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Jelani "Paradise"

Jelani "Paradise" (prod. by Durkin): Jelani, I hate you – how you gonna blast this out and say some shit like “if a beautiful Saturday afternoon had a soundtrack, *this* would definitely be on that CD”? That sounds like some shit I’d say! Jelani said he fucks with music pon the regular (like, on some all day shit), and made this while thinking of the niggas he converses with on your Internets from the hours of 9AM to 5PM, where us unlucky fucks are usually chained to a desk, punching clocks and pushing pencils. An escape from planet Monday kind of thing. It definitely has that “I just got off work early on a sunny Friday afternoon, let me go drink and smoke this roach” vibe to it. That 3rd verse is the shit, too – when it’s just bangin’ drums and dude going ballistic with the flow? This is the stuff that makes quality Hip-Hop. Ride those horns, soldier.


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