiside’s latest mixtape. Love that Jerm produced the majority of this project (with beats from Von Pea and Mike Jaye thrown in for good measure). Ohio has some heat, and Jermiside goes ham on everything he touches down upon. “The Cookout” (with Donwill and Spec Boogie) should be your anthem for this Fourth of July BBQ season, but stick around for the introspective, shit-talking, edutaining tracks. Something for the whip and your headphones, fam. Don’t sleep on this one!

DOWNLOAD Jermiside Live And Let Live

Astronote Weapon Of The Future

XLR8R Podcast 200: Mala

Moe Green - Lionheart

[video] Verbal Contact "Déteste"

[video] Curren$y "Smoke Break"

Please Listen to My DEMOS, Volume 2

[video] Africa Hitech "Out In The Streets"