Biggie Case Fucked The Fuck Up


A prison inmate who had implicated a former Los Angeles Police Department officer in the shooting death of rap star Biggie Smalls has renounced his story, tying a new knot in the tangle of intrigue that surrounds the still-unsolved killing.

Waymond Anderson, who was briefly a top-selling R&B artist and is serving a life term for murder, said in a recent deposition that he lied about LAPD involvement in the Smalls slaying as part of a "scam" concocted by two other convicts to squeeze a large monetary settlement out of the city.

Goddamnit. Why do they keep fucking the dog on this one? Will there EVER be justice in the death of Biggie Smalls? Or 2Pac for that matter?

I received my copy of the new Biggie DVD; review forthcoming.

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