Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy x Sinistarr - Chopper Jvke

Told you guys this one was coming Nappy linked up with Detroit's own Sinistarr for a proper education into the world of Juke/Footwork on this one. Not only do you get some of Sinistarr's genre-bending footwork, you get a number of cuts they feel typify and influence Sinistarr's work, and some curves Nappy threw in to make sur eyou guys are listening. Been vibing to this one for over a month or so, so I'm glad it's finally out! Shouts to @theotisjones for the art!

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy x Sinistarr - Chopper Jvke

HULK - Trunk Smasher Vol. 1

L.E.G.A.C.Y. & DJ Mickey Knox - Featuring L​.​E​.​G​.​A​.​C​.​Y. Pt​.​3

DNBTactics 012

Meyhem Lauren - Respect The Fly Shit

[video] Stalley ft. Rick Ross "Hell's Angels"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Von D at Sub.Mission (6/16/2012)

Thanks, Von D, for uploading a 90 minute set of your's from a recent tour date in Denver. Dude's got a deeper vibe when it comes to dubstep, and this is a great example of that. You need to cool off in this heat, so grab a tall cold one and burrow yourself under the A/C with this one.

[preview] Paradox [PM024]

Lil' bit of drumfunk for the massive. Paradox is an enigma within the Drum & Bass circle, and a guy more producers can take influence and guidance from. Dude marches to the beat of his own programmed drums, and twists breakbeats in a way many of his ilk don't even want to try. Pure funk. This latest release on his Paradox Music imprint keeps that going. It's available for pre-order right now, and drops on the 9th of July on beautiful 12" Blue & Black marble-vinyl, with free MP3s with purchase of the vinyl via the PM store in July - including a bonus [version] of "No Consensus". Hit the jump for previews of both bits.

blackrasslin podcast, episode 38

Train never stops, nor can you even think of containing it. Not only do we run through this week's balanced edition of Raw, but I spent a grip of time in the news zone. Find out what new show WWE has coming, more info on the 1000th episode of Raw this July, what more dirt Kenny Dykestra has on John Cena, what happened with the Urban Wrestling Federation and plenty more. Let's go!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 38

SRC - The Tangerine Promo Mix (mixed by DJ Cable)

DOPE mix of Grime/Bass Music for your Friday adventure(s). This one features nothing but SRC tunes, in support for The Tangerine EP, which dropped today. This mix premiered on Mixmag, but if you're looking to hear from both SRC and DJ Cable, check out my feature with both of them over at Dogs On Acid. Completed JUST in time. Keep an ear out for SRC beats, trust.

DOWNLOAD SRC - The Tangerine Promo Mix (mixed by DJ Cable)

[video] Tyler, the Creator & Domo Genesis "Sam Is Dead"

[video] Foreign Beggars ft. Donae'o "Flying to Mars"

Loving this record right here. This Alix Perez-produced single drops on July 2nd via mau5trap. Peep the 12th Planet remix after the flip.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disc Jockey Nappy - Trappy Gillmore

Been waiting for this one. With all of the hype about "Trap" in various EDM circles, it's good to get a tape like this, focusing on that particular sound, to really put things in perspective.Also good to hear more than the usual clones out there making these tracks. Dope remixes from Diplo are featured, as well as two refixes Nappy did himself. Even a banger of a cut "Watching" by Starkey, which is featured on Street Bass Bootlegs 2 is on this, among a bunch of other more shit. If you mess with Trap Rap tracks (say that five times fast), you are familiar with the "trap" sound, but these cats are trying to take it to another level. Or just make it a bit more fun. Who knows. Nappy's here to guide you, though.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy - Trappy Gillmore

The Combat Jack Show (6/27/2012)

Some real talk goes down on this episode. I say we should ban together and knock down the door(s) at satellite stations and let them know about the real. Combat Jack keeps it all the way live in the beginning. Special guests Meyhem Lauren, Harry Fraud and AG Da Coroner are in as well. Respect The Fly Shit drops today. Fucks with this then go find that. You already know. Might need to do that petition myself...


