Saturday, July 16, 2011

[video] R.O.E. "I Won (Live)"

Taken from R.O.E. and the Soulvillains' Audiotree set, which you can watch in full HERE.

[video] Maffew Ragazino ft, Jon Connor "1995"

[video] The Doppelgangaz "Get Em"

previous The Doppelgangaz "Like What Like Me"

Magnetic Man - LIVE At Exit Festival (7/09/2011)

The Garden Variety Show (7/30/2011)

Once again, it's on! The Garden Variety Show is going down in Trenton, NJ once again. Back at the Galamo, this edition goes down on July 30th with a host of fly MCs, including RTD bredren like Daniel Joseph and Emcee Jermaine. I see the Get Money Fly Boyz will be rocking, as well as Roebus One, Pistol, Base Bronson, Sam Hill and plenty others. Host this time around is Edobeci, with music provided by the mighty Divine Drummah, M-Fasis and Ahmad. Truly a NEW JERU REVOLUTION! $5 donation, bring positive vibes and make sure you're ready for the finest in New Jersey Hip-Hop once again! 9PM to 12AM! Shouts to Kasso and Self, as per usual.

The Facebook Event page is also poppin', so make sure you're spreading the word! And I'm still accepting tracks for the official Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam 2011 mixtape - email me ( for any/all inquiries!

Villainous Volume 23

Deal - The Villain has been cooking up some crillz in the studio, and while I can’t leak any of that, he does bring the fire on the latest edition of VVR. That new DOOMSTARKS got the God psyched, and he even mentions his next release, The People’s EP, for all three of us. Also drops some thoughts on what the Wu has going on. I can hear Deal is back on his grind, and I can SEE the shit coming from his spot, so I’m a happy nigga.

DOWNLOAD Villainous Volume 23

Boomboxed Radio 4

Daniel Joseph with the homies A Sharp and Phace. ‘Nuff said. Like hearing DJs cutting to start a show, nahmean? Something just extra Hip-Hop with that, haha. Lots of new ish in this mix, from Joell Ortiz and Nas to Apathy. And a lot of ish talking for the sake of ish talking. Jersey!

DOWNLOAD Boomboxed Radio 4

[video] M-Trey "Nomad"

Taken from M-Trey's forthcoming album, 3AM. Loving how this video rolls out, and dude definitely has some shit to say. Don't sleep.

Bonus Beats M-Trey "Nomad"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/15/2011)

party people say it now...

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (7/13/2011)

This show is a perfect example of what the Combat Jack program is truly all about. You've got the prolonged intro, where bits of hilarity are used to break down the color wars within the Black community, with perceptions of talking white and other things to boot. Gems. More gems when D-Dot touches down and gives an oral history on his come-up through the game. So slick. Then Wais P brings that pimpnology to the foreground. We even get freestyles from both. The fuck you sleeping on this show for?!?

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/13/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (D-Dot & Wais P) 7-13-11 by PNCRadio

Solid Steel (7/15/2011)

This show is right up my alley - Stagga touches down for Parts 1 and 2, with Goldie and DK taking Parts 3 and 4, respectively. Truly the broadest beats around!

[video] N.O.R.E. ft. Pharrell "Like The Way"

Noreaga sorts out a video for my favorite cut from NOREaster. Big up 57th Ave.

The Audible Doctor ft. Silent Knight, KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC The Cynic & Soul Khan "Stayin' Busy (Remix)"

The Audible Doctor ft. Silent Knight, KON, Rasheed Chappell, YC The Cynic & Soul Khan "Stayin' Busy (Remix)": Hah the Tribe throwback in the beginning is so essential. Just looking at the line-up on this one? Major. This is the bonus cut off of Audible’s You Should Buy Music Not Make It EP, and is actually only available via the CD version (or via the free download card that you get with the t-shirt). Notice that punk ass J57 didn’t say a nigga like me could get the shirt, though. That’s McDuck for you. What’s funny is, the original “Stayin’ Busy” is a Silent Knight track, taken from his Busy Is My Best Friend album, which got pushed back but will be out soon. Phew. After hitting you hockey pucks with that info, just listen to the track already! BIMBF!

