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St. Joe Louis "Show For It"

St. Joe Louis "Show For It": It's been a minute since we helped released 30,000 Feet High And Rising, and since then I've been trying to get tracks for the RTD digital imprint sorted out. I finally got a release date for SJL's "Good Morning" / "30,000" single (April 19th), but oddly enough, I'm NOT here to expound on that. This trio has been working on their next project, Basquiat Boyz, and I have a feeling I'll feel better about them using my favorite artist's name instead of niggas like Swizz. Even odder is this track isn't even on that release! Just something their recorded over this previous weekend, and on a more methodical, brooding tip. Also a motto for them in 2011 - niggas don't have time to hop on EVERYTHING, but at least have something to show for the time you do have. Be on the lookout for a split EP with Brokn.Englsh, produced by Jr and Ph7, as well as (hopefully) more projects from these EA representers. Jersey STAYS active.


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