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J.Good Look On The Brightside

I’ve been patiently waiting for this project to get released; judging by the leaks I’ve already posted, it’s a no brainer – this shit knocks. J.Good is a competent MC, who isn’t afraid to speak on whatever he’s got on his mind. I did have a concern: I didn’t want the quality of the features (with MCs like Von Pea, L.E.G.A.C.Y., TiRon, El Prez and others) to overshadow dude’s skill, or be “the reason niggas check for it”, and I’m proud to say homey holds his own. “Crazy Dreamin’”, is an open and honest knocker, and not the only opportunity Good gives you to step into his world. With beats from Nefarious, Jansport J and others, the sonic liquor cabinet is well stocked. It’s all wins, really – and with a day like today, where it’s all rainy/snowy and dreary, you need tapes like this to help you search for that sunshine.

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