Saturday, June 09, 2012

[stream] Pacquiao vs. Bradley (6/09/2012)

The Shape of Things To Come: Raymond Strife

The Accomplices - 10-90 EP

JSWISS - #LeaveMeALoan EP

Gridlok - Take The Poison

Mixmag DJ Lab: Shogun Takeover (6/08/2012)

I had no idea Mixmag had something like this set up. Reminds me of DNBA's D&BTV. In any case, Friction and his Shogun Audio camp (featuring Spectrasoul, The Prototypes and Rockwell) took over for two hours. Hit the jump for the full showcase.

SaV! - Time Wasters & Cheap Thrills

Mouse Sucks - The Ginyu Force EP

Legit "Ex Ray"

#NewShitSaturday rears it's ugly head. You see the title, and the art? Now listen to the track. Legit for mayor. Glad to see so many sites coming around about this cat.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Ex Ray" (prod. by Ju Soul)

D-Prince & Lyle Horowitz - Bollywood Squares EP

M.I.L - The Flight Plan EP

Donwill - Girls Rap

AZ - The Vizualizer (mixed by DJ Books)

Sean Wyze - Thank You, Come Again

Troublemaker - Pantystep: Vont Très Bien Ensemble

Lyriqs da Lyraciss - The Nobody's Monologues 2

Illogic and Blockhead - Preparing for Capture

Big S.I.N. - Soul Of Henrock

REUPSPOT Presents Product Samples Vol. 3

New Jeru "Garden State" Snapback

I don't blow trees or rock snapbacks, but I'm surprised no one thought of this before (and if they did, it sure didn't catch on). $25 via New Jeru.

Dark Force Squad - Street Soul

Fokuz Podcast #8: Command Strange

Samurai Music Official Podcast 09: Clarity

RTD Playlist (Week of 6/08/2012)


Friday, June 08, 2012

SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! - Where Are You Yeezy?! EP2

[preview] Caspa ft. Keith Flint "War"

Yes, that's Keith Flint from The Prodigy. This single drops on the 30th of July on Positiva/Virgin/Dub Police.

[video] Stalley "Live At Blossom"

I respect Stalley's beard game.

Juan Epstein (6/08/2012)

The masses have wanted Ciph & Rosenberg to speak on this week's recent events (you know, the whole Summer Jam / Nicki Minaj / Rosenberg thing), and on the bonus 99.9th episode of Juan Epstein (before the 100th, which drops on Monday), they break things down, and speak with Jamie Hector, who played Marlo on The Wire. And if you fucks with The Wire, check out this DOPE article from Maxim, featuring a number of creators and players from one of my top 3 shows, ever.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (6/08/2012)

blackrasslin podcast, episode 035

Love when a show comes together so nicely. No nonsense on here, just pure, unadulterated recappering of this week's Raw, full updates on TNA's lawsuit against the WWE, running down what could possibly be happening with Randy Orton and his Wellness Policy violation and much, much more. Including some dope music. Already.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 35


Funny how things go. I remember trying to get DOA to put out some more releases on their imprint. I ultimately failed (and those dealings made me want to start RTDLTD, which isn't done), but one of the first guys I checked and got tunes from was GENR8. He's an American producer who flips some SICK Drum & Bass, but I had slept on the fact that he had some dubstep out there! He dropped an EP, Now Is The Future, on his Genr8ion imprint recently, and I got a chance to pick his brain about his current exploits. He also came correct with a dynamic mix to kick your weekend off properly.

Atlantic Connection "She's Not From Venus"

Can't front - I was surprised to see Complex got the exclusive preview of this one. Atlantic Connection is one of the homies I want to see win, and his Love Architect album (which drops on the 19th of June) is going to turn some heads. He's normally known for Drum & Bass, but with this track (and a number of bits from the LP), he shows off his strengths outside of the DnB tempo. Features on it include Tali and Shannon Swain and a remix from Kastle. Get your summer on to this one.

Rich Quick On MFM

Been trying to tell you guys about Rich Quick. His I'm With The DJ mixtape is something you need for your Summer, trust me. If you need proof of that, check out his feature on DJ Malc Geez's #MFM series after the jump. Quick goes IN!

[video] Emeli Sande "My Kind Of Love" (LIVE)

This is a live version of a track from Emeli Sande's Our Version Of Events, which dropped this week. Find out more about her via this special Yahoo! Music New Now piece. Homegirl is on tour with Coldplay this Summer.

Hip-Hop Karaoke NJ (6/16/2012)

Next edition of Hip-Hop Karaoke NJ is going down on the 16th of June, at Richie's Sports Bar. Facebook Event Page is live; pre-register ASAP - here's the songlist. Do the damn thing!

DJ M-Rock - The Best of Kanye West

To celebrate Kanye West's birthday, M-Rock cooked up this this 68 track mixtape of Kanye tracks, spanning his productions, biggest hits and a number of remixes and bangers. Even some cuts he samples on his tracks. Solid work on this one, great career span.

