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Papoose Build Or Destroy

Is this nigga ever going to put an album out? I think he could do wonders if he focused on ONE project. In any case, here's his new mixtape, spotted over at 2DB:



01 Intro
02 Bang Bang (Produced by Sid Roams)
03 Ride Out (feat. C-Murder)
04 Pop A Wheely (Produced by Certifyd)
05 Success (Produced by JR Rotem)
06 Goin’ To Da Bank Right Now (Produced by GQ Beats)
07 Destiny (Produced by Prime Tracks)
08 Chips (Produced by Prime Tracks)
09 Real Right (feat. Thug A Cation) (Produced by J Swift)
10 Flatline (Produced by E Dubb)
11 Interlude
12 Law Library (Produced by E Dubb)
13 Cherades 2 (Produced by Buc Wild)
14 I Like It (feat. Debarge) (Produced by DJ Kay Slay)
15 Sex You Up 2008 (feat. Ray J) (Produced by DJ Kay Slay)
16 Is It Good To You (Produced by E Dubb)
17 Cancel Christmas (feat. Remy Ma) (Produced by Sha Money XL)
18 Scream (Produced by E Dubb)
19 Qutta Town (Produced by Balls)
20 Pop Off (Produced by E Dubb)
21 Nothings Changed
22 Gift And A Curse (Produced by Certifyd)
23 Comprehend (feat. Pete Rock) (Produced by Pete Rock)
24 Pop Life (Produced by DJ Kay Slay)
25 Who Shot Ya 2008

That "Who Shot Ya" beat always gets me open. And why do Kay Slay productions always end up being a dope looped played over and over? He did one, I forget the name of the mixtape, but it was a sample straight from Boyz N The Hood, with that somber sax. The name of the track was the name of the tape. Ah well, enjoy some Pap.

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