Tyke - FABRICLIVE x Playaz Mix

I owe Tyke some DOA coverage. Dude's a sick DnB producer, making tracks like "Infected Headphones", which I thoroughly fucked with earlier this year. This mix is done (obviously) for the forthcoming Playaz at FABRICLIVE night, and Tyke does a great job of mixing classic bits ("See Red", "Watermelon", etc.) with a bunch of sick new cuts, including some of his own tracks. And he starts the set with Hazard's "Food Fight VIP", which is just perfection.

[video] J NiCS "Unruly"

Magnetic Man Backstage At Isle Of Wight 2012

Pure jokes backstage with Artwork, Skream & Benga with some thoughts on the current state of dubstep. If you fucks with this, peep their weekly BBC Radio 1 show. Via NME.

Rob Jay - Weekly Vlog Vol.6

[video] Fare Games "The Smoov"

[video] SL Jones x DJ Burn One ft. Rittz & Ebony Love "MDMA"

[video] Dante "Fall Asleep"

[video] Reks "Unlearn"

[video] ANTHM "Siren's Song"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[video] The 2 Of Diamonds "Birthday"

Chase & Status: USA

Kind of pissed I missed their local shows. Next time?

[preview] Rene LaVice "Headlock VIP"

The original "Headlock"? That sparked the whole piece I did on Rene back in January for DOA. He signed with Ram Records earlier this year, seemingly on the strength of that tune, and his Absolute Monster EP is due out on Ram July 23rd. If you like that darker-tinged dancefloor DnB, tunes like "Dank" have you, as does the title track, which is sure to be an anthem at any DnB massive that appreciates the old Renengade Hardware flavor. "Meow" has a subtle vibe seemingly jacked from the classic "P Funk Era". Probably my favorite. The "Headlock VIP" is only out on the digital version of the EP, so be sure to cop whatever you need. Full preview of the EP HERE.

Nico The Beast ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Rec Raw "Crystal Ball"

Screwface music. This is taken from Nico & Vanderslice's True To Form EP which I'm hoping you're not sleeping on. Grown men who have no problem speaking clearly and bringing you fire bars full of rage and LIFE. Shit's insane, trust me. Three proper monsters massacring this menacing piece. My Lord. What do YOU see in the crystal ball?

DOWNLOAD Nico The Beast ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Rec Raw "Crystal Ball" (prod. by Vanderslice)

[video] D/Will & Dominique Larue "Circulate"

diem drops in July.

[video] ScienZe "HERO"

[video] Rukus ft. Marium Echo "Watching The Moon"

[video] Neak ft. Lungz & GLC "Celebration Of Life's Illz (Slot-A Body Bags Remix)"

[video] Large Professor "Key to the City"

[video] Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah "Premium"

[video] SpaceGhostPurrp "Osiris of the East"

[video] Sene ft. Blu "Backboards"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[video] Joell Ortiz "Iron On You"

Dev79 "I Get Sideways"

First off, if you missed the Street Bass Anthems 5 yellow wristband deal, don't trip - they got purple jawns out now. If you have one of these USB wristbands, you already know about Street Bass Bootlegs 2, which came as a special pack of bangers for those copping the wristbands. Word is that this compilation (which features new cuts from Dev79, Starkey and MANIKAN, with refixes of Future, 50 Cent, Pimp C, Lil Scrappy, Lil Wayne and others by these cats alongside Knight Riders, Rx & Shiftee, Dr. Ew and plenty more) will be dropping via ClubTapes on July 2nd. You're welcome. Check out Dev79's "I Get Sideways" for $free.99.

DOWNLOAD Dev79 "I Get Sideways"

Posij "Empty Lungs"

This is the kind of shit that gets me moving. And part of the reason I feel like I need to chase that EDM dragon. I saw Datsik tweeting this morning about experimentation, and how some fans expect an artist (preferably dubstep guys) to stick to one particular sound. You might call this dubstep, but it doesn't share much with the typical sounds that got America (specifically) into dubstep over the last few years. You've got the intense funk of those stabs, the fly march of those snars throughout? This is hypnotic. Shouts to Noisia for putting this one out on Division - you can cop via iTunes or Beatport today. Or you can cop it for free, just pay with a tweet or via Facebook - more details via this SoundCloud page. I'll be over here, constantly reloading this one. Keep it locked to Posij. Got a feeling he'll be keeping us intrigued.

