Saturday, June 16, 2012

KOTD: Canibus vs. Dizaster

This fail was going on the same time Pacquiao failed. Watch this one in HD.

The Klasix - Rappers Delight Vol. 1

Quite Nyce - Cautious EP

[video] Vixion Allure "Ode To Hip Hop"

Max Tannone - Mic Check 1234!

Legit "Parashoot"

Legit don't stop. He grabbed Kanye's "Cold" and gets his cockiness on. And he bodies the FUCK out of this one, trust. You can hear it in his voice. Nasty.

DOWNLOAD Legit "Parashoot"

The Boss Lady Entertainment Presents Ladies First Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Snoopadelic)

DJ M-Rock - The Best of 2Pac

[preview] Matik, Subz & Robot Redford [SAN-2017]

This is a dope release that I got asked to do the write-up for. Check out my flowery writerings: "The Masure EP features the combined efforts of Subz, Matik and Robot Redford, who've blending their names as well as their sound into a bass-fueled smoothie. This delicious concoction is most noticeably hinted within the EP's title track, which features a somber piano loop and saxophone accents undercut by some sinister bass and crisp drums. "Move On" does a great job of wearing its ingredients right on its sleeve, but not staying married to the past, with a bright funk that's sure to light up the warmth of the summer. "Perception" brings the funk but in a different vein, sticking to an understated, bouncy bass that leaves a lot of room for a hearty course of percussion and slick accents to the mix. One tune to truly get lost within. "The Lament" is true to its name, giving us a somber swan song for many to reflect and reminisce with. The way the flutes play off of the bass in that one? Superb, with a touch of jazzy seasoning. These three German mixologists have whipped up a tasty meal for you hungry bassfreaks out there - take a bite!". "The Lament" is my ish. Out now!

Lockah [JEFF020]

HULK - Devour The Weak

CitySparks - Memoirs Official EP

Lanstarr - Twinkies

BURNTmd - Not So Black & White (LP Sampler)

Suburban District - Beer For Breakfast

RTD Playlist (Week of 6/15/2012)


Friday, June 15, 2012

This Is Thugstep

Glad this one is finally out. A few years ago, DJ Nappy, myself and some of our compatriots in this THUGSTEP thing were discussing the need for a definitive mixtape/compilation for the THUGSTEP genre that we've been flying the flag for. The idea got swept under the rug, and the vision you see in the cover came to me. I had always had a folder of cuts that typified this dubstep/Hip-Hop hybrid and wanted to showcase some of those, along with a number of other blends, refixes and original tracks that have popped up over the last five years. This tape starts out properly with DJ Nappy's "Act A Fool" blend of Coki and Lil Jon, which was the first THUGSTEP refix ever done. We touch a number of other favorites, including Caspa remixing Ludacris and Redman on different cuts, Gimpmode (RIP) blending Emalkay and Gucci Mane, Bare reworking Wiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow", Snoop Dogg coasting over Chase & Status' "Eastern Jam", a Weezy cut that's my personal favorite and the mighty "Flocka Riddim" from DJ Cable and Fused Forces. Hell, the insane WTF?! flip of dead prez's "Hip Hop" is even included. And this is only the beginning. Planning on keeping these compilations dropping in the summer of 2012, so by the time it's over, there should be NO QUESTION of what THUGSTEP is. Shouts to @Theotisjones for the amazing cover, and for DJ Nappy and ClubTapes for the home.

DOWNLOAD This Is Thugstep

RoQ'y TyRaiD "LAX to Germany"

When you want to pay homage to the "Golden Era", I'd definitely do what RoQ'y did and hit up Germany. Rice Master Yen is a German producer who flipped this ill laidback cut that fits perfect with TyRaiD's butter smooth flow. Hopefully there's a project behind this.

DOWNLOAD RoQ'y TyRaiD "LAX to Germany" (prod. by Rice Master Yen)

Jay Mastermind "Blow Past"

This cut is a reference to flying by cats, but all I hear from the beat is that slow and low whip riding. With a sick system, that is. You need that super low-end for this one to even make sense. Mastermind has a mixtape coming with Rome Cee entitled Cold Case that's playing prelude to their solo projects, O.B.E and Fall of Rome, respectively. If it's more like this? I can't wait.

