Saturday, May 27, 2006

the shuffle. [5/27/06]

Memorial Day Weekend, bitches. What's really good? Wanna send a shout-out to my boy Russell over there reppin' NJ over in Cali right now. I hope you taking it easy out there on Crenshaw, nigga.

Wanna shout out to these cats online who type real tough. That shit amuses me... "lemme know where you at so I can bitchslap you". Pure jokes.

Anyone grilling this weekend? I'm putting chicken on that bad boy twice -- legs tomorrow, and breasts on Monday. Might have the in-laws in, which will be nice because their pet dog would come and tear up the yard. Quality.

My baby boy is moving strong.
Check out these new ultrasound pictures. He's a litte over a pound right now, and 13 inches long. THAT'S what it's all about. The funny thing about this is, this is the closest we get to fully realizing how close to animals we as humans really are. We have our opposable thumbs and our forward-thinking brains, but we are on some primal shit when it comes to procreation. I tell wifey all the time, this is the most beautifullest thing anyone can experience or be invovled with. I love her, and I love our girls, and I love Jayden.

OK that's the end of the mushy stuff, you guys want some new news, right? Holla.

1> RIP Desimal. DnB has lost a true individual sound. Peep
this post of mine detailing his music and a gang of tribute mixes. And spin his tunes when you can, DJs.

2> Beanie Sigel
got shot out on his block in Philly. I seen the shit on TV, it's pure comedy. He's in the back of his whip like "I got shot. I'm OK", and then proceeds to pull down his sleeve like "You wanna see?" Beans is a trooper; he apparently laid it out on the mic right afterwards. He says he got shot while being robbed by like 5 dudes. Damn shame, B Mac. Maybe he needs to move out the hood?

3> AOL is on the verge of starting up
it's own Myspace. Why? Who knows. If someone is already on Myspace, why jump over to this nonsense. Honestly, the only reason to fuck with AOL these days is b/c of AIM, which I use faithfully.

4> My favorite dead LOST actress, Michelle Rodriguez, got
sentenced more jail time. Homegirl needs to quit the booze & cruise on the real. Hold your head, though, Michelle.

5> Speaking of LOST, word is that Ubisoft has got plans to create a videogame based on the hit TV show. There's also word that Todd McFarlane is