[video] Rickie Jacobs ft. Rome "Next Fryday"

Shawn Lov Future Left Behind

I won’t say I forgot about Shawn, but I was amazed and shocked (and mad) that I didn’t remember that he was on the bill for last month’s Garden Variety show, and was also glad he was there. Straight out of Trenton, dude’s a lot for showcasing the underground that lives strong in the tri-state, and recently exercised just that point with the release of this EP. Six tracks deep, with three produced by The Custodian of Records, Shawn encompasses what the four (five?) elements of Hip-Hop are, and on tracks like “Face The Clock”, twists them into some comic book lore with a very unhappy ending. Features include Sadat X, FEED, Big Snuff and others, but really, it’s Shawn’s show. Wish Shawn and Self did a full project together right… now! The Future Left Behind album drops later this year on Nuffsaid Records.

DOWNLOAD Shawn Lov Future Left Behind

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (7/14/2011)

2/3 of Magnetic Man touch down for July's In New DJs We Trust showcase. Congrats to Skream on the birth of his son! Celebratory status right here.

DOWNLOAD Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (7/14/2011)

Disc Jockey Nappy Eighty Eight

The funny thing about digital mixing software is how the higher BPMs register. Drumstep is a funny category - while it's essentially halftime Drum & Bass, it's in a weird zone - the BPM mixes perfect with DnB, but is really about 88 BPM, especially when ran through Serato. In any case, this latest expedition from DJ Nappy flows in that 88BPM range... or 170BPM, depending on what you're rocking. Special mix of DnB/Drumstep here, featuring cuts from the likes of Kitech, Camo & Krooked, Mr. Joseph, Need For Mirrors, Dub Foundation and plenty more. Loads of favorites here, as well as some bits you might not be up on. Flying fast and furious, and the perfect bit to set your weekend ablaze.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy Eighty Eight
Disc Jockey Nappy - Eighty Eight by djnappy

Ced Hughes ft. Che Grand "Top Priority"

Ced Hughes ft. Che Grand "Top Priority" (prod. by Gabe Niles): I willed this one to happen, too. I saw that Ced had recently flipped that 12th Planet Little Jinder refix, and asked myself “Self, why haven’t we heard more from Ced lately?” – of course I get this in the inbox, with the main man Che Grizzly, taken from Ced’s One Day We’ll Wake Up project, which drops via DJ Booth on the 20th of July. Loving this beat here – can’t tell if that’s an accordion used in the track, but this has a nice bounce to it, and that Mos Def sample essentially lets you know where these two go in their rhymes. Quality bit, this track here.

Praverb The Wyse "Blessed With The Gift (Remix)"

Praverb The Wyse "Blessed With The Gift (Remix)" (prod. by IV the Polymath): Been a minute since The Gospel Is Free 2 dropped, but I’m digging how Polymath flipped this track. P is an interesting cat – he has no problem breaking down his religion in a way that doesn’t sound preach-y, and over that Roots-esque vibe on this track? Something you can praise the Lord to while not having to turn the stereo down when your boys come in. I could only imagine how it’d feel to walk downstairs to the church rec room and saw a live band rocking something like this.

Donny Goines x Navegante "Rebel Ship Rock Freestyle"

Donny Goines x Navegante "Rebel Ship Rock Freestyle": Some wild shit right here. Goines feeling some kind of way, goes straight for the terrordome over this Navegante track. Those drums are so live, puts you into a totally different zone, nahmean? Party jams for the post-revolution set. Tapdancing on niggas graves and shit. Disrespectful. Goines, need more like this!

Dice The Nicest ft. Glocky Davis "Casino Royale"

Dice The Nicest ft. Glocky Davis "Casino Royale" (prod. by Shottie Flame): I have to admit, Glocky Davis is an odd ass rap name that made me crack up. I love this track, though. Dice knows how to pick ‘em, and this Shottie Flame (another WTF ran-derm name) instrumental has equal parts of throwback wails and percussion to keep me intrigued throughout the track. Dice and Davis hop on this one and rock this shit like a park jam, too. Expect Dice’s next project to drop later this summer.

Wais P The Random Pimp

Not mad at Wais P flying out the box with an EP that essentially is dedicated to his devotion for the Random Axe album, flipping Black Milk’s instrumentals from the project and putting his own spin on things. It’s a nice way to big yourself up as well as show proper respect to the cats who inspire you. Tracks he spit over include “Chewbacca”, “Black Ops”, Everybody Somebody Nobody” and “The Hex”. Just some fire shit. Rediscover the album, and enjoy Wais’ bars.

