Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yasin - Monsta Vol. 1

Dom Kennedy - Yellow Album

A Week To Kill

This documentary came with the DVD edition of Hannibal Buress' Animal Furnace. Via Hannibal.

Dutch New York x 730 - Mind Control EP

Heartbreak - The Incredible HULK EP

Nas - Life Is Getting Better: Prelude To Life Is Good

Nas has been on fire recently, and judging by what we’ve heard so far at TRU, his upcoming album Life Is Good certainly seems to be worth getting hyped for. To tide us over ’til the album drops next month and to chart his stellar track record since his last album, we’ve assembled every guest appearance on a trackover the past year and added in some interview fragments in a single mix we call "Life Is Getting Better: Prelude To Life Is Good." - TRU

Emilio sparks Experience, Episode 30: The Big Three-O Episode

Serp - Career Ender Vol. 1

Rashid Hadee - Hadee To The Xtreme

Young Lyxx - California Dreamin'

DJ Iron Mike - Summertime Fly (June Edition)

The Nezitiq Mute & DJ Concept - This Glorious Nightmare

RTD Playlist (Week of 6/15/2012)


Gran Parks - GIANT

Calez - Kid With Raps: Deluxe Edition

King Mez - My Everlasting Zeal

[video] The Alchemist ft. Meyhem Lauren "Crushed Kremlin"

@Dallas_Penn killin you niggas.

Cousin Culo & Phi Unit - So Emotional Volume 2

[video] Cavalier "Activated"

Friday, June 22, 2012

blackrasslin podcast, episode 37

Back to back weeks of long episodes? Sorry, fam. I had to though! With recaps of No Way Out and Raw this week? Just had to happen. And I didn't want to go in on the News segment as hard, but this John Cena stuff with Kenny Dykstra telling all? Developed into some other other. Solid show regardless, ride with your boy through this one. Changes 'a come, too.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 37

Benga "Icon (KGB & Benga Remix)"

Not sure if he gave this away because of new of the revival of Benga Beats or what, but I saw this touched down on UK radio over the last week or so, and I'm surprised this one got the free upload treatment. The video for the original touched down not too long ago, but I imagine sets worldwide will be capped off with this one. Infectious.

DOWNLOAD Benga "Icon (KGB & Benga Remix)"

[video] Jarren Benton ft. Rittz & Jon Connor "Billion Bucks"

Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross "The Realest (Disc Jockey Nappy x ƱZ Refix)"

To help celebrate the release of ƱZ's Trap Shit 6/9 yesterday, Nappy gave Walmer Convenience the exclusive on this Nappy x ƱZ refix, which DJ Wonder has been dropping on Shade45 this month. If you know how Nappy does with the THUGSTEP, you already know what to expect. Some perfect shit to ride out to.

DOWNLOAD Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross "The Realest (Disc Jockey Nappy x ƱZ Refix)"

[video] Shuko & F. "Best Friends // Beautiful"

DOWNLOAD Shuko & F. "Beautiful"

All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones

[preview] Sinistarr VIP Series Sample Pack

This is for you producers out there. This pack comes FREE with Computer Music 180.

[video] Sean Cos Mason "Hands On The Wheel"

Thursday, June 21, 2012

[video] Stalley "City Of 30,000 Wolves"

Nas ft. Rick Ross "Accident Murderers"

This is exactly what I wish for when Nas and Rick Ross link up. I have a thing about organs, so these "rich nigga memoirs" sound like ghetto gospel over this track. Nas of course injects a bit more prophecy into his bars, but Ross doesn't totally falter. I'm assuming this one is taken from Life Is Good, which is due out July 17th. I also love how Nas discovered SoundCloud and uploads errthing for freeski. Third verse FTW. Feels like Nas is describing the horror stories from the young niggas 'round my way. EDIT I see that you can pre-order a Life Is Good bundle + box set, which features a special limited edition & numbered notebook personalized by Nas with exclusive photos and selected art, a deluxe CD and an exclusive Life Is Good t-shirt. Word is 500 randomly selected notebooks will be signed by Nas. Boi-1da has the full tracklist up.

DOWNLOAD Nas ft. Rick Ross "Accident Murderers"

[video] Ethel Cee & Dumhi "One Fifty"

The Combat Jack Show (6/20/2012)

It never stops. Another episode in the can, and this one featured a dope interview with Artie Lang, who you probably remember most from Howard Stern. He goes in on his own trials (and tribulations), his comeback and even drops a B.I.G. impression (which you can see after the jump). Crazy. #GetReadyForCombat

ƱZ - Trap Shit 6/9 [JEFF023]

After a wild grip of love that his work has been getting, including being dropped on Shade45 by DJ Wonder three times (so far) AND getting a great look via NPR, The Jeffree's has dropped ƱZ's Trap Shit 6/9 for free. Dude's gotten a fuckload of love form a bunch of DJs, but the first cat to put me onto him was Nappy. In any case, in a wild scene where so many clones and upstarts are trying to make Trap beats, ƱZ is about the most original ones of the bunch. If you don't believe, or even know the burgeoning Trap scene, I'd say head on over to ƱZ's SoundCloud, or properly take this release in.