DOWNLOAD Jay Mastermind "Blow Past" (prod. by Mike Chek Music)

My Man Shafe & Clay Stiles "Things Go My Way"

This shit right here? Zoot suit cool. This cut isn't taken from Who's That?! My Man Shafe!, but just something that's funky enough for you. I'm in a situation where I wished SOMETHING could go my way. Usually it's just the price of brew staying steady so I can drown things out. You ain't here for that, though, so Funk to this. Shouts to 33jones.

DOWNLOAD My Man Shafe & Clay Stiles "Things Go My Way"

Curtiss King "Ratchets Still Jockin (Jansport J Remix)"

"That's the best advice I could take". I fucked with the original, and to have Jansport J flip it with that sultry vocal in the beat? Turns this broke nigga anthem into something else. Shit's dope. Rock to this while sneaking beers out the cooler.

DOWNLOAD Curtiss King "Ratchets Still Jockin (Jansport J Remix)"

Boom Blake "Mass Appeal Freestyle"

Trenton support Trenton all day. Money First's own Boom Blake blazes my favorite DJ Premier beat, ever. You already know what he's about, and shit, I need some loot as well. Rock to this one and be on the lookout for his album, which I believe drops soon!

DOWNLOAD Boom Blake "Mass Appeal Freestyle"

Pitchfork +1: araabMUZIK

The Last Word on That Word

The Combat Jack Show (6/15/2012)

I was actually wondering what had happened to this episode, as the showbill for this one dropped last week (shouts to @theotisjones). I know they aired a repeat of the (white) Toure episode on Wednesday, and I'm not sure if this one has aired yet. Word from Combat is that this is "Prodigy at his most candid. The origin of his beef with Jay-Z, his relationship with NaS, his close encounter of the 2nd kind, his failed attempt at suicide… dude has us stuck off the realness". Felipe Gordone is in the building, too! I know the show is in a state of flux while the PNC Radio studios are being worked on, but the episodes are still quality, so catch them when you catch them and share with a friend.


blackrasslin podcast, episode 36

Every week, I wonder how I'm going to knock this one out and every week I rock it with no extra effort. This week? We run a bit long, but I had to fit in a No Way Out preview/prediction bit between the Raw Supershow recap and a packed news sections. It's a lot going on with a little bit of a roster. You already know. Plus we drop tracks I've been fucking with over the last week. Inside!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 36

Rav.P "Flow"

Rav is one of those cats I've never conversed with (I don't recall) but have definitely seen at #GardenVariety shows in the area. As you can see, he's got his Passport Stamps EP (with producer Sal Dali) dropping July 4th, being presented by 2DBz, Spate Media and Get Right. Maybe next go round he'll look ya boy up!? Hah! Just a preview for now for "Flow" - looks like this EP will be a free 24 hour download? This is some shit.

[video] Hollywood FLOSS "What They Waiting On"

[video] Virus Syndicate ft. Mark Instinct "Venom"

This is heavy. Forthcoming on Midication.

[video] Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker "Everyday"

[video] Popoff "Make It Out"

[video] Fare Games ft. Mal Montana "Me & Yu"

DOWNLOAD Fare Games ft. Mal Montana "Me & Yu"

Thursday, June 14, 2012

[video] Sol Zalez "The Illest"

ACCRO "$Money$"

After the multiple ACCRO uploads from the other day, he has kept it up. You might just want to keep it locked to homey's SoundCloud page. This one right here? This is for them d-boys in the Trap dropping mollies and slangin' them things on a chilled Summer night. I believe he called this one Trapbahton. Fucks with it.


EDIT ACCRO "Triple Trap" [via Walmer Convenience]

David Heartbreak "Cinema of Trap"

Interesting exclusive from Generation Bass. Still not sure how I feel about this "trap" movement right now, and truth be told, this sounds more like a "symphony" of trap, although Heartbreak does flip that "cinema" sample from the tune that Skrillex flipped in that jawn he used for the WWE Network commercial.

