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FOTM: THUGSTEP #5 (09/2007)

Better late than never... this THUGSTEP thing doesn't just go for the rhymes. Here is Jamie Foxx (featuring Ludacris) tellin' you to get the regular sexual antics out of your mind - tonight, it's time to go buck. The dubstep is provided by Boxcutter, from his Oneric LP, and it's different: not the thumping, prodding basslines you normally here. More tech-y, but it still has a crazy vibe to it. Wait for the switch up of the beat when Luda gets on - IT'S MURDA! LOL nah but his raps definitely punch a bit harder with that crazy beat underneath... then the track goes back to the calmer mode when Jamie comes back. One for the sheets!

Jamie Foxx ft. Ludacris Vs. Boxcutter "Unpredictable (DJ Nappy Thugstep Mix)"

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Shouts to DJ Tipz, DJ Cable, selector dub u and anyone else supporting THUGSTEP!

If you are making your own THUGSTEP tracks, send them to me: khaldub@gmail.com.


PS: I told you it'd be up tonight, Ellen.

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