DOWNLOAD Wais P The Random Pimp

DJ Burn One - The Ashtray

Here’s a grip of sly instrumentals from the homey Burn One. I’m not the most knowledgeable on Burn’s work, but I love what I’ve heard, figured it made sense that The Smoking Section put this one out. A lot of these beats feel like some shit you could burn through a pack of cigarettes listening to. Of course, you should add some strong cognac, maybe a fat sack, a couple of classic Blaxploitation movies on mute, and a crew of conversationalists to really help keep the night interesting. Or just a pair of headphones and somewhere to go. It’s really a great album. If you’re so inclined, pay for this with a tweet. You’d be getting the album for free, as well as exposing your timeline to something fucking dope. Or just grab the shit direct via Hulkshare, you hockey puck.

The Doppelgangaz "Like What Like Me"

The Doppelgangaz "Like What Like Me": I saw DP tweet this the other day, and have seen MAD cats talking about the Doppelgangaz, and when I put this one on, I swore I had my walkman on, rocking to old classic underground jams. Everything from the hook to the beat had me remembering those days where I didn’t have a Google – I had to wish the college radio DJ ID’d the tracks after a set to then go find more info on the amazing Hip-Hop I was hearing. If I had Google back in 93? I would’ve been the man! Anyways, if you fuck with sites like Unkut or GRANDGOOD, this is totally up your alley. Dallas has more tracks from them, but you should really cop their Lone Sharks album.

DJ Mickey Knox - Lost In The '90s, Part One

New mix from @DJMickeyKnox does just what it says on the tin - features a slew of lost GEMS from the '90s. No "of course he threw that on there" jawns - the gamut runs from Method Man and Real Live, to Cage and Defari. Some of my personal favs are on this ("1-9-9-9", "Agent Orange", "All 4 Da Ca$h", "Fortified Live", "Masta IC" and plenty more), and this will definitely be the soundtrack for a beautiful weekend.

DOWNLOAD DJ Mickey Knox - Lost In The '90s, Part One

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[preview] Emilio Sparks Scumbino's Way

The #1 scumbag Emilio Sparks has been hard at work on his Scumbino's Way album, and while there's no release date, the project's been finalized. Presented by Cloudkicker and FLUD, with a shitload of production from Mike Cash, with MCs like Smoke DZA, Esso, Jon Connor, Neako, Outasight, Big K.R.I.T., Mickey Factz and more cats blessing the mic. DJ Booth will be distributing this project. I want it now. Fucking scumbag, release it already!

Legit Coloring Outside The Lines

I noticed right before Legit’s tape dropped, a few sites either got some exclusives or really started fucking with his shit. No diss to them, hell, I’m GLAD people are seeing what I’ve seen in this cat. His latest mixtape, Coloring Outside The Lines, has been some shit I’ve really been waiting for. Legit is a younger dude – I don’t think he can buy a drink for me yet – but he sounds like he’s been here before. Real determination and education in those bars, delivered expertly. He’s got an ear for beats (“Thirteen” is so sly), and is great at finding that pocket to spit inside, around and atop of that instrumental. This is something to blast on your summer trip – during that solo car ride crosstown, or something to spring on that cutie who’s down with Hip-Hop but isn’t up on this Chitown hope. Dude’s really that fucking good, and I can only hope someone picks him up to bring this music to the masses. Or they can “treadmill, staying in the same spot”.

DOWNLOAD Legit Coloring Outside The Lines

Chase & Status No More Idols (Instrumentals)

I don’t normally share bits like this, but this was put out as a promo. Not for resale. Says so right up there. As you may know, No More Idols is one of the finest EDM albums for 2011, and a great follow-up to Chase & StatusMore Than Alot. The majority of the album had vocalists on it, so to have tracks like “Flashing Lights” and “Hitz” in instrumental should be a treat for MCs and remixers alike. Have fun with this one!

DOWNLOAD Chase & Status No More Idols (Instrumentals)

[video] Phil Adé "One In a Million"

[preview] Rickie Jacobs ft. Rome "Next Fryday"

The video for this drops tomorrow, July 15th.

[video] Fat Tony "Home"

This is some quirky shit. Fat Tony is one to look out for.