DOWNLOAD ƱZ - Trap Shit 6/9 [JEFF023]

[video] Intuition & Equalibrum "First Day Of Summer"

Rob Jay - Weekly Vlog Vol. 5

[video] Slaughterhouse ft. Cee-Lo Green "My Life"

Definitely wanna see these guys win. Not into anything Cee-Lo did on this track.

[video] David Banner "Whos That"

Nas "The Don (Codes New York City Remix)"

Definitely not the biggest Moombahton head. I can't get mad at this remix of Nas' "The Don", though, although there's not much actual Nas in this. What Codes did is exactly that - flip the classic "New York City" sample into a crazy dancefloor banger. Whether original or this banger of a remix, this is one of my favorite cuts of the summer, trust.

DOWNLOAD Nas "The Don (Codes New York City Remix)"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy "Impromptu"

Thank YOU, the fans, for putting my boy Nappy over the 1000 follower mark on SoundCloud. To celebrate this, he posted a free track that he produced, and it's an enticing slice of eerie. He's been working hard at his production, and has a grip of great sounds coming round, trust. Some plans for some dope releases are on the way, too. More on those when they pop up. Until then, just keep an eye on my dude and his upcoming movements.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy "Impromptu"

Concord Dawn ft. Savage "Put Em Up High"

I'm not sure what made Concord Dawn give the album away for free TODAY instead of the 25th (I'd like to think it was the interview I posted with him), but hell, rejoice in whatever decision was made! I actually spent a good part of today rocking to this at work, and this particular track, featuring an MC named Savage, is the kind of flex I'm about. Dope rhymes over a funky beat. What more do you need?! Like the CD Facebook page to get a link for the full album.

DOWNLOAD Concord Dawn ft. Savage "Put Em Up High"

Human Elements Promo Mix (mixed by Heavy1)

To celebrate the release of his Minimalized LP, Heavy1's having an album release party at Loop Shibuya in Tokyo on June 30th alongside, Makoto, Velocity, Key, Lowply and more. He cooked up this dope mix, featuring his own music alongside a grip others, with many forms of EDM touching before the DnB goes down. You need this.

Rhymageddon "The Once Over"

Ahead of the June 25th digital release of Rhymageddon's "The Once Over" on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., he has the unedited version up on Bandcamp for $1.This jawn is produced by Kayo Black and the Spit Sargeant wastes no time in evaluating things in life over this tough beat. Something for you grown men to relate and marinate to, trust. Grab it now so when your friend thinks they're the shit for copping it next week, you'll already know. #AntiIndustry

The Accomplices ft. J.Gunn "Still Paid"

Hopefully you true believers didn't sleep on the 10-90 EP that The Accomplices dropped recently. Jake and Broad are two fine producers and deserve any and all praise that comes their way. This particular cut with J.Gunn was featured on the premium version of the EP, which you truly should already own. Just give it a listen. If it sucks, throw shade. You can't do that, can you? Pure summer flavor here. Crack a big dutch to this and roll up something super stinky.

Tyquan Sounds ft. Dom O Briggs "WHEREEVERWHOEVER (I'm Gucci)"

I'm not up on Tyquan Sounds, but I fucks with Dom O. On a day as motherfucking hot and oppresive as today? This is the kind of shit you wanna rock to, sitting under a fan, sipping on something cold. Preferably some of that good Heineken or a chilled red wine. Fuck you taumbout. This is fly doe, lazy summer shit. Stay cool, and wait for Tyquan's BCAS:DIPHFERENT, which drops in August.

DOWNLOAD Tyquan Sounds ft. Dom O Briggs "WHEREEVERWHOEVER (I'm Gucci)"

DOA Interview: Concord Dawn

Concord Dawn is one of those DnB outfits that's quality all around, regardless of what the actual vibe of the track is. Some of my fondest DnB memories were rinsing new Concord Dawn tracks to myself, and in the company of friends. Seriously. I was kind of surprised to hear that he was dropping Air Chrysalis for free on June 25th, but I got a lil advanced copy and there was nothing left out - these tracks are just as quality, and a true testament to the 15 years CD has spent making quality DnB. I like how my interview with Matt came out; check it out and let me know what you think!