DOWNLOAD DJ M-Rock - The Best of Kanye West

[video] Fracture ft. Dawn Day Night "Get Busy"

This one's forthcoming on Exit, pre-order today!

Leave Michelle Obama Alone With Your Random-Ass Opinions

[video] Jon Connor "Soldier"

Loiter Squad, EP11

Thursday, June 07, 2012

[video] Killer Mike ft. Bun B, Trouble & T.I. "Big Beast"

This track is so ridiculous. R.A.P. Music is out now. Hit the jump to see Killer Mike & El-P on Sway In The Morning.

24 Hours of Atelethon: Black Collar Biz

Don't forget, The Atelethon starts Saturday, June 9th at 10AM.

?uestlove "Ludwiggy"

New, FREE breakbeat from ?uestlove. Check it out, and peep the full scoop after the jump.

[video] Dieselboy At Red Room (6/02/2012)

The interview portion of this video has The Board buzzin'!

[video] Rich Mahogany & Trilian ft. SCaRR & DJ Madhandz "Headknockers"

[video] Sonny Bamboo ft. DJ Wushu "Nickes Laced Up"

Produced by J57, who was recently interviewed in All Hip-Hop. Fucking doucher.

Pugs Atomz "SLOWine"

My kind of riddim right now. I know Pugs has been doing the damn thing overseas with The Electric; he's just come off a six(!) month tour of Europe, Asia and the UK and is back with a big bottom bass banger produced by Schlachthofbronx, which is the first leak from Euro P, No more pages in the passport, which is slated to drop July 6th. I wonder if he tackled any of those beats I sent him a few moons ago. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Hearing this? I know he is ample to help bridge that bass music/Hip-Hop gap.

DOWNLOAD Pugs Atomz "SLOWine"

Soul Khan "Soulstice 4"

"You're not moving me unless you put a harpoon in me" is just one of the awesome images Khan pens for the fourth installemnt of this "Soulstice" series. Not big beats here, just a somber piano build that allows Soul to execute what he does best: opening his mind onto a track, engaging a listener in his honesty, with many splashes of humor. Hell, he drops a Jesse Spano reference that I instantly rewound. If you call yourself an MC but can't do THIS, you ain't really doing it.

DOWNLOAD Soul Khan "Soulstice 4"

Don't Play Podcast 007

Latest version of the Don't Play Podcast is here, and TC is joined by Cutline. Expect nothing but proper EDM basslines and a grip of jokes. Shouts to Jeryl from Cutline - that's my boy!

[video] Al-Kayduh "Never"

SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! - Where Are You Yeezy?!

I don't even go ham for kicks like that, but those Yeezy 2s look like spaceships.

[video] M@RV3LOU$ "Choppin' Loud"

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

DJ Sega - The Throne Is Watching Me EP

I've literally been rocking to this project all day. DJ Sega is a cat who reps that party music scene, the shit you hear the young Philly and Baltimore bols rocking to, including his "Angry Birds" remix, which has already hit 400K streams on the YouTube. He has a different take on shit - definitely not afraid to flip a Whispers track with a sample from a Randy Savage promo. Into a club anthem. Dude's catalog is nuts, and that must be why Diplo himself tapped him as a protege a few years back. He's started to upload his tapes to ClubTapes, but this one right here? My personal favorite. Fucks with this, and keep it locked to dude's work. Trust me. Check his "Exodus 23:1" remix if you don't believe me!

DOWNLOAD DJ Sega - The Throne Is Watching Me EP

[video] Evidence ft. Aloe Blacc "The Liner Notes"

[video] GLC "Nation Piece"

[video] David Banner "Malcolm X (A Song To Me)"

[video] Kanye West ft. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz "Mercy"

[video] Kooley High "Regular Shit"

[PURCHASE] Street Bass Anthems 5

Just giving you guys a heads up - Street Bass Anthems 5, which features Starkey, Dev79, El Carnicero, Knight Riderz, DNAEBEATS and more (most importantly, Elucid & Disc Jockey Nappy's "You Ain't Even Know"), is available on Beatport now. Cop the full project if you need that proper bass, but hell, at least cop the Elucid & Nappy track!

Rise Of The ILLeSt! EP1

[video] Flatbush Zombies "Face Off (L.S.Darko)"

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

[video] Danny Brown "Grown Up"

Fanu Gives Away Two Albums

Judging by the above picture, Fanu is in the thankful mood, which has translated to the giving mood. He took to his website and gave the following message: "I’m feeling the love! I’ve been feeling the increasing support and love I’ve been receiving from all my fans lately, and I feel that I want to be giving something back. I’m giving away two of my first full-length albums, Daylightless from 2007 and Homefree from 2009. Also, may this serve as something ya’ll can chew on while waiting for the new EP (titled “Coffee Crazy EP”)". Fanu's been a supporter, so I gotta share these. Download both Daylightless and Homefree today, and if you want to cop them, do so (or send some PayPal love to, and be sure to cop his third album, Serendipity. Full preview of both albums after the jump.