Adrift Da Belle "More"

Adrift Da Belle "More" (prod. by Drugs): It feels like a few months ago, heads were asking about where the females on the mic were at. Be it Nicki Minaj jackers or just hungry underground dames, I’ve heard a lot of spit from the ladies, and Adrift is in the list of heads you need to check out for. The video for “More” is set to drop in a few weeks, and the EP this is taken from (DNA – DRUGS n ADRIFT) will be out in September, but for right now? Fiend for more.

Dutch New York "This Is My Time"

Dutch New York "This Is My Time" (prod. by G14): DNY has his No Relief mixtape on the way, and with Dipset and the other NY spitters seemingly on snooze, Dutch grabbed this anthemic beat from G14 to proclaim his spot in the game. Doubt him or not, but he has that hustler’s ambition. His shit is also more poetic than most cats in his lane. Always a fan of his shit.

Trebles and Blues Presents The "16 Bars Challenge"

The homey Trebles and Blues has a dope competition for you MCs out there. The rules are simple: MCs can download this one minute beat (enough time to spit a dope 16), and e-mail your result to by the 31st of July. The winner will win a copy of TandB's The Blue Note, as well as (if they're dope enough), the chance to make a track with him! I love his shit, and I think you'll fox with this beat, too, so let's go!

16 Bars Challenge (Submit by Sunday, July 31st) by Trebles and Blues

EDIT Here's a mirror, since the SoundCloud reached its limit.

[video] Johnny Polygon "Invincible"

Jelani "Say What?!!?!"

Jelani "Say What?!!?!" (prod. by Durkin): Durkin is incredible – he made a track say “what” that makes the Hip-Hop heads say “what?!!?!!” – and you wanna say this isn’t an artform? Jelani must’ve been on the same shit, and took to this track like a kid to candy. Had to have it, and just dumbed out. No word on shit else – but these two might be the underrated duo of 2011. You knew that though, right?

[video] Moruf "Darryl Strawberry"

Taken from Moruf's GSOM: Ready To Live. Glad they sorted a video for this.

Chaz Kangas' Friday Feedclogger Freestyle 29

Big up to Chaz for bigging up RTD in this one. Props to cats who still freestyle.

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 20

This weeks episode covers a plethora of topics like the average temperature of a vagina, Carlo’s trip to Hedonism, the Highlander film and Television series, and Swaggots. Emilio also takes a somber look at the death of Macho Man Randy Savage, we discuss Mike’s ditching of rehab, and Carlo’s Fiancé Kristin visits the studio and reveals embarrassing sexual information! [via]

[video] Skyzoo "Test Drive"

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (7/13/2011)

[video] Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun "Monumental"

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I.C. NYC Episode 4: Mofongo

The Internets Celebrities head to Corona, Queens to eat Mofongo, investigate Mofongo's origins and say the word Mofongo many, many times.

[video] Tone Liv "Muscle Heads"

[video] EARTH "Fresh N' Ah"

[video] Jon Connor "Don't Fall In Love With A Bitch"

Jon Connor's Salvation is available via iTunes right now.

Gerald Walker "Recluse"

Gerald Walker "Recluse" (prod. by RMB Justize): Keeping with his Drake-esque jawn, Walker gobbles up this throwback feeling jawn from Justize for this non-The Other Half of Letting Go track. I’m not mad at dude – he has a better voice than a lot of artists who try to sing, but when I hear him bouncing from rapping to singing in his verses, it definitely has that Drake appeal. Walker actually feels like a nigga who could get on your “who’s next” lists. Dude’s got the drive, and Grand Hustle is helping put out his mixtape, so I figure he’s just as close as any of these other niggas.

J.Nolan "Whatever Works"

J.Nolan "Whatever Works" (prod. by Todd Jordan): So I saw Zookeeper this weekend, and aside from talking to animals, the majority of the movie is about Paul Blart trying to mack a chick who didn’t really want him. He spends some parts of the flick talking slick to everyone, and not saying Nolan used that idea for this track, but he uses that “let me shit on a chick so she can want me” idea and, instead of talking slick to the female, he goes in on the dudes trying to look fly. No pause. This wouldn’t work for me. I figure the nigga getting marked on would be trying to fight. That’s just some animal kingdom shit, I’d imagine. Me? No confidence. Neither of those ever worked for me.

