Whatchu Know About Jayden?

a piece for my son:

Whatchu know about
Big eyes
Big heart
Big cries
No fear
No hate
Ready to dive
Turned off lights
Ready to smile
Loves to hug
Loves to kiss
Giggle monster
Eternal bliss
Mischevious kid
Loves to run
Loves the hip-hop
Forever having fun
1 year of craziness
Two times real sick
Stuck in tents
Thrown under lights
Little blue boy
Sleepless nights
Broken ribs
Grandparents ain’t right
Our little angel
The end result of a beautiful union
Mommy’s little man
Daddy’s great plan
Clap the hands
Stomp the feet
Kick the feet
Loves the water
Be a good boy, hug our daughters
Always laughing
Easy to smile
Our little angel
Miracle child
Blow the bubble
Loving MASH theme songs
Never do right
NEEDS to do wrong
1 year of craziness
Many more to come
Happy birthday
To our son

Happy birthday, lil' man.

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