YC The Cynic "Rude Boy Jamaican"

For the first single from his Good Morning, Midnight project, the homey YellowCake opens up about his early childhood days on this one. Feel like I've not heard this brother spit in a long-ass time. Good to know his next project is dropping in July, and it's good to know that YC has overcome the strive in his life to become the artist he is today. I wanna have conversations with my pops like this, but that shinehead nigga never wanted to link up. And I tried. I ain't Jamaican doe. Anyways, listen dis.

DOWNLOAD YC The Cynic "Rude Boy Jamaican" (prod. by Yuri Beats)

St. Joe Louis x Flying Lotus "Say A Prayer"

The homey Michael Cardigan from St. Joe Louis told me he they were working on a project over Flying Lotus productions entitled St. Joe Lotus, and this cut is the first official single from that project. This could've been some Valentine's Day shit, but we're in the puppy love stage of the year right now, so this clip plays like a series of messages delivered via phone. Straight game over phone lines. Matches perfect with the beat. These cats ain't playing.

Tef Poe - War Machine II

If you've been paying attention, Tef Poe has been in murk mode. Not just as of late, but for years. Today, his War Machine II project is out, which is hosted by DJ Smallz & DJ Shure Fire, with loads of features from Killer Mike, Royce da 5'9, I-20, Rockwell Knuckles, Family Affair and plenty others. Poebama kicks his usual, from the venom-filled, middle finger rap to the more conscious, thought-provoking material. Dude goes in, and if this is your first time, get ready.

DOWNLOAD Tef Poe - War Machine II

The Combat Jack Show (6/05/2012)

While trying to simultaneously watch Monday Night Raw and listen to Flex get played by Nicki on his own show, I was catching The Combat Jack Show crew on twitter posting flicks of an interview with Big K.R.I.T. that they apparently recorded last night. Matt RAZ said it'd probably go up today, with a broadcast at some point (maybe Wednesday night?), and I see that this one just went up on the site: "On the eve of his Live From The Underground album release, King Remembered In Time dropped by and shared his journey, from Meridian, Mississippi to the Def Jam building, why he no longer burns trees, and how he almost left the rap game to work on the railroad. Plus: Just Blaze walks us through his ordeal of being locked up in a Paris jail cell and a special visit by the one and only Dallas Penn". Go cop the album. Fucks with this.

Clams Casino - Instrumental Mixtape 2

So essential; 14 mastered instrumentals produced by Clams Casino, shit you've heard MCs like A$AP Rocky, Lil' B, XV, Mac Miller and others on. Worth the download for the mastered instrumental of "Bass" alone. If you want to find me today, I'll be somewhere blasting this in the headphones.

DOWNLOAD Clams Casino - Instrumental Mixtape 2

[video] Wingspan "Hopeless"

[video] Mawnstr ft. Kaliban "Surrender / Brutalizin' Remix"

[video] Reks "Chasin'"

Loiter Squad, EP10

Loiter Squad, EP9

Monday, June 04, 2012

Mitt Romney Scares The Crap Out Of Me

Vote Ray Dawn Into Show & Prove!

If you're sleeping on Ray Dawn, woe is you. His Passport Dreams EP was excellent, and he's a friend of the site. The Pittsburgh spitter is currently in the running to perform at Brooklyn Bodega's Show & Prove showcase, but he needs votes. Voting is up from now until Wednesday at midnight. Vote now and vote as often as you can - and tell your peoples to vote, too. Let's get some quality in the venue!

[video] Pavy ft. Vic Spencer "Pointless Rap Song"

[video] Big S.I.N. "Betta Late Than Neva"

Grindhouse 101 Presents Two Sides Of A Story

[preview] The Atelethon (6/09/2012)

The Trenton Atelier, in conjunction with Trentonian TV at, will have its first 24-hour Atelethon from 10 a.m. to 10 a.m. June 9 to 10.

Rob Jay Weekly Vlog Vol. 3

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Boogieman Dela xBiz Mighty - Sumptin For Da Children

Jarren Benton - Huffing Glue with Hasselhoff (Re-Release)

[video] Lyriciss "The Agenda"

[video] Dee Brown "Sleep Walking Diaries"

[video] Redman "Sawed Off Shotgun, Hand On The Pump"

[video] Tiani Victoria "He Said Wassup"

[video] The Doppelgangaz "What Am I"

[video] Smoothe Da Hustler "109 MCs"

[video] Pace Won & Mr. Green "My GOD"

[video] Verse Essential ft. Dayz Da Empora "Overseers"

[video] Khingz "F.u.t.u.r.e."

Sean M - Round My Way Vol. 2

FuseBox Radio Broadcast (Week of May 30th, 2012)