J.Nolan- Whatever Works(prod. Todd Jordan) by manifestmovement

EXPO "Rude Boy"

Expo "Rude Boy": One cat who forever sends me music is the homey Expo, representing the Elevated Records camp (big up to Skrewtape as well). Not only is he touching down on this bangin’ dubstep riddim, but he’s also plotting Ke$ha’s death. What’s not to like!? This is a bit different, as Zed’s Dead used drums that are more of a Hip-Hop flavor, and not the regulack of dubstep kicks and snares, and Expo doesn’t compromise his flavor in expressing his crazy visions over it. Tough verbiage straight from the Garden State.

Rude Boy by E.X.P.O.

Big Shug with Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex "Think Twice"

Big Shug with Krumb Snatcha, M-Dot, Singapore Kane & Avirex "Think Twice" (prod. by Reef Ali): There are times for the weird, leftfield flavor, and times for the straight Jansport bangers. When two members of the Gang Starr Foundation align, over such a gutter Reef Ali instrumental? Make sure your Blacks and your Becks are in hefty supply. This is one of those straight up DOPE posse cuts, featuring two stellar Boston niggas (and RTD all-stars) in M-Dot and Singapore Kane; this cut is taken from M-Dot and Krumb Snatcha’s collaborative EP, which isn’t due until early 2012. Cuts by Grazzhoppa. Straight raw.

[video] Ceez "You Can Call Me Cesar"

junclassic "The Future"

junclassic "The Future" (prod. by K Murdock): junmufuckin’ has a knack for picking instrumentals that sound like the pieces of worn out Maxells I used to rinse back in the ‘90s. How he can name a track “The Future” that feels so vintage is wild to me, but also part of why I have been a fan of his Southside sound. This cut is taken from Murdock’s The Ronin EP, which dropped on July 8th, and after reading Marvel’s 5 Ronin miniseries earlier this year, I feel like this might be a great soundtrack for the idea of master-less samurai, trying to find their way in the world.

Lewis "Eyes Low"

Lewis "Eyes Low" (prod. by J.Ellis): When I first posted a cut from Lewis, I had one of my favorite Kiwis tell me that he was from New Jersey. Motherfuck! For this new one he sent, he maintains that leftfield flavor over an intriguing track from his in-house homey, J.Ellis. I always love that cats hear those slower tempos and immediately start with the double time. Good to hear a nigga like Lewis actually know how to keep things coherent while hitting the gas pedal. This is one of those tracks that encompasses the “you should always watch the quiet ones” line – nigga sitting in the corner with they eyes low, but that deep thought? You don’t wanna be in that war. This is that scene, put to music.

Eyes Low by Lewis Allen

[video] TFHOUSE "Daytime"

Dedicate this to the ones who are just coming home from the party. Taken from TFHOUSE's Superior Taste mixtape.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Milly Esquire "Let 'Em Say"

Milly Esquire "Let 'Em Say" [clean | dirty]: I was in a pretty bouncey mood today, so I’m glad I got a few cuts that really make me want to jam. I’m not a big dancer, but I’m all about hype tracks. Milly is a beast on twitter, and I think this is one of the first times I really felt that passion/aggression/scatterbrained hilarity of his timeline thrown atop a stupid beat. You think Milly might be the next Bmore artist to have RTD put out a project of his? Answer the call, Milluminati!

[video] Bali "The Fort"

This is great. Shouts to The Runners.

BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray "Smugglers Notch"

BURNTmd ft. Keith Murray "Smugglers Notch" (prod. by Reef Ali): Here’s a cut that BURNT sent the other day. This is the mixtape version of a jawn BURNT did with the one like Keith Murray, which has not only been re-recorded, but the instrumental has been knocked about a bit. Love that lazy, drunk horn in this. Feels like some explorers shit, niggas rappin’ in stagecoaches on the hunt. Even Murray flipped some of his lines. Really fly shit, need to ride to this one. Dope parallels to Vermont’s Smugglers Notch as well. Be on the lookout for more from these two’s studio sessions.

