Saturday, July 30, 2011

[video] Strong Arm Steady ft. Kobe "Gangsta's"

[video] 151 Feva Gang "Kush Groove"

Bonus Beats 151 Feva Gang "Kush Groove" [clean | dirty]

Dave Raps "Motivated"

Dave Raps "Motivated": I'm assuming this is that Kelly Rowland jawn - my mainstream R&B knowledge is lacking in 2011. Sorry, shit that isn't Frank Ocean doesn't stick. Anyways, Dave Raps is at #DAVEDAZE 13, going ham on this one. And by ham I mean, fucking so good the bed smells like bacon. Making love isn't on the menu with this one. Straight up drunken marathon smash. Pussy, nigga.

Dave Raps - Motivated by DAVE_DAZE

[video] DELS ft. Roots Manuva & Joe Goddard "Capsize"

[video] Diggy Simmons "Copy, Paste"

Cyclops ft. e.d.g.e. "Asteroid M"

Cyclops ft. e.d.g.e. "Asteroid M" (prod. by Tokyo Cigar): Here's a new cut off of Rap Scott Summers, which Cyclops will be dropping alongside YNotMyDream and RTD this Fall. This track is kind of crazy. It's hype but when you break down each piece, it's really kind of simple. Tokyo Cigar is a monster with this one! Love that Cyclops takes this comic shit seriously - from his name to the mixtape title to this track's title to the X-Men references throughout the track. Something hype to get lost in.

[video] Tone Liv ft. Class "Sgt. Slaughter"

Rock Steady 34th Anniversary (7/31/2011)

The Combat Jack Show (7/27/2011)

While I sit and wish that the Combat Jack show members would just learn to stop worrying and love their differences, check out the latest show - you know, the reason we are all here. Dallas Penn had to see Chocolate Snowflake, so CJ asked Tanya Morgan's Donwill to join in as guest host - although DP eventually joined the broadcast, and told stories of kicking cat ass. They bring the funny, and the knowledge, and I feel like I have to have an intervention to get these niggas doing what we all know they need to be doing. #BYOBBBQ2 - August 20th.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/27/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Don Will) 7-27-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Kosha Dillz ft. Mojo Hanna "All These Years"

[video] Sheen Bros ft. Greg Nice "It's So Hot"

Friday, July 29, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/29/2011)

that's life

Milly Esquire "Never Give Up"

Milly Esquire "Never Give Up" (prod. by JVZZI): I'd love to go into some long, wild description for this one, but it really does what it says in the title. Milly paints pictures around the mantra of never giving up. That's what you lot need to really get through your head - there's no "quit" if you've got goals. Sure, you have hobbies and all that other shit, but if you have somewhere you're trying to go - be it as an MC, lawyer, whatever. Just do the damn thing thing.

Never Give Up by Milly Esquire

Dave Raps "How You Want It"

Dave Raps "How You Want It" (prod. by Justin W): Not sure who Justin W is, but he dropped this instrumental on Dave. Sounds like a chiptune flipped with skittery drums ala Timbaland's "Ayo Technology" instrumental. Shit's fly, though. I fuck with it though. Half expecting Missy to jump out and start crooning. Need more chiptunes in Hip-Hop. Oh, #DAVEDAZE - 18 mo' to go!

Dave Raps - How You Want It (prod. by JUSTIN W) by DAVE_DAZE

Hell Rell ft. M-Dot & Benefit "Nothing To Fool With"

Hell Rell ft. M-Dot & Benefit "Nothing To Fool With" (prod. by FRZ): I had to hit up M-Dot when I got this one - when I hear Hell Rell, I don't expect to hear my nigga from the Beantown on a track with him. No disrespect to either party, just wasn't expecting it. But that FRZ instrumental? Fits both well. Rell talks his hood elegance over those sick horns, while M-Dot brings that rugged demeanor with his verse. Something laidback but hard at the same time, dope flavor for your Friday session(s).

[video] Big Ooh "Shot Caller"

[video] Roach Gigz "F A Chorus"

Taken from Roach Gigz' Bitch, I'm A Player mixtape.

Real Nigga Freestyle


Bonus Beats Remy Banks ft. Domo Genesis "More Clouds"
Bonus Beats Frank Ocean "Thinking About You"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

[video] Freeway ft. Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte "Want It All"

Bonus Beats Freeway ft. Sean Rose & Gilbere Forte "Want It All" [via 2DBz]

[video] Juga-Naut "Ivory Throne"

Juga-Naut spits over some Mobb Deep, taken from his JUGANAUTOLOGY mixtape.

