Excerpt from BET's Hip-Hop vs. America

T.I., Al Sharpton, Nelly, Diane Weathers (former Essence EIC), and others speak on many different topics involving Hip-Hop and its influence in the city. Some interesting points - T.I. looks like he wants to bug out though:

Too funny.

More info on this series HERE. Shouts to E for the link, as per usual.

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Anonymous said...

They say that hip hop is the cause of the degradation of moral values in black America, and i would definately disagree with this assesment.In life you deal in one thing and one thing only: choice. America is suposedly founded upon this premise yet when a person expresses the right to use that freedom of choice in which ever they may choose they must understand that they will have to deal with the consequences of thier choices. Now there is a difference between fantasy and fiction just as there is a great difference between the truth and a lie.The essence of what hip hop is can be found and was founded in the ghetto, hood and impoverished areas in every city around the entire world. This is a constant fact yet this does not define every person who may have or may have not lived in this enviorment.My question is this," Why are people so surprised or upset when something horrific happens in the reality of our world when it is perpetuated everyday by big media conglomerates who cannot even begin to relate, let alone understand what effect these corporations have upon the impressionable minds of children who are not mature enough to discern the difference between fantasy, fiction and reality. Though it is true that art often imatates life yet some art is exagerated or amplified when it is put in a negative light. That is not the fault of the consumers, in my opinion, but you have to place the blame on those who are in the position to do something about it i.e. Corporate exucutives, news stations, radio and the artist themselves.Those who are major influences in Hollywood often promote sex, drugs, violence, the degradation of women along side of love, friendship and other virtuous qualities that promote integrity and nobility in the symbolism portrayed in the entertainment field.HIp hop, in general, is a tool; just as knowledge,money,and power are tools;and a tool can be used in a positive or negative way all depending on what an individual may decide to do with it. Duality is apart of life;and if America chooses to glamorize the negative aspects of American life then America as a whole must deal with the consequences of its actions.For those of you who say that hip hop artist hold the monopoly on forming the majority of opinions for the youth of black America you are in fact saying that hip hop and rappers are the representers of the totality of black America.I have only to say this Bush is the president of the United States but in no way, shape, fashion or form does he represent the my political views, my dreams and aspirations.