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Why yes, it's definitely been five years since I first started rockthedub (back when I still had a "blogspot.com" attached). It's been a wild journey - I went from needing a spot to let some of my unpublished interviews and reviews breathe, and turned into a destination for heads who want a different take on the normal shit you find on music blogs. As we always do around this time, I felt like I needed to drop a special compilation, and tried to assemble a load of previously -unreleased/exclusive material, so on this project you'll find new shit from Brown Bag AllStars, Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Elucid, Scripts N Screwz, Pugs Atomz & DJ Vadim, The Two. Fifteens, Whygee, an exclusive remix of a J NiCS track from Numonics, two DJ Nappy refixes, Mario Dones, Rickie Jacobs with Artic, and plenty more tracks.

DOWNLOAD rockthedub.com presents FiF [mirror]

I also got a grip of tracks that didn't fit the 80 minute length I place on my compilations, so here's a batch of Bonus Beats featuring heat from JSWISS, Elucid, Deal - The Villain, E Dot Dizzy, SUICIDER, R.O.E., Triple J, Stealth, Kenny Kenny and others.

DOWNLOAD rockthedub.com presents FiF (Bonus Beats) [mirror]

That's a total of 34 tracks, for free. Not a number that's divided by five evenly... sue me. Big up to EVERY artist who sent me a track for this, or ever sent anything my way, as well as any head who has visited the site in the past five years. I do this for all of you. Shouts to my wife and my family for holding me down. I hope you enjoy this compilation, and help us celebrate our first five years. Thanks again!

EDIT I wanted to big up all of the blogs who've shown FiF love:

2 Dope Boyz | Passion of the Weiss | Knuckle Rumbler | Flawless Hustle | Audible Hype | Dot Got It | The Grind Daily | The Mad Bloggers | TRU | Boo Goo Doo Boom | Banana Clipse | Rickie Jacobs | Donwill | AWKWORD World View | Clap Cowards | Know The Ledge | YNotMyDream | Fly Definition | DEF!NITION OF FRESH | GYMRblog (if I missed your site, let me know!)

Thanks for your continued support. And big up to everyone sending well wishes to @khal via twitter! Loving the love! Share http://bit.ly/RTDFiF with your people. Appreciate that. Back to your regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.


Unknown said...

massive. congrats on outlasting the competition my nigga. love you homie.

ChynoD said...

Big ups for the 5 year anniversary Khal. You deserve it and so much more. Keep doin' you and stay funky fresh kid. Here's to at LEAST another 5 and beyond. Cheers, mate!

Trackstar the DJ said...

Congrats homie!

junMaf*ckn said...

Congrats Khal! Love How REAL You KEEP IT My Genius!