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Whiz Kid & TSB "Lace Em Up (Chuck Taylors)"

Whiz Kid & TSB "Lace Em Up (Chuck Taylors)": I used to rock Converse back in the day (when I was like seven), and love the kicks, but I don’t think my grown-up style affords me the ability to rock them. I’d like to fuck with them and khakis on the reg, but I don’t rock khakis on the reg, and I’m not sure if I’m trying to rearrange my style for a pair of kicks. I might have to, b/c I fuck with their look the way Whiz and TSB do in this tribute track. Bouncy horn-driven beat opens these cats up about how they rock their Chucks. Need to open the closet door on a Saturday to this, trying to decide how you’re properly going to lay them jeans atop the Chucks.


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