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MellowHype ft. Casey Veggies "LESS"

MellowHype ft. Casey Veggies "LESS": A lot of shit isn't known about this track - it's leaked as a MellowHype tune, but Pitchfork says it's a Hodgy solo track. Outside of it will be on the re-release of BlackenedWhite, this is fresh. White blazer rap; picture OFWGKTA doing a parody on some kind of spy flick, you could see these niggas really camping it up on the espionage tip. I'm hoping this is a Left Brain production, as I think dude's a great producer who needs some more love. Not that OF really needs more press - them niggas are on a run that seemed unimaginable this time last year. In any case, this is a different flavor for the crew, and something nice to rock to on a mellow afternoon.

MellowHype - LESS (Feat. Casey Veggies) by The Up-Turn

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