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The Woodside Boys "I'm The Best"

The Woodside Boys "I'm The Best": Here's a treat that I've been waiting to drop. Ever since CM Punk dropped the best promo on RAW, I'd been wondering when someone was going to take Punk's fourth wall breaking and apply it to the Hip-Hop game. Oddly enough, I got sent this track from the Woodside Boys (aka PreZZure and Lyle Horowitz) a few weeks back, and was floored. I know they are working on a project that rockthedub will be dropping on Halloween 2011, but wasn't expecting this one at all. The fact that cats get it, and applied Punk's darts to their position within the game? And hit with the same bite as Punk did? Amazing. PreZZ rides that plodding riddim from Lyle perfectly. I know, the Woodside Boys project isn't dropping for a few weeks, but with Punk winning at Money In The Bank, and that awesome new t-shirt dropping, I HAD to make sure this one dropped before the big main event at Summerslam this Sunday. I'm rooting for Punk - not just because he's the "voice of the voiceless", but because he truly is the Best In The World right now.


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