Rival - Biscuits

I know little about the UK Grime scene - I leave all of that to DJ Cable, but I do know of Rival, and when I saw Team Supreme posted his Biscuits EP, I needed to be a part of it. Had to control myself at the job from fucking my whole cubicle up. It's not just that Rival can spit - which he can, especially over these bass-heavy riddims - but he knows how to pick proper beats. I always get the feeling that Grime MCs are so thirsty, they just want ANY riddim. Rival picks beats I actually want to hear, then makes them his own. Tough 10 tracker - he even does a track over Common's "The Light" at the end. Get you some biscuits - or some brew - and wyle to this one.

DOWNLOAD Rival - Biscuits

Mary Anne Hobbs On Xfm (7/09/2011)

Well, news of Mary Anne Hobbs joining Xfm ran right past me! This past weekend marked the beginning of her weekly Saturday night program, and she had special guest mixes from Silkie (who DJ Nappy has gone gaga for) and Machinedrum, so fans of her Breezeblock and other programs should know what the score is here. Three hours of the best of future music.

DOWNLOAD Mary Anne Hobbs On Xfm (7/09/2011)

Kontact & Black Knight ft. Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs & Tese Fever "Mic Checka

Kontact & Black Knight ft. Wordsmith, K. Sparks, Rickie Jacobs & Tese Fever "Mic Checka" (prod. by Certified): Gotta love Das EFX samples, even if I’m not sold on that fuzzy bass used in this. On their third single, Tact n Black call in for back-up, with Bmore instrumental murderers like Wordsmith and Rickie Jacobs to lay some heat on this one. Good to hear how each MC rides this beat – they do their own thing, but it doesn’t sound too hectic or confusing. I’d say after this, your mic has been thoroughly checked. Pause.

[video] MeLo-X "With You (Berlin)"

Check out some of the shorties that saw MeLo-X perform in Berlin.

Introducing The Writers Guild

Bonus Beats Writers Guild "The LA Fire"

Johnny Spanish ft. T-Razor & Jackie Chain "Make It Take It"

Johnny Spanish ft. T-Razor & Jackie Chain "Make It Take It" (prod. by VMan): One cat it’s always good to hear from is the boy Spanish, and I know a lot of you champion the shit Jackie Chain has going on. This is more of that syrupy fawnk that most kush smokers bounce to, with some organs and guitar strumming to really flesh out the back porch flavor of this one. Word from Johnny is he has more ish on the way, but that’s all the info he broke me off with. I’ll be back, I think I caught a contact while listening to this one…

[video] Hellz Yea! "Gorgeous Freestyle"

I really do wish my niggas didn't have to do videos in the park.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tef Poe ft. Theresa Payne "Satellite"

Tef Poe ft. Theresa Payne "Satellite" (prod. by Tech Supreme): Well shit. Talk about being blown away by some unexpected shit. This one has that “floating through space” feel to the instrumental – big up proper use of those synth washes from Tech Supe. Poebama says this is the first official leak from War Machine 2, which doesn’t have a date right now. Featuring the lovely vocals of Theresa Payne, this one almost feels like someone watching their life flash before their eyes, really coasting over the high – and low – lights of their lives, documenting the ills and pain. The beautiful struggle. Word is Poe also has that freestyle mixtape with Hip-Hop’s Billy Ho on the way. In any case, wait for those, but enjoy this one. The Force is still STL’s finest.

blctxt ft. Dipp "Goodbye"

blctxt ft. Dipp "Goodbye" (prod. by J Haze): Love a couple of classic samples being thrown against each other. This is the newest/latest from blc, and is the 2nd single from his A Smart Black Boy EP, and shows homey’s versatility. It’s on a different vibe from "Cooking Up", as blc weaves a tale of that shorty. Homegirl that brightens up a room with her smile, and gets you weak with her curves. Perfect summer love flavor for you shore house niggas getting cuffed up out of season.

[video] hasHBrown "Good Days Bad Weeks"

previous hasHBrown Relationsh*t EP

[video] Rich Mahogany "It Gotta Be (Rich Mahogany)"

Love seeing Jersey represented properly. Nice cameos from Tone Liv and Pryme Prolifik, among others. Rich goes in on this one, too!