Don't mind me.

DOWNLOAD David Heartbreak "Cinema of Trap"

[preview] Skrillex ft. Wale "Let's Get Down"

Saw on the twitter that this one recently got played on satellite radio. Kind of surprised that a) this even happened and b) it's not gotten a lot of play. Maybe it's because this isn't as insane as people would believe it'd be. Skrillex is known for more noisey, abrasive dubstep, but this beat is kind of tame in comparison. Upbeat, squawky funk right here, with Wale throwing bars and rhymes all over the track, talking about his audience being a cross between Don Diva and Fader. This two-minute radio rip stops before it gets to the breakdown, so who knows if this delves into something nastier, but we'll have to wait and see. Doesn't even feel like dubstep, so if you're not a dubstep fan don't start putting this in that category.

EDIT It looks like this is an unreleased Skrillex tune that may or may not have been a collaboration with 12th Planet. No sure if this was always intended to have Wale vocals, nor can I find more info from where this might end up, aside from a Wale tweet from March confirming they're working together. #kanyeshrug

Craze & Codes "Trapped In Sydney"

I've not spoken about it at length on RTD because I'm not really sure what to make of the EDM/hipster set attaching themselves to the "trap" sound, but yeah, for some reason the kids who were stuck on Moombahton and dubstep over the last year and change have now taken to recreating and salivating over the sounds that trap rappers would spit over. It's like an aural version of that movie Havoc. In any case, Craze & Codes cooked this one up while they were on the Slow Roast Australian tour. Free download for you clowns. I do like how they added some rave-y elements in the beat, and I won't front like I don't wish Craze would just start cutting over this.

DOWNLOAD Craze & Codes "Trapped In Sydney"

Nato Caliph ft. Prince Ea & Sadat X "Identity Crisis"

If you're playing smart, you know this track. I featured it on #onlybuilt4hulksharelinx back in March, and while it sounded DOPE, it wasn't the final. Nato hit me with the final, which dropped on iTunes in April, and I think you guys should spend the $1 and cop this. Not often that my site's been shouted out in a track with a bonafide Hip-Hop legend and one of my favorite MCs from St. Lou. Well, do us all a favor and support that good music.

PURCHASE Nato Caliph ft. Prince Ea & Sadat X "Identity Crisis"

Lenzman - The Reminiscence Mix Part 3

We go from a DnB bootleg of a Hip-Hop track to a Hip-Hop mix from one of the DnB scene's finest producers. Lenzman has done two of these already, but this mix right here? Are you a fan of the '90s sound? Are tracks like "The Nod Factor", "Liquid Swords", "The Realness" (word to Rosenberg) and "Time's Up" right up your alley? Then you need this. Feels like a fuckin' time capsule, and I love it. No download on this, which is a major boo, but check the technique regardless.

Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj "My Chick Bad (Calculon DnB Bootleg)"

Word is this is an old(er) bootleg (judging by it being dropped in a two-year old Dave Owen mix) that Calculon sorted out. Not sure what prompted him to give this one away on SoundCloud, but for you DJs looking to drop a lil genre-twist in your sets, this might be one to try out. It's pretty straight forward - some dope low-end drops and a tight DnB beat thrown underneath the original's vocals. Reminds me of the DnB remixes sthat were more prominent in the '90s, and I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a fun remix of some Rap or R&B. Sue me.

DOWNLOAD Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj "My Chick Bad (Calculon DnB Bootleg)"

Miele Isa "Maybe I'm Not"

This isn't my normal flex, but I mess with it. Miele Isa (FKA Milly July) is dropping a new EP, Sundays and Naps, and she let me know that this is more of the direction you'll hear on the EP. You know I mess with that hybrid sound, so Alternative sounds don't scare me. Feel like this could be getting some radio play, nahmean?! No word on when Sundays and Naps should drop, but keep an eye out for it.

