BHM2K8: Obama Lost

And Ralph Nader is the man who will pull the trigger. He's just thrown his hat into the 2008 race, and with Obama's momentum over the last few months, I feel that if he does get the DNC backing, it will still be for nothing. It will be a "look, a nigga could be a legit candidate", but ultimately will lose - not because he couldn't handle John McCain, but because Ralph fucking Nader murked so many Obama fans, and made them join his party.

Our country is not a three-party country, and I don't see many Republicans who follow McCain all of the sudden backing Nader - but many Democrats and Independents are quicker to follow someone like Nader. Just ask Al Gore.

The more I think about it, the more I think Nader is getting Republican Party dollars to cast doubt and votes from Obama. I really do. Conspiracy theories be damned.

Obama still have my vote, though...

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