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Jay-Z American Gangster LP news

I read about YN having an exclusive piece of info to drop around 8PM last night, but didn't make it to the PC until later, and forgot to peep it. Boy, was it a doozy!

Looks like Jigga Jay-Z is working on an album inspired by his viewing of the forthcoming Harlem drug flick American Gangster, a flick which bit the creative bug in Jay, making him think of days passed and putting himself back in that zone, and making this his first "concept" album to date, which is a funny idea. While he is basing his flows on the scenes in the movie, he's lived that life, but I digress...

I do wish that the film's producers had gotten behind the idea of having Hov drop this as an official "music inspired by..." album, just because with the way Jay's status is now, it would be such a big look for Hip-Hop... having one of the premiere MCs crafting tracks based on a film that's subject matter mirrors his life? You can't write better headlines than that. Would have made this a big event.

Sometime today, a Pharrell-produced track entitled "Blue Magic" is to premiere... somewhere. I'll give you guys audio when I get it, as per usual. Until then, just deal with this "Allure"/"Flashing Lights" blend that DJ Green Lantern cooked up (shouts out to Eskay, again).

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