Win a date with Layla Kayleigh

Layla Kayleigh. Damn. I'm sorry but homegirl is a fox. And to support Good Luck Chuck, 1 lucky schmuck (out of 3 finalists) will be chosen to go out with her, and will a cool $1K. If you aren't up on her, you don't read Maxim or check out "The Feed" on G4 (among other things she does, such as The Best Damn Sports Show, Period ). She's got an ill voice, smokin' body, and based on her MySpace blog, she has a great personality to match.

Head on over to Maxim Radio for the details.

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Phil said...

I've always been impressed by L. Kayleigh, because besides being a gorgeous woman, she has a damn good head on her shoulders. She's very articulate, stays up to date on current events, has an opinion and isn't afraid to share it, and has a sense of humor. I only know one other woman like that, and for all of our sakes, I pray that there are more.