Sheek Louch: Savoir of Abused Youth

Shouts to eskay for keeping the hood shit out in the open. It looks like this J-Hood/LOX shit is FAR from over. I posted the video of J-Hood dragging his chain last week, and now Sheek has a new interview with XXL, this time putting it out there. Hood is acting really dumb, especially if the LOX are mad willing to let him go (they know what it's like to be stuck in those situations).

This line caught my eye:

Yo, Hood, when your stepfather was touching on your body, fam, I went and ran in your house and got ’em. Me and my goons ran in and got your step-pops for you. And a list of other things, but I just want to throw that one out there to sting him a little bit. That was me. Remember, Hood? That’s big homie.

See, that's the wrong nigga you wanna try and publicly beef with. If a nigga like Sheek has THAT kind of info on you, why you really going to want to take it there? He did a good thing for you, and you shit on him and the squad? For what? Sheek also says that both 50 Cent AND Sha Money XL said they ain't signing Hood, that Hood having to see the LOX is bigger than the publicity stunt. I been said homey was a pawn. Now there's the proof. I mean, aside from guys like Funkmaster Flex and Cosmic Kev (among many other DJs) not playing your shit, the hood looks at you like a little boy - he has no juice in the hood now.

On the album front, it looks like the LOX are working with Def Jam to try and get them signed? Wild... until I heard the producers they are working with: Timbaland, Pharrell, Rockwilder, WHAT THE FUCK!?!? He also speaks on his Silverback Gorilla album, which will features cats like Avant, Styles P, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, UNK and a track called "Dipset D-Block" with Jim Jones, Hell Rell & Jadakiss. I can't wait for that one!

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