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The Wire, Season 5: "Clarifications" [recap]

After it happened, I had no idea what was being said for the next 5 minutes. It wasn't until later viewings that I noticed that McNulty & Kima went to the FBI to discuss the outline of the killer. I couldn't even process what the fuck just went down. And in that instant, The Wire both murked off one of the most compelling characters on TV, and further established that they aren't fucking around, and never have been. We assumed it'd be a gun fight, not Lil' "UP MY ASS, GUMP" Kenard holding the pistol that offed Mr. Omar Little. This is more fitting, though. I had various heads who, like me, saw this episode last Monday, and just rewatch Omar walking into the store to pick up his "newpotes". His limp was gone. Weird, right? Take it a step further - TV Squad hit the nail right on the head: Omar was getting cocky, trying to get Marlo out there. That's not him. He either moved in the cloak of the night or had a plan hatched to do his work. He was out, bum leg and all, waging a one man army against Stanfield? In the daylight? Kenard saw him all fucked up and didn't buy the hype - and offed dude. You have so many youngbucks these days who don't have respect for their elders, and this is a proper metaphor for that whole way of thinking in the hood. Do the knowledge...
I love how Jimmy McNulty is on some Robin Hood shit, now that Carcetti has given him unlimited OT, whips and carte blanche. Shit's getting out of hand, like dude who conned the trip out of Jimmy, but it is what it is. Carver half-knows, but I think that he is really just trying to appease his men, who were aggravated early-on due to lack of OT and other gripes. Kima, on the other hand - I could def. see her snitching. She was spending time researching, dealing with upset parents and the like, only to find it's all a hoax. And she was PISSED seeing Sydnor in there. WTF can you do though?

Speaking of Sydnor, I personally was kind of insulted that the whole picture message clock thing came down to using an atlas. Aren't there like hundreds of atalses in existence? Why am I failing to believe that Marlo is using the same exact atlas as the Baltimore City Po-Po uses? I mean, it works and is a very unique system, but come on. Marlo isn't that smart, and it's just a big coincidence. At least with the beeper messages, it made sense for their situation in the projects. This is just a bit eeh for me.

Shouts to seeing Poot again. I love how they are weaving some of my favorite characters from past seasons into this. Good to see him working... although this whole Dukie thing is depressing. Now this nigga is rollin' with the junkman!? Come on, man. If you aren't cut out for shit, take your smart smelly ass back to school. Why fuck with junkman? Riding on the cart like king of the swamp people - that's no life for a 15 year old. Why do I keep thinking Dukie is gonna end up a fiend?

The Scott Templeton shit is coming to a head, and I am glad Gus is seeing it. First the war vet takes Scott to task, bringing up that he didn't have to embellish, and while Gus was kind of skeptical, I like the way he handled it. Scott is the king of those sad faces - he wasn't feeling the whole "we gonna run a correction if it holds up" thing. Then, Gus cuts dude's lead, citing an "anonymous" source in the homelessness rally piece. Good for him. I hope Scott gets shut down for good.

What was good with Chris and Snoop being so pissed off all episode, Chris especially? I mean, I understand he didn't get Omar - but he looking like he did when he rocked Michael's daddy (more on that in a bit). I loved Snoop's "youngin' on some different opinion shit" comment, but Michael was legit. Why is Marlo putting up that front? He's looking really scared out in the street, regardless of Omar being shot. Omar still jacked how many of Marlo's stashes? Just doesn't seem right.

Big up to Beadie for leaving Jimmy for a day. I don't get why he broke down and told her about the hoax, but I guess he needed to get it off his chest and sort of connect with her - but with the way he's dogged her out, it had the adverse affect. When will she leave? She has all the ammo - what if McNulty gets arrested? She's now an accessory...

What was good with Lester trying to blackmail Clay at the end of this episode? What was he trying to gain/prove? I mean, Clay knows who he is fucking with - he just knows how to get out of it. Maybe Lester is trying to buy some damage control for something?

And I could give a fuck about Carcetti - all of his campaign promises end up dying as he eyes for his next seat, making deals with everyone he can to keep costs down/hidden. Fuck him.

OK, on to next week. Did you catch the previews for next week, AKA the 2nd to last episode? I think Chris is gonna get got. Just, everything was so focused on him, and then we see scenes of Michael in a whip with a gat talkin' that "you always told me to show up early" jazz that Chris spoke of earlier in the year. Plus, Bunk got that favor from Jimmy and flipped it into a postitve DNA match for Partlow in the murder of Michael's stepdaddy. A warrant has been brought out, and it looks like one way or the other - party done!

Also looks like Marlo is gonna feel the heat. With this "fresh line", I'd imagine they hit a stash or a big buy, and all hell is gonna break loose. It has to. We're at the end.

And what is HBO going to do next? OZ? Gone. The Sopranos? Gone. I can't watch Big Love or In Treatment or any of the other drama shows they make. Just not me. How is the void going to be filled? Enlighten me...

HBO has the full summary of this episode. I suggest you read it.

RIP Omar Little... Omar's Lament:

"Let's Bang Out"

Omar Vs. Mouzone:

Bunk & Omar meet:

Bunk Vs. Omar:

Classic Heist:

Robbin' Cheese:

"Young Omar":


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Anonymous said...

Dukie = the new Bubbles
Snoop = dead meat
Christ = goin' to the pen
Marlo = goin' to the pen
McNulty = goin' to the pen/merk himself
Scott = fired