Karrueche x 1TWO

I don't mess with Chris Brown, but his girlfriend Karrueche looks VERY nice in this recent 1TWO "Made You Look" photoshoot (which also features Aurielle Rousanville). I mess with 1TWO's designs - including this "My Favorite Rappers Are Dead" tee. Check 'em out!

[video] MadKem ft. Silent Knight "Slow Burner"

BURNTmd ft. DJ Green Lantern "Bang Out"

BURNTmd ft. DJ Green Lantern "Bang Out" (prod. by Reef Ali): Here's the latest jawn from BURNTmd, which says it features Green Lantern, but I believe it might just be because it's taken from The Green Invasion mixtape. I'm not sure. BURNT goes in over another banger of a beat from Reef. Love that ill piano and those crisp snares, and BURNT just goes in. Bars for bars for bars for bars. Heavyweight Hip-Hop shit.

BURNTmd (feat. DJ Green Lantern) - "Bang Out" (prod. by Reef Ali) by DiamondMedia360

Dave Raps ft. Jhene Aiko "Bad News"

Dave Raps ft. Jhene Aiko "Bad News":#DAVEDAZE 11, and I believe ForteBowie recently fucked with Aiko's moody "Stranger". I mess with that instrumental, and this is perfect for the lane Dave has been cruising in during this daze of leaks. Even if he's moving to deliver bad news. Just how it goes, sometimes.

Dave Raps - Bad News (featuring Jhene Aiko) by DAVE_DAZE

[video] The Kid Daytona "In The Meantime"

Daytona isn't sure how this made it online, but it's here. Enjoy.

[video] Jon Connor "Ain't No Future 2011"

Here's Jon's tribute to MC Breed, taken from his recently-released Salvation.

[video] King Reign "Brand New"

[video] Mayhem "Everyday Struggle"

Taken from Mayhem's Early May 3: Mo Retro.

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown "Tell Me"

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown "Tell Me": I figured the pimp flavor was only going to reside in the intro, but the way that sample was flipped? Need a crisp New Era to rock to this one. I'm not too familiar with Mackey, but I fuck with his rhymes, but moreso his delivery. It's called low-key, but I think he is just subtle, and the beauty in that is when you understand what the fuck he's spitting about, it smacks you in the face with how vivid his descriptions can be. Grab Daily Bread now - or wait for the vinyl on August 16th!!

Thad Reid "Work"

Thad Reid "Work" (prod. by Rich Young): Not sure what the homey Thad's been up to, but apparently this cut is from his Unadulterated Reid project. I throw this up now, at 8AM, because I know a lot of you niggas are either at or on your way to your 9-5, trying to get enough motivation to push pencils, stack boxes or watch other people's money until you are "free". I have to do it, you have to do it, just make it work (no pun intended). This Rich Young beat is bouncy - I'd like to hear this beat played by a live band. Has that flavor to it.

Thad Reid - Work (Drudgery) (Prod. by Rich Young) by thadreid

Pavy "Hip Hop Is My Home"

Pavy "Hip Hop Is My Home": Ant YNot put me onto Pavy recently, and sent this cut over the other day. Pavy reps Chicago, and is definitely one to watch. I personally thing Legit is the next young cat on the rise from the Chi, but Pavy also occupies a space Legit doesn't. Pavy sounds more sure of himself, and definitely leans more to the mainstream, although the echo'd shit in this beat? My kind of shit. This might sound crazy if you're, you know, on drugs. Enjoy that.

[video] Rich P. "Back Burner"

[video] Ozy Reigns "Envy"

[video] The Pricks feat. B-Real & Smoke DZA "GhettoBlaster (Remix)"

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[video] Crown Royale ft. Eric Bobo "Say What"

[video] Donny Goines "What Up Bro"

Bonus Beats Donny Goines
"What Up Bro" (prod. by Canei)

John Dew "King On A Throne"

John Dew "King On A Throne": Good to see that New Houston getting some love as of late. Dew's one I've featured a number of times on RTD, and I see he has a new project with DJ Cozmos on the way, Tech-NASA (which stands for Taking Earth Children Higher, Navigating Audio Sonic Amplifications). Sounds like he and Aleon Craft need to do some shit together, too! This one has that intergalactic flavor to it, I think those are the acid twists on that bass, which I fucks with. While "King On A Throne" is the first real declaration of dominance I've heard from Dew, I'd imagine you niggas could utilize this as your own celebratory anthem. Chuuuch!