DOWNLOAD Miele Isa "Maybe I'm Not"

[preview] Mala Mala In Cuba

This has been getting a lot of love online recently. Mala was in Cuba with Gilles Peterson and collaborated on an album with local musicians, fusing dubstep with their sounds. It's awesome. This track is on a 12" featuring "Cuba Electronic" that drops on Peterson's Brownswood imprint, and both tunes are found on the Mala In Cuba LP, which drops September 10th on Brownswood as well. Hit the jump for audio of "Cuba Electronic", as well as the full LP tracklist.

[video] 14KT "Blessed"

[video] Quiet Storm "Sunlight"

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[video] SL Jones x DJ Burn One "SLAB"

J.Y. ft. ScienZe, Dom O Briggs & Felicia Temple "Success"

Like Drake said, we all just want to be successful. Some of us just need that motivation - see too many niggas in many walks of life doing a shitload of talking but not enough acting upon those dreams. J.Y. is determined and his The Slave Ship: Falling Up is going to be out, eventually. This single deals with that drive for success over a track that would sound ill while you're driving towards... something. ScienZe and Dom O share a verse and accentuate the cut's themes. Dope shit to get your mind right to.

DOWNLOAD J.Y. ft. ScienZe, Dom O Briggs & Felicia Temple "Success" (prod. by JRB)

YC The Cynic "SHUT UP!"

YellowCake crazy for this one. Never heard him sing/harmonize before, but I guess some female done up and broke his heart. Or maybe it was the Mavs not making it to the Finals again. Who knows. He makes some crack with Yuri Beats, though. Good Morning, Midnight drops July 10th via 2DBz.

DOWNLOAD YC The Cynic "SHUT UP!" (prod. by Yuri Beats)

Curly Castro ft. BoogieMan Dela & Has-Lo "STARCH"

I LOVE stories in my raps. Taken from Curly's long-awaited FIDEL album, we get a story that starts in a laundromat, is told by three nimble MCs that ends up working itself 360 degrees by song's end. The Blurry Drones track is throwback fresh, and the perfect bed for a tale like this. Take three minutes and let these three mesmerize, trust.

DOWNLOAD Curly Castro ft. BoogieMan Dela & Has-Lo "STARCH" (prod. by Blurry Drones)

[video] Koncept "Hear, Hun"

Produced by Tranzformer, cuts by DJ Brace. Shot & edited by FRESHpres.

Kanye West "Cold (Histibe Remix)"

Not sure why producers are so enamored with Kanye's "Cold", but it's not just Krusha adding their bits to Kanye's latest. I fucks with this remix, as Histibe adds his style but let's 'Ye shine properly. I actually really dig the original, as Kanye goes in, even if shit like "bitch ass niggas got ass and breasts" or "might even kill somebody and YouTube it" more hilariously awkward than biting. There's a video for this remix as well. Bang this one out.

DOWNLOAD Kanye West "Cold (Histibe Remix)"

Liknuts "Grumpy Crocodile"

I definitely recall an old edition of Juan Epstein where Ciph was talking about brilliant things that should happen, and definitely said the Alkaholiks and the Beatnus should do a project together called Liknuts. Not sure if that's where the inspiration for this came from, but word is there's a Liknuts EP on the way. I threw this in last week's playlist, but I have been bumping it all week and needed to give it it's own shine. If you fucked with either of these outfits in the '90s, you'll be happy to hear some new shit from them, collectively. Mr. Bitter Nigga indeed.

DOWNLOAD Liknuts "Grumpy Crocodile"

[video] Random "Language Arts (First Day of School)"

[video] Chuuwee "Hustleman"

[video] Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi "Termin 8"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[video] Les Izmore "The Line (Super Soul)"

[video] Loadstar "Passenger"

[video] NoEmotion "Cock Kung-Fu"

B-Real ft. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley "Fire (Noah D Remix)"

Lil' something special for my dubsteppin' ganja lighters. Noah D should be a name you already know (and if not, cop that fire album of his, Perspective). I got the honor of featuring him on the first RTDLTD release, but at the time, his DnB was on one end and his dubstep was skyrocketing. He punches up this B-Real/Jr. Gong cut perfectly. Effortlessly. Damian's part in particular is my ish. Light whatever you're chiefing and blast this one. For free.

