B Breaks "Someone Important"

B Breaks "Someone Important": Here’s some interesting shit from Las Vegas way. 20 year old B Breaks drops off this cut from Wingless Pigeons // Brent Wraps. I’m not sure who dude is, so I don’t know if his chants of being “someone important” are braggadocio or reality. Like a great man said, though, you can speak things into being, so I’m not mad at ALL. What I personally fuck with in this track is the fact that the feel is more someone rhyming over their garage band guitarist’s riffing than someone really getting fat beats. Instead of blowing the party up with this, this is more of a dusty reel made at 3AM, after many of the “in-crowd” leaves and a core group of in-the-know patrons are sitting in a dimly lit rec room, passing a bong and just styling. Who knows what the rest of homey’s output is like, but I’d like more of THIS than some of the ish that’s out. Diversity, bitches.


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