BHM2K8: Comedian P

I'm all for niggas who started something getting their props. "'Nuff respect due" is something that means a lot to me, regardless of the situation. But, when Eskay posted this diatribe Prodigy threw up on his blog about what he and Mobb Deep started and don't get recognized for, I had to laugh...

I'm supposed to big you up for having tatoos on your body since age 12? Rapping non-rhyming words (isn't that called spoken word?), fucking bandana folding? Is this forreal? Nigga, not only do you have sickle-cell, but you are about to get sent up for a 3 1/2 year bid, and you want to argue who used the name "Prodigy" first? And to be real with you, The Prodigy was using that name since 1990, so what the fuck are you on? The use of Pro Tools, websites, and all this other shit is just garbage. Straight malarky. Niggas who have to put out a list of reasons why we should give them respect get no love from me. I loved Return Of The Mac, and I even dug Blood Money, but you look extra-bitchmade with that post, P. Fix up and get your mind right before you get locked down, forreal.

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