DOWNLOAD B-Real ft. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley "Fire (Noah D Remix)"

Sid Sriram: A Conscious Mind

Digging this - shouts to Devi for the info. Look for this to drop on the 19th of June.

Bye-Polar "One In A Million (ACCRO Remix)"

Not sure when the Bye-Polar project is dropping. Not sure when this "Remixes" project is coming out either. No this doesn't have any Aaliyah samples in it, unless something got twisted and filtered that I don't know about. Just some heavy wake-up vibes. You're welcome.

DOWNLOAD Bye-Polar "One In A Million (ACCRO Remix)"

Bonus Beats Looks like ACCRO threw another one up:

Why Gwyneth Paltrow Should Just Say "Nuh"

[video] Keon Supreme "I'm Not Supreme"

[video] Proph "Million Dolla $lave"

[video] Swift "DTF"

Fucks with this beat. Something simple for you dudes out there turning things out.


J.Y.'s PMS Radio Freestyle

[video] Illa Ghee "Rap Wizardry"

[video] GoodeTrakz "Clap (It's About That Time)"

Interesting jawn here. Not sure who these cats are, but if NoEmotion is in the video, I have to fuck with it. They got the club flavor in this one. Not sure if they have more cuts in this vein, but this works VERY well.

J NiCS "ThunderBay Freestyle"

Yeah, you know, I don't know shit. I've only been championing this Hip-Hop/dubstep/Bass Music hybrid shit for how long? Word is The Overthrow sent over this Hudson Mohawke jawn to J NiCS and he was so into it, he flipped this the same day. Brutal. But you already know that though.

DOWNLOAD J NiCS "ThunderBay Freestyle"

[video] Capone-N-Noreaga "My Alias"

This is one of those tracks where I fuck with everything but the hook. Sorry. "Everybody get it, Muslim, Jew or Christian" sounds crazy BTW. Shouts to 57thAve.

Monday, June 11, 2012

[video] J Dilla ft. Supa Emcee, Nick Speed & Guilty Simpson "Dillatroit"

Juan Epstein (6/11/2012)

The end of Season 4 also marks the 100th episode of the Juan Epstein podcast. Congrats to Ciph and Rosenberg for reaching that milestone. Season 5 is set to start in a few weeks, with promises of a Juan Epstein app, a regular schedule and tighter content, I guess? I just want the real shit on a regular basis, nahmean? This week's guest? Biz Markie! Nuff said, really.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (6/11/2012)

DJ Wonder Mix (6/11/2012)

I wanna send a shout to DJ Wonder - he's not only just showed DJ Nappy love numerous times on Shade45, but he fucks with the EDM/Bass Music hybrid styles from all others as well. Today, Wonder dropped an EXCLUSIVE refix that Nappy put together with a beat from ƱZ, who's dropping a project with Mad Decent's The Jeffrees on the the 21st of June - peep the minimix for that project HERE. While you wait for that, fucks with Wonder's latest mix.

DOWNLOAD DJ Wonder Mix (6/11/2012)

DOV ft. Bekay "Ghost Rhymer"

Interesting cut right here. Not too often do you get tracks about high schools that make the news. Check this out: "16 year old rapper and James Madison High School student DOV unleashes "Ghost Rhymer," a song which documents the sexual scandals and other tales of debauchery that have ensued at the Brooklyn school that has earned the moniker "Horndog High." Using the instrumental from the Skillz's tell all single "Ghost Writer" (2000, Rawkus Records), "Ghost Rhymer" also features the rapper's mentor Bekay, who discovered the young emcee in his Midwood neighborhood and has since taken him under his wing as the flagship artist on his Horror Flick Entertainment imprint. Although Horndog High has made national headlines for its sex scandals, DOV doesn't hesitate to divulge the broad range of lawlessness that occurs on the regular by the school's faculty - from alleged racism, homophobia, drug-use and more…keep f*ckin' around, and he'll put this back out with your names in it." Not mad at this at ALL.