Zero Star ft. Maggz "Bonus Track"

Zero Star ft. Maggz "Bonus Track": To cap off Don't Look Now, Zero brings a bonus entitled "Bonus Track", and it's the perfect encore to a great set. Literally - after that final show track, you hear this beat kick in? Keep the party going! Word is a video for "Bonus Track" is on the way - due out August 15th, even! Digging Zero Star's flavor. Check out his shit, trust.

Topaz Jones Hello My Name Is

Topaz Jones, one of Montclair, NJ's finest, is doing the damn thing with his, and has cooked up this new project, Hello My Name Is (which is being presented by Tastemakers NJ and Dope Couture), to sort of introduce you cats to a lyricist you need to get to know. Thelonious Martin produced "like 90%" of this, and it just goes to show how fly these two Jersey cats get when they collaborate. Loving the samples used, and Jones has a knack for manipulating his style to match each cut. Shit, I'm almost 30, and sometimes it feels like these cats look at me like I'm an old ass nigga, but fuck it, I fucks with this. Love that new breed of MC, especially those coming out of Jersey. Don't sleep, trust.

DOWNLOAD Topaz Jones Hello My Name Is

Tranzformer ft. Remarkable Mayor "All Good"

Tranzformer ft. Remarkable Mayor "All Good": Well damn. Back before I even really started writing, I always imagined myself as a producer. I was big into Jazz at the time, and Miles' Kind of Blue was my shit. I always wanted to hear "Blue In Green" flipped in a Hip-Hop way, and this is the second time in the last year that I've heard a flip of this. This is actually an older cut from Tranzformer and Mayor - check out Tranz' Raw & Homemade for more of his cipher. Niggas still ain't touch the part of the track that I wanted to use, so I might still have hope!

Tranzformer- All good ft Remarkable Mayor ( Raw and homemade ) by Tranzformer aka Dirtydome

Big Shug feat. Avirex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot "Think Twice (EffiscienZ Remix)"

Big Shug ft. Avirex, Singapore Kane, Krumb Snatcha & M-Dot "Think Twice (EffiscienZ Remix)" (prod. by DJ Brans, Cuts by DJ Djaz): France's DJ Brans cooked up a chill guitar for this remix, which I have to say adds a cool element but allows the ferocity of the lyricists' bars to be felt more. Word is Preemo dropped the original on his show, and I know I've seen the blogganatti all over this track... and for good reason. Beantown goes ham.

Small Professor Elderly Jawns

Know how I know Small Professor is from Philly? He likes using the word "jawn" a lot. Know how I know he's a dope producer? He can start out a project with a track that will have fans of Busta Rhymes and Kill Bill excited. And it works. If you fucked with Beats Rhymes & Jawns, his new project, Elderly Jawns, should be right up your alley. If you're a longtime fan of Small Pro (and really, why would you be?), you will remember some of these cuts from his 2009 remix albums (apparently there were two of them), but this is the first time neph decided to give them proper releases as instrumentals. A lot of dusty material, but a guy like Pro works on a LOT of shit, just doesn't release it as often, so while I might joke and kid with him, I'm glad he finally decided to unearth these gems. It's not too short (the full jawn clocks in under 40 minutes), but it's well worth it. Helps flesh out the full picture before he unleashes his full album later this year. Enjoy.
DOWNLOAD Small Professor Elderly Jawns

Dave Raps "Hardly Ever Will Smith"

Dave Raps "Hardly Ever Will Smith": Here's Dave's latest #DAVEDAZE cut. Number 10 to be exact. Love the acting/Will Smith line over this hazy Wiz & Curren$y jawn. Some mellow shit to sip sangria to while watching the game, although I wish he had went in more. One 16, but it sure was mean!

Dave Raps - Hardly Ever by DAVE_DAZE

Willie The Kid ft. Termanology "No Reissue"

Willie The Kid ft. Termanology "No Reissue": WTK is one of those rappers I should probably highlight more often on RTD. There are qualities in his shit that I really love, but mainly he just has that edginess that I never expected. I don't know what I thought he'd be, but what I find myself loving more with his shit is just that rawness. He has his abstract lines and then those sly bars, plus he always picks ill tracks. For this track, I would've picked someone like Action Bronson over Termanology (I get tired of cats who laugh at their own lines mid-rhyme), but what can you do. Willie's #TheCrates drops on the 2nd of August.

Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul & Schoolboy Q - Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

I'm not that knowledgeable of the Black Hippy crew, but I did finally give Section.80 a full run through, and all I have to say is possible best project of the year. That damn good. Anyways, check the crew during a recent Toca Tuesdays appearance.

