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Cymarshall Law "Cymar Fades Em All"

Cymarshall Law "Cymar Fades Em All": While Camp Lo and Pete Rock have their own collaborative effort(s) dropping on that ass this year, it looks like Jersey’s own Cymarshall is cooking up his Pete Rock Tribute Mix CD, Hip Hop In The Soul Brother #1, and this freestyle over the remix of Jamal’s “Fades Em All” (which in itself is a classic block banger) is a great intro to Cymar’s project, which is due out in April. Aside from this, check for Cy’s “Zion Land” video to drop next week (that joint was filmed in France, should be a fly one), as well as a new Everliven Sound LP, which is produced by a bunch of Dutch cats, as well as a new Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker project, Hip Hop In The Soul 2! This dude doesn’t sleep, apparently.


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