Trenton Crime Mimics The Wire?

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey, and my hometown. It's also being hit with some shit that seems straight out of an episode of The Wire...

Over the last week, two bodies have been found: there was the body of a decomposed woman found in an abandoned home. They believe this woman was previously missing for something like 15 months. No suspects on word as to why she would have been murked, but she did have a history of drug abuse. And just the other day, some nigga got thrown out with the trash. And actually, we've also seen some fucking copper thieves running rampant in the city, which just makes me laugh. And don't even get me started about the 7-year-old who brought 70 grams of crack to school (good thing they arrested his people).

Now, one of the assemblywomen in the city is a fan of The Wire, and commented on this, which is something I had been thinking the last couple of days. The mayor shrugs it off, but is this life imitating art, or is The Wire just that tapped in that it is shedding light on stories that otherwise go unheard?

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