[video] Physical Graffiti "Mind Moves Feet"

[video] The Others "First Flight"

If you dig that, learn more about The Others via their Dogs On Acid interview.

[video] Headnodic ft. Raashan Ahmad & Moe Pope "Red Line Radio"

[video] Rheteric Ramirez "Break Tha Bank"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[video] Slaine "Trail of Blood"

[video] The Band Called FUSE "Love and War in the City"

Dave Raps "Blind to It All"

Dave Raps "Blind to It All" (prod. by Corn-Mill Productions): They tried to punk Dave b/c of the sample used in this one, so they took it to tumblr for the latest #DAVEDAZE leak. I love those hi-hat heavy jawns. And the horns. Some lovey dovey shit. Feels kind of personal/deep, too. Not just bragging and ass grabbing, you feel me?

Cee One "Incredible"

Cee One "Incredible" (prod. by BTONE): BTONE went in with this track - has a laidback cool to it that still keeps your head nodding (oh what solid drums can do for a track). Cee is dope on this one. Represents Long Island, and is a straight up spitter. He hydroplanes over this beat easily. He's got a mixtape on the way (Thoughts Become Things), which is an oddly-intriguing title. We'll see what he has up his sleeve. Right now, just bask in the glow of "Incredible".

En Stereo ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po "The Essence"

En Stereo ft. Kam Moye & Prince Po "The Essence": Here's one of those "foundation of Hip-Hop" tracks that you think of me when you hear. It's got a thumping beat, with a number of cut-up lines in the hook. Gotta say, Kam and Po outshine En Stereo on this one. I'm also on some odd shit with tracks like this nowadays. The older I get, the more I'm about showing and proving, and instead of rapping about rapping or making tracks that reminisce on the golden era, just be creative, and SHOW niggas why a certain style of Rap should still be in the forefront. Kind of how Kanye did with "Otis" - yeah, it's on some BBC shit, but it's also got the huge sample-based beat to it. Bridge the gap, and give the aura of "real shit" without having to say "real shit". But maybe that's not logical. Who knows. If you fucks with this track (which you ultimately should), go cop the En Stereo album.

Boom Blake ft. Topzilla & Tranzatick "Cut The Check"

Boom Blake ft. Topzilla & Tranzatick "Cut The Check" (prod. by Boom Blake & QuestGod): I posted the latest Money First track last week, and just got that new Boom Blake yesterday. Love the sample used in this one! Throwback flavor in the hook, with a straight break to spit over. Has that vintage, dusty fingers flavor, with three cats bringing their new school style overtop. As you know, Money First is dropping Digital Money on the 10th of August, and Boom will be dropping his debut LP (The Manual Procedures) soon after. This track will NOT be on the project, though (probably because of the aforementioned sample), so grab this one dumb early and get on that Money First bandwagon before it's too cramped. And like Boom Blake's Facebook Page.

Also, I leaked a Genrokka track earlier today - word on the street is that Boom and Genny have The Credit Union 2 set to drop January 1st, 2012! Something to look forward to from Trenton's finest.

Genrokka ft. DJ Bark Da Ripper "The Cook Out"

Genrokka ft. DJ Bark Da Ripper "The Cook Out": You already know. Growing up as a kid, one of the things I loved about the summer was cookout season. I was a fan of grilled food, and being around my family. As I grew older, I was the one burning cooking the food, and was a fiend for getting my Old Black People Music collection on smash, so my mom wouldn't be asking me to change the song every five minutes (#jukekhal). Anyways, Genny goes IN over that classic Maze for a track that us (getting) older niggas can bounce to. I'll be 30, so I heard my mom singing this one, and I hope to impart both the (bugged out) shit I listen to alongside classics like this to my son. Give him more to listen to than "Boom Boom Pow". Oh, I should probably mention that Genrokka's DJ Bark Da Ripper-hosted James Bernard Mixtape Series Vol 1 is dropping soon. Hope more flavors like this are included!

Cymarshall Law & Mr.JoeKer "Everyday"

Cymarshall Law & Mr.JoeKer "Everyday": Whoa. Awesome left-turn this beat took. Got all jazzy and lovely, then JoeKer hits you with the fuzzy bassline. This first single is taken from Hip Hop In The Soul 2, which drops on the 4th of October (someone can cop that for me for my bornday). I love hearing a producer/MC combo really growing with each other, and Cymar & JoeKer bring the true shit, period. Cymar's worldwide via Jersey flavor brings in a lot of different flavors - peep how he does that Mos-esque singing flow, really adding another dimension to the beat. Something different to spice up your mix, this one is. #yodaout

[video] Stalley "Pound"

[video] Blade Gordon ft. Kash "Straight No Chaser"

@TefPoe sent this one over. Didn't send an MP3 though. This is bananas. Kash reps the STL, but is living in Arizona now, and grew up with Poebama and Billy Ho. Dope track.