Tommie Chase "My Room"

Tommie Chase "My Room": Here's the last cut from the recent Tom Chase #musicmonday leaks, and it's a doozie. As many things in my life happen, a random twitter convo sparked Tommie's forthcoming EP, #ZOMBIE, and this cut is skraight off of it. This intoxicating instrumental finds Chase visiting the chambers that his "OTKL" series takes space in. Just opening up the chest, grabbing a cup, and spitting that emotional blood into it. Might be overwhelming, but the shit flows so strongly, you have to just get consumed in Chase's shit. No word on the #ZOMBIE is set to drop, but I'll keep you posted. Until then, I'll be in my room, pondering.

Jersey Fresh Jam 2011 Pre-Party (8/19/2011)

As you know, we're about a month away from the Jersey Fresh Jam (which goes down on the 20th of August), and like they always do, the night before will feature a special pre-party/art exhibit, and this year, the JFJ hooked up with the homegirl Tamara Ramos and Euphemia Gallery On The Go for this year's event, which is going down at Terracycle's showroom on New York Avenue. Music, dance, live body painting, theater, a poetry slam and more (I imagine), bringing the finest artists from the tri-state area will be going down. The contact info if you want to be down/need more information is right on the flier - or you can hit up the Facebook event page.

I'm still curating a mixtape for this year's Jam, and I'm looking for Jersey artists to submit tracks. And I'll be going more into who will be performing at the Jam this week. You down?

[video] Dave Raps "Silent Money"

Be on the lookout for Dave's #DAVEDAZE series, which will find him leaking 30 tracks in 30 days, starting July 18th.

[preview] Zilla Rocca Nights & Weekends

[video] Dregs One ft. Patience "Timeless"

Sometimes, I have to applaud intent over execution. I'm not always a fan of Dregs' tracks, but I respect where he's coming from. That's one of the things with more "underground" ish - you have to live without the reckless abandon someone like Lil' Wayne or Rawse could perpetrate over fire-hot beats. This is taken from Dregs' Wake Up Call mixtape.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[video] Jaz Kahina ft. Agallah "Gone"

Produced by DJ Slademan - cop the single via iTunes.

[video] Phene "Alright"

Love how they had Phene breaking ankles at the 1:27 mark. Taken from homey's Leap of Faith mixtape, which was presented by Wally Sparks and Dub Floyd.

Vakill ft. Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless "Beast Ballad"

Vakill ft. Crooked I, Rhymefest, Juice & Nino Bless "Beast Ballad" (prod. by Panik): Shouts to the Molemen collective for giving this cut away for free. Whenever you see names like Crooked I and Nino Bless on a track that's entitled "Beast Ballad", you already know this is for the rugged Timberland set. Panik's beat on this one is tailor-made for mic rippin', and all five of these MCs don't waste a bar. I always feel bad for Nino Bless - he was part of the track that created Slaughterhouse, but has been kind of silent since their inception. This cut can be found on Vakill's Armor Of God, which dropped on the 5th of July. Get acquainted.


[video] Syntax & Mules ft. Haunts "Death Stars"

I always respect a Home Alone sample.

[video] Pavy ft. D2G "Mission Statement"

Shouts to Ant at YNotMyDream for putting me onto Pavy. This cut is taken from Pavy's Middle Class Ignorance album, which has to be one of the better titles of 2011.

Tone Liv "The Bark"

Tone Liv "The Bark": Another tough one from the Rap Mayor. Second single from Jersey's Junkyard Dog, which I have high hopes for. After finally getting to meet Tone at last month's Garden Variety, I became a fan all over again. Dude's a character, but he's also a genuine guy, and I was really impressed at not only how ill his live show was, but how easily he marinated from chillin' to rippin' mics. This one might be the anthem for the Jersey's JYD project... that piano loop, with the random barking? Supernigga theme music.

[video] Consequence "Public Eye"

Respect on the instrumental choice. Cons kind of went in on this one. Does he have dentures? His top row is straight as hell!

FuseBox Radio (Week Of July 6th, 2011)

JSWISS Live in NJ (July 2011)

How JSWISS was in at Trumpets in Montclair, NJ and I wasn't made aware is beyond me.

Family Affair Before The Return

I've been sleeping on posting this for no good reason. I fuck with Family Affair because they bring me back to the Midwest shit I used to rock to, like Twista, Bone Thugs and that ilk. The guys who had that smooth, funky vibe. This is shit to get intoxicated to. I also like that there aren't too many hands in the pot - two features, and I believe the majority of the project was done in-house. Check this one out - fawnky!

DOWNLOAD Family Affair Before The Return