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Black Out Status

My bust, E, but that pic is so damn poignant.

Today, September 20th, 2007, there are rallies going down in Jena, La., and hopefully other spots in the US. It is asked that supports of the Jena 6 wear black on this day. I took it a step further, and threw the blog on Black Out Status. It might make my words pop (I see you, wifey!), but this is my online support. I suggest other bloggers do the same.

Speaking of E, he has a few posts in support of the Jena 6 and this day: one's a poem entitled "African American Anthem" (by King Kobra), and the 2nd is his Black Out post of today, with some great links to Jena 6-related heads.

I'm just about done with Invisible Man; this novel seems like what we need to be reading right about now.

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