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Whitefolkz "I’m A Dogg"

Whitefolkz "I’m A Dogg" (prod. by Benny Rome): In about a month’s time, Nu Revolution representer Whitefolkz will be dropping his Year Of The Dogg via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Revolt Radio, so why not start promoting that jammy? ‘Folkz is kind of like the party man of the crew – Words has a lot of raw lyricists in the crew (not to shit on Folkz at all), so it’s refreshing to hear Whitefolkz come in with some ish that’s easily digested and ready for club consumption. He’s been on the low bubbling – I think I first heard about his ish a couple of years ago, and he’s moving up and on. I kind of hope they drop a video to this track, it has the basis that a funny visual could help elevate, I think.


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