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On That Leak: "Holton Street Hop"

M Beezy ft. Dirt Dawg "Holton Street Hop": We here at rock the dub are always committed to bringing you that raw when you least expect it, so we get passed things that you might not be up on. Like this, um, dance from Tallahassee, Florida. It's called the "Holton Street Hop", and originates from this M Beezy track that's apparently a remix of some nigga named DJ Chipman's "Beam Ahh". Yeah, this is some picanniny watermelon patch nonsense, but when niggas like Soulja Boy can capitalize off of "Crank Dat", I guess everyone in the South is trying to come up with their own "dance".

There's a clip of a live performance that has this "dance" in it, but I am not sure what is so special about it:

It's funny - niggas won't admit to listening to club music, but will take this bastardized shit and call it something new. And then do some dope-fiend lean to the beat? SMH...

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