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DJ Cable - Weekly Mix: 80's Edition

Sixteen Candles was on last night. I realized I never watched the whole thing from front to back - and I'm not sure if that' s a good thing or a bad thing.

In any case, my boy DJ Cable, in celebration of Thriller 25, went in with a strictly-80's mix for you heads out there. This runs the gamut, from Michael Jackson to Paul Simon, so take a peek:



01. Morris Day & The Time - Jungle Love
02. Prince - 1999
03. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
04. The Whispers - And The Beat goes On
05. Whitney Houston - How Will I Know
06. Afrika Bambaata & The Soul Sonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
07. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
08. Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby
09. Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F
10. S Express - Theme from S Express
11. Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
12. Cameo - Word up
13. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something
14. Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

Get your neon on. And I'll keep you posted on the blends that Cable signed to AV8 Records.

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