MF DOOM: "What up? I'm dead"

taken from the Stones Throw newsletter:

Every day for the past month we've been hit up by people wanting explanations, statements, clarifications, and declarations about MF DOOM. Is he lip synching? (No. Listen to the videos on Youtube.) Is he an impostor? (No, but he did lose some pounds.) Is he in the hospital? (No, he's in his studio ... or if not there, you can find him in the pub with the grub stain.)

Reached earlier this morning at his home in Georgia, an alive and well MF DOOM issued this statement: "What up? I'm dead."

DOOM was in Los Angeles recently and recorded a few verses at The Bomb Shelter studio, where Madvillain, Quasimoto, YNQ, and Madlib classics have been made. Among the new joints recorded was one with him and Guilty Simpson over J Dilla's "Mash" and another over Dilla's "Lightworks". "Mash's Revenge" will be released on the album "B-Ball Zombie War" on October 2. Take a listen:
+ www.myspace.com/mfdoom
So it looks like the Metal Face Terrorist is NOT dead (although this doesn't touch on a possible heart attack/hospital stay as hinted to on GRANDGOOD). And him rippin' over "Lightworks"!? I'm intrigued...


Rich said...

So that's it? No apology to all the heads who showed up in Central Park to see you, only to be told by everyone that stepped on stage that doom was in the hospital "fighting for his life" after a heart attack? What's the matter doom? To fat and lazy to show up to even a NEW YORK FUCKING CITY SHOW? Wack. You've let a lot of people down and I guess I'll be having a little extra space on my ipod after I take all your shit off.

khal said...

damn rich... i feel you though. i mean i figured dude would have said a LOT more in terms of "yo this is what the deal was" blahzay blah... i think this has been one bad year for any fans checking for DOOM in concert.

im sorry you feel that way, and hopefully he will sort this out at some point.