1 more hit: Where Is It?

1 more hit is the story of J Swift's attempt to rise from his various addictions, and has a critique on the disgusting side of creating "Reality TV". I first heard of this flick damn near two years ago... and I am wondering: WHERE IS IT!? Being a fan of Pharcyde, Hip-Hop production, escaping drug abuse and documentaries, this shit is right up my alley. I fear that this story will not get told if it sits around too long. I went to the 1 more hit website and e-mailed them, asking where the movie is at... hopefully I'll get an answer.

And where is Negro Knievel? Shit, not only did he do early Pharcyde work, but he's remixed both Prince AND Massive Attack,

Peep the trailer:

Hold ya head, J.


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any word?

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