[video] Slum Village "Reppin'"

Ca$hin' Out In New York City

@Dallas_Penn does this for The Internets.

[video] Mike Check ft. Rocki Evans "Pedestal"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[video] House Shoes ft. Big Tone "Time"

[video] Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss ''Wellstone''

Produced by DeeJay Element, taken from Wellstone.

S.P.Y - Jungle Mixtape, Vol. 1 (June 2012)

On a day like this, Jungle is the sound you need. S.P.Y is one of the crop of talented producers taking the DnB scene to the next level, but he's also a VERY capable DJ. He gave away this slick Jungle Mixtape, touching down on some classics. No tracklist, but you should know these. Hit the comments if any of these sound foreign to your ears.

Side-B Radio (6/17/2012)

Dope episode from this past Sunday. Phil kicked things off with a lil tribute to Father's Day, and drops a host of classic, current and exclusive material. I learned today that Phil vibes off that ratchet music - me and him might need to take a ride to some 2 Chainz or something. The Side Beatz bit in here in legendary. Divine kills it every time. Don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (6/17/2012)

[video] Fresh Daily "Easy"

[video] DJ Bobby B ft. Planet Asia, TriState & Washeyi Choir "The Shake Down"

Taken from The Shake Down.

[video] Real T@lk "A Mic and A Trumpet"

[video] Concord Dawn ft. Thomas Oliver "These Prison Walls"

[video] Mr. Mitch "Super Freak"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Supernatural Freestyles At Hot 97

You already know what this is. Eight minutes of incredible lyricism.

[video] St. Joe Louis "Say A Prayer"

Dorrough & Juvenile "Dig It In (Santi Junior x Cookie Monsta Refix)"

My boy Santi Junior uploaded this one - massive refix of this Dorrough tune. Cookie Monsta's not one of my favorite producers, but he knows how to churn out a banger, and this one is the proper amount of video game-y quirk to dig into. Not sure what Santi has in store, but I know it'll be fucking sick.

DOWNLOAD Dorrough & Juvenile "Dig It In (Santi Junior x Cookie Monsta Refix)"

5kinAndBone5 & Robert Jeffrey "Penis Power (ƱZ x L☮LGURLZ Remix)"

The dude ƱZ linked up with L☮LGURLZ for this free remix. That trap sound got the hipsters Internets going crazy. Told Nappy on Sunday that I still don't know what to make of this. I mean I fucks with the sound (I was thinking to myself that a lot of the music coming out NOW was shit that I wished for/wanted to drop years back), but I've listened to so much Trap from Hip-Hop that this doesn't feel like some exciting new sound. It's great, and ƱZ is onto something, but yeah. Trap. Expect much more.

DOWNLOAD 5kinAndBone5 & Robert Jeffrey "Penis Power (ƱZ x L☮LGURLZ Remix)"

Yasin ft. Capone "I Did It"

I feel like I heard Yasin perform this sans Capone at a #GardenVariety show. But I also remember Capone bigging Yasin up at #GardenVariety. In any case, here's a cut from the "I Did It" deluxe single, which also features "We Riding". Both sides produced by Roads-Art, who is a damn talented producer. $3 for radio, dirty and instrumental versions of both? That's like $0.60 a track! You're wylin' if you sleep on this! Jersey!

DOWNLOAD Yasin ft. Capone "I Did It" (prod. by Roads-Art)

[video] Caspa ft. Keith Flint "War"

SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

This one is from April but forreal? Shouts to @Dallas_Penn. Alldae.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yelawolf "Happy Fathers Day"

[video] Fuze the MC ft. Ayanna "Angel In A Blue Dress"

Treasure Fingers - Hennessy & Sunshine

Another 90's RnB Mixtape (mixed by DJ Books)

!llmind – THROWBLAPS! Vol. 1

XV - Popular Culture

#AvX Issues 4 + 5 Reviewed by Dallas Penn

This shit jumped the shark for me.

Joey BADA$$ - 1999

[video] Fearce & Bean "I Want It All"

[video] Jon Connor "Goody Girls"

[video] Illus ft. Headsnack "Daddy Duty"

[video] Genesis Elijah "Father's Day"

TriState - 14Karat Canvas (The Gallery Art EP)

[video] Dustin-Prestige "I AM LEGEND"

[video] Focus the Truth "As the Horn Blows"

[video] Al Green "Generate"

[video] Zee "Do It Like That"

[video] EQ "Celebration"

[video] Kyle Bent "Hurry Up"

Jesse Abraham & PremRock - Live at Southpaw

Al Rocco - Fly Sky High II

[video] BS "Yoda Flame"

Mathew Edwards - Summer House '12