DOWNLOAD DOV ft. Bekay "Ghost Rhymer"

V Recordings Podcast 008

I didn't know V Recordings had a podcast, but then I saw that this episode is just a recording (no pun intended) from Bryan Gee's Ministry of Sound Radio show, which is always great. If you're a fan of the V/Full Cycle/Philly Blunt sound that Bryan has championed over the last few decades, this is what you need. For you sample spotters, run about 67 minutes into the recording, you'll find Bryan drop an unreleased dubplate of Roni Size's ("Wild Love") back to back with a newer Serum tune ("Love Movement"), both sampling Minnie Ripperton (yes, the same jawn that A Tribe Called Quest used for "Lyrics To Go"). Beautiful.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie - Summertime Vol. 3

Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff keep up the streak. I love these mixtapes; my shit with DJs is them being able to blend many different styles, especially within a similar theme, and make it rock. Over 50+ tracks, these guys blend Busta Rhymes, Chaka Khan, Maroon 5, A Taste of Honey, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z - among more - and the shit just came out dope. As expected. Don't be an idiot, this is your soundtrack for 2012 Summer.

DOWNLOAD DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie - Summertime Vol. 3

[preview] Imagery "The Heat (Sevin Remix)"

When I think of perfect Summer Drum & Bass, tunes like this are what immediately come to mind. I must have been after this tune for over a year - I remember Bailey dropping this a WHILE ago on his 1Xtra show, with no word on release. Imagery and Sevin have been accumulating tunes in that span, and it looks like Fizzy Beats will be dropping this on their The Juices Vol. 2 EP, which is due out this July. Take a pair of minutes and soak this one in.

Tanya Morgan ft. Jermiside & Spec Boogie "Borrow That (Boogie's Revenge Mix)"

For those of you who slept on You & What Army last November, the good folks at HiPNOTT picked up the rights to drop a physical CD version of the latest Tanya Morgan project, and word from 2DBz is that Von Pea produced three remixes that will serve as bonus cuts on the disc. This is one, and features Spec Boogie hopping on one of my favorite cuts from that project. Pea brings the understated slap on this one, trust.

RUN DMT "Sugarcube"

Not sure what the occasion was, but the RUN DMT crew threw this freebie from their forthcoming album, Union of Opposites, to the masses the other day. Nasty piece of no nonsense dubstep into some more noisier zones. Hit the jump for the sampler (which includes a Bassnectar remix of this very tune)... wake up!

[video] EQ "Potential Energy"

Taken from EQ's forthcoming Fractions mixtape, which is due to drop August 30th.

DOWNLOAD EQ "Potential Energy"

Rob Jay Weekly Vlog Vol. 4

Sunday, June 10, 2012

?uestlove’s 2012 Bonnaroo Superjam

SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! - Where Are You Yeezy?! EP3

[video] Action Bronson x Party Supplies "Steve Wynn"

[video] Corey Kelly "Can't Live Without You"

[video] The DayLaborers "On The Side"

[video] MaLLy & The Sundance Kid ft. K.Raydio "Good One"


[video] The Primeridian & Tall Black Guy "Love Hurts"

[video] Wordsworth ft. Meleni Smith "Coloring Book"

[video] Kool Keith "Goodbye Rap"

[stream] The Atelethon (6/09/2012)

Watch live streaming video from trentonian at

Again, this runs until 10AM Sunday. All info is HERE.

[video] iNEED ft. Reks "Boycott Blues"

[video] Joey Bada$$ ft. CJ Fly "Hardknock"

[video] AP the MaYor "SUC-CESS"

[video] Moonbootica ft. Redman "I'm On Vacation"

[video] Lanstarr "Daydreaming"

Dutch New York - This Is My Life EP2

FuseBox Radio (Week of June 6th, 2012)

[video] 3flection "Hooked"

[video] Cooly Wright "TTG"