[video] Vakill "Appetite to Kill"

[video] MiLKMEN "5AM Freestyle"

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dream Season Preview, Week 2

Following up last week's preview, we wanted to bring you the visual for "Pinot Noir", one of the three solo tracks J. Gunn blessed on The Jake's Dream Season (which drops on the 9th of August). This is an excellent example of how well this MC and this producer work with each other:

Bonus Beats The Jake ft. J. Gunn "Pinot Noir"

We'll have a full preview of the EP up next week. And why don't you guys help me convince Gunn and Jake to rock a full project together!?

junclassic & Jazz Spastiks Mode 7 Release Party (7/26/2011)

This goes down tomorrow night at the Panda Bar in NYC - drink special all night, with jun alongside K-SISE and the Brown Bag AllStars! More info via Facebook.

The Southpaw Cypher

You see that line-up, right? This is real deal raw Rap, fam. Word is that Bekay had a show at Southpaw and I don't know if it was just a joke or a real sick plan, but homey decided to use the mobile studio that PR Dean brought to the venue with a beat from DJ Concept and ask a number of the MCs in the venue to go downstairs and lay down some FIRE. The result? almost eight minutes of uncut flyshit. Featured MCs include Shabaam Shadeeq, FT, El Gant, Nutso, Bekay and more. Even Bekay's 15 year old prodigy, Dov, goes in and holds his own. Feels like some Lyricist Lounge shit!

DOWNLOAD The Southpaw Cypher (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, FaMo$o, Nutso, FT, Bekay, Dov, Flo, 151 Proof & Climax) (prod. by DJ Concept)

Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo "Full Spectrum"

Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo "Full Spectrum" (prod by Dr. Quandary): The ill shit about being on some inner circles is hearing a good amount of material that's not near ready for public consumption. Not saying it's bad, but I get to hear a lot of demo/unfinished versions of tracks. I say this because over the weekend, I spent a few hours filling up the 2TB drive I've not given much justice to, and saw how much shit from Zilla I've gotten over the last year. Oddly enough, this might be the first official Nights & Weekends EP track I've heard - fitting that it's also the first single from this release, which you can help Kickstart by the 31st of July. Not only is Rocca trying to get some scratch for the obvious (physical copies, t-shirts, etc.), but he's also trying to get some 8MM film for a video for this very track. I have a feeling that ingrained noir flavor he infuses into everything will come across LUSH on some 8MM film. Damn. Anyways, Zilla and Has (aka The Wrecking Crew) go all Philly ham sandwich over this moody number from Quandary. Love the guitars, love the visions. Love how Rocca flips a number of lines about "colors", with Has bringing some vivid poetics on the backend. Love this. Support that.

Full Spectrum feat Has-Lo (prod by Dr. Quandary) by ZillaRoccaNoir

Dave Raps "Root Canal"

Dave Raps "Root Canal": Next up, #DAVEDAZE meets OFWGKTA, with Dave going in over the "Novocane" instrumental. Keeps the sexual flavor in the lyrics, but I have to admit, it is weird hearing niggas going in over the beats like that. Not really into the hook on this one - could be because Dave raps, he don't sang. LOL. Enjoy this one.

Dave Raps - Root Canal by DAVE_DAZE

[video] Drega "Overcome"

[video] MiLKMEN "Yonkers Freestyle"

Bonus Beats MiLKMEN "Yonkers Freestyle"

[video] G-Scott "Faded"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Last Thing I Learned From Gil Scott-Heron

A lot of people have asked me to post DJ Monk One's Gil Scott Heron tribute mix from our radio show, and I wanted to say a few words to go along with it. This video might not be too interesting for anyone, but it's one of those things I just had to put into words for myself.

And more importantly, here is DJ Monk One's superb Gil Scott Heron mix, from our tribute show two weeks ago on WBAI 99.5 FM:

The Gil Scott Heron mix by jsmooth995

Dave Raps "Photos"

Dave Raps "Photos": New #DAVEDAZE cut for that ass. Feels like something you might need to creep on shorty to tonight. Like seriously, just go in with the slick talk in her ear, softly. 7 down.

Dave Raps - Photos by DAVE_DAZE

Charlie Smarts - LowBottomMe

E. Ness - Wrong Turn

Phil Ade - A Different World

Aleon Craft - Craft Singles

Spinstyles - The First 48