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Hodgy Beats "Mystery"

Hodgy Beats "Mystery" (prod. by Bambeeno): Thank you, Hodgy. Thank you for keeping your cool, being you and riding with this OFWGKTA ship. I feel like so many people get caught up with Tyler and Earl (for good reason), and assume (incorrectly) that all OF is “horrorcore”, as if they are spitting shit as terrifying as Brotha Lynch Hung or worse than Eminem Slim Shady (I don’t know if OF has done anything as disturbing, content-wise, as shit like “’97 Bonnie & Clyde”, FWIW). On this recently-leaked cut, Hodgy shows that OF is essentially just young niggas making quality music, not young niggas specifically trying to scare old niggas. Dude knows how to ride a beat and showcase his personality on any beat he touches, be it something dark and brooding or more flute-driven. No word on where this ends up, and really, who cares? You got it. Wolf Gang. Free Earl.


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