Kurious Jorge A Constipated Monkey re-release

Many of you might remember Kurious Jorge as being dude featured on "?" from MF Doom's Operation: Doomsday album. Well, it looks like his slept-on '94 LP, A Constipated Monkey, has been re-released TODAY, and his label, Amaglam, is offering the album with a special Bonus EP for FREE to the first 100 fans who buy the digital version of A Constipated Monkey.

Check out the tracklisting:

01.) Spell It Wit A J (Yes, Yes Jorge)
02.) Top Notch
03.) I’m Kurious
04.) Uptown Shit feat. The Omen & Kadi
05.) Leave Ya’ With This
06.) Fresh Out The Box
07.) Walk Like A Duck
08.) Tear Shit Up
09.) Baby Bust It feat. MF Grimm
10.) Nikole
11.) What’s The Real feat. Casual
12.) Jorge Of The Projects
13.) I’m Kurious (Pete Nice Remix) **[Re-release Bonus]**
14.) Mansion And a Yacht ft. Sadat X & Mike G **[Re-release Bonus]**

"I'm Kurious" is the joint, one of my favs from back in the day.

Now check out the Bonus EP, The Demo Out Takes (1989-1993), which helped Kurious get his deal from the rip:

15.) Jorge Of The Projects (Original Demo Version) (Produced by The SD50’s)
16.) Trueness To The Blueness (Produced by The SD50’s)
17.) Rice And Beans (Freestyle) feat. Prince Paul (Produced by Prince Paul)
18.) Fill’ Er Up (produced by Prime Minister Pete Nice of 3rd Bass)
19.) One 4 The Head feat. Kolli Weed (Produced by The SD50’s)
20.) Catch My Drift feat. Kadi (Produced by Sam Sever)
Again, the 6-track EP is only available from Amaglam's website to the first 100 heads who cop the full length download.

So WTF you waiting for? Go grab this, early!

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