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Remixng BioShock

Any of you fans of BioShock dabble in production? I want to hear you remix the original score (grab all 12 tracks via this .zip file, provided by the good people at 2K Games). There's also been 3 "modern-day" remixes done to tracks associated with the game (by Moby and Oscar the Punk), but I reckon we don't stop there. I'd run a competition, but I'm not sure what I could give as prize. Let's just call this a friendly funk-tion between friends.

I'll accept any styles: Hip-Hop, Jungle, Dubstep, Breaks, House... if you can freak it, I'd love to hear it! Maybe I'll accumulate the best into a podcast and distro it worldwide! Maybe I can get a pull of the 2K Games' crew, see what they can do!

I'll keep you posted - show me something!

Send all finished MP3s to khaldub@gmail.com. The higher the bitrate, the better. Make sure the MP3s are tagged PROPERLY with artist name - track title - email/AIM name. Get to poppin'!

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