[preview] Colin Munroe ft. Pusha T "The Fight Of My Life (Zeds Dead Remix)"

Oh my. This one of those cuts that'd be perfect for either starting or ending a nasty set this summer. Zeds Dead no stranger to flipping vocal tracks, but I wish this preview had more of Pusha's bits in it - although at the end, you hear him chime in pretty much unscathed. They warp Colin like crazy, adding his sangin' as another layer/instrument to the track. This is truly just one of those undeniable anthemic cuts that will be sure to get lighters (or smartphones) lighting up the dance. No word on release date/where this will end up, though.

L.A. "Three Minute (Wo)man"

Finally, we get to hear some new LA Lytes shit, and this is a banger. Some fly shit to actually DANCE to in the club. Including the classic "go! go! go! go!" vocals. And yes, she merks the entire track in three minutes. She dressing down some gahbage cat throughout the entire track. I don't know who did it, but it wasn't me. Damn. Need to get her on some bass music ASAP (no Rocky). Trust me, you hear that dubstep break at the end? Murderah!

DOWNLOAD L.A. "Three Minute (Wo)man" (prod. by Fresh Nerd & Sigala)

Ethel Cee x Curly Castro x Has-Lo "Pain Bringer"

I hate/love surprises. I been up on this #WUTANGPULP project for longer than I'll let on, but I had no idea that Ethel, Castro and Has flipped Method Man's "Bring The Pain", doe!! Has flipped the original sample so slick as well. Ethel doesn't mimic Mef at all, she definitely comes with the flows, though. Almost like if you hadn't heard her spit before, this introduction might blow you away. You blown away yet? Press play, then!

DOWNLOAD Ethel Cee x Curly Castro x Has-Lo "Pain Bringer" (prod. by Has-Lo)

Breakage "Telepathy"

Digital Soundboy are definitely in the giving mood as of late! Hot on the heels of the Fabriclive.63 mix they sorted, they give away this intoxicating track from Breakage - if you've heard that mix, you definitely got sucked into this 140-ish amen workout. Breakage kept it old school, with those uplifting vibes and those diva vocals. I believe he's working on his next album, so it's good to give the people a lil' something extra. And trust, labelhead Shy FX is far from done. I've heard this massive tune Mensah's done - hopefully that one touches down this summer! Grab this tune for free via Facebook.

[video] ASN ft. Mike Bishop "24 Six"

[video] Tragic Allies "Fallin' Starz"

Munchi - Rotterdam Trap

Some more of that Trap shit, this time from the dude Munchi, featuring a grip of Trap refixes of shit he fucked with when he was 17. Hell, he breaks down the ENTIRE EP via Generation Bass. If you mess with the trap, you need to download this. For free.

[video] Quest MCODY "Loyalty Is Royalty"

ƱZ x CRNKN "Booty 2 The Ground"

You'd think ƱZ would have taken a chance to chill after the success of Trap Shit 6/9, but nah, he figured he'd throw out another ₣ЯЄЄ ƉОШИⱢØ∆Đ with the one like CRNKN. Love the way this one drops. Pure quirky Trap shit, although now I've realized why ƱZ wins: sure, he makes Trap, but you can't rap to it. The clones make shit you figure MC Queezy will salivate over. This is the kind of shit I'd cook to. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD ƱZ x CRNKN "Booty 2 The Ground"

Monday, June 25, 2012

[preview] Nero & Skrillex "I.D."

Don't think I've heard Nero & Skrillex work on shit together since that "Promises" remix, and trust, this is tougher than that one. Hell, I'm not even the biggest Skrillex fan, but this and the Wale track that we heard last week kind of have me open. I'm not even sure this tune is called "I.D.", but it's big. Much bigger than most of the dubstep that's bubbling right now. This is straight crunchy bass, crushing whatever system is man enough to try and contain it. No word on when this one is out - all I'm seeing is that "this is a preview, this ownz". Either Skrillex or MTA will get first dibbs on this, I'd imagine. Fucks with it regardless.

Mantis "Insomnia"

This is one of those dubstep tracks that is undeniable. Sure, it's pretty much the cookie cutter dubstep flavor - sinister vocal sample, anthemic melody, twisted bassline - but hell, it's summertime. Shit like this is what will get the crowds moving at whatever festival / rave you're hitting in the next three months. And it's free. Shouts to Playme for this one. If you're a DJ twiddling with the bass music bits? This might be upfront in your Serato.

DOWNLOAD Mantis "Insomnia"

[video] Dwele "What Profit"

DJ M-Rock - The Best of Michael Jackson

Three hours, 63 tracks. Originals, remixes and special blends. M-Rock pays tribute to the best there ever is/was/will be, Michael Jackson. End of.

DOWNLOAD DJ M-Rock - The Best of Michael Jackson

Mister Cee - Michael Jackson Tribute Mix (6/25/2012)

If you're like me, you spent most of today reminiscing on the music of Michael Jackson. Three years ago today he passed away, and it's a crying shame. Hell, three years ago today I was watching the NBA Draft, sitting in shock of MJ's passing and waiting to catch a flight to L.A. - crazy. Mister Cee touched down on the decks today and paid tribute the best way he knows how: with his hands. Shouts to Rap Radar.

DOWNLOAD Mister Cee - Michael Jackson Tribute Mix (6/25/2012)

DJ Cable "Pulse RBX"

This is something that I've been rockin' to for a week or so. DJ Cable put me onto both "Rhythm N Gash" AND "Pulse X", so it just makes sense that he'd throw the two of them atop each other for a sinister blend. Both bits work VERY well, with the pulsating "Pulse X" injecting some fly vibes into the hypnotic vocals from "Rhythm N Gash". He linked up with Slit Jockey/Seclusiasis for this SeclusJockey release, which also includes a "Devil Mix" of this blend, which totally strips the drums out. Heavyweight bidness. And free - just pay with a tweet/FB status.

Side-B Radio (6/24/2012)

Another hot one in the chamber. No guests, but any show where Phil drops classic Trenton Hip-Hop like Blvd Mosse?!?! Stop it. Side Beatz is all jokes, too. One of the best parts of the show. Your weekly dose of independent and underground Hip-Hop; you already know. Do know: the show won't be on next week. Play this one again, LOL.

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (6/24/2012)

[preview] Nas "The Don (Massive Attack Remix)"

Talk about unexpected treats! I remember in high school, Mad Professor remixing Massive Attack was my shit. They already had such great sonic beds, but Mad Prof dubbing those originals out was so necessary in the development of me as a likkle yout soundboy. Hearing Massive then applying their signature sound to Nas' "The Don"?! Oh my! This is a great one - something to really dig deep into. Murky. Especially when they let the beat ride out towards the middle. Awe-inspiring. I know Nas was over in the UK last week, figuring this remix will show up on a UK version of "The Don"? Or just some bootleg version. Who knows. I need the final of this, doe. Early. Shouts to Potholes for this one.

Mario Dones "Made"

Got a thing for classic samples. Once I got this one and hit play, I knew it'd be an instant favorite, and Mario Dones did this one JUSTICE! The Pittsburgh spitter tells his tale of being a young G, showing what he's been through to make him the man that he is today. He kicks that real shit, tales from a dude that's turned into a grown ass man and isn't about bullshitting. This is the first single from California Dreaming, which he's dropping in August. Anthem for those who have lived life and learned from it.

DOWNLOAD Mario Dones "Made" (prod. by Lazy J)

[video] P.L.O. & Ralph Rip Sh!t "Hold That"

Cop via iTunes.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[video] CF "We Gone Rock / Voodoo Economics"

[video] The Heathers "Blah Blah Blah"

[video] Casey Veggies "Swag Worth A Mill"

Sid Sriram - A Conscious Mind

DJ Trackstar - The Into The Wild Tour Mixtape

Blakface x Jansport J - Beatjakers Vol. 1

[video] Ceez "Jerzee Bounce"

[video] Landon Wordswell & C-Villain "Reservoir Dogs"

[video] DubbleOO "The World We Live In"

[video] Parallel "California Mindstate"

[video] Ollie OX ft. CZVG, Jake Palumbo & Ciphurphace "4 Deep In A Honda"

[video] Bramzwig "Puzzling Thing"

FuseBox Radio (Week of June 20th, 2012)

[video] Scuba "NE1BUTU"