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Camp Lo "80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake Freestyle)"

Camp Lo "80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake Freestyle)": Respect to Trackstar for using a Rosenberg/Pete Rock conversation as the intro to the intro of the forthcoming 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s mixtape, which is due out next week, I believe. And props to dude for being such a Camp Lo fan – I remember being heavy into their album when I really started understanding flows. They were never the deepest MCs, but they had their characters and flows on point, and really did some fly shit… that ultimately got slept-on. Nothing like a Pete Rock collabo album to get people recognizing your chi – even if they’re 80 blocks from reality in their claims. We know what Sonny and Geechi been doing. Serve chilled.

80 Blocks Intro (For Pete's Sake freestyle) by djtrackstar

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