BHM2K8: Cut One, Cut All

Remember when word got out that Disney had to digitally reduce Lindsay Lohan's titties for Herbie: Fully Loaded, because moms though Lohan looked like a tramp? Are they planning to do the same thing for College Road Trip, the new flick that stars Raven-Symone & Martin Lawrence?

I mean, Raven grew up to be a DIME, thick body and all. Does Disney not think that Raven can look raunchy, or are they just under the guise that black women cannot be as sexy as white tramps? Is the curvy body somehow "safe" to Disney producers? Am I being paranoid because sistas aren't being objectified when they shouldn't be like white actresses are?

And just to keep it funky: Lindsay, I've seen your titties: they ain't all that. As a matter of fact, the good number of those nude shots looks hideous. But I digress - it's not like I enjoy either of the flicks, but in seeing the commericals for the College Road Trip, I had to ask...

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