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Just a lil post, brought on by Wes' post about the origins of Erykah Badu's "Telephone".

That shit is real. My grandfather had the same thing going on right before he died...

He was going through it with his prostate cancer, and was relegated to a hospital bed in our house for the last few weeks of his life. It was late May, and my senior year of high school, and I remember it was very warm this one Saturday. And he was up. Now, I had seen him unable to get out of bed b/c of the pain he was in, pissing on himself and what not, but this day he was up, sitting in a chair in his room. And he was talking.

My room was the attic, but the door to my room was right next to his room, so as I'd leave I'd check on him, and I peek in and see him talking and smiling. I step in and he's actually by himself, but mentally he was having a party. All of his friends were there, having a good old time. I sat with him for a bit - there was a basketball game on - and we just talked and joked.

He died a few days after this, but it's wild that he had what I call a going-away party right there.

And now that's two family members in my life who's deaths can be somehow linked to J Dilla. My uncle passed right around the time Dilla did, and now Pop-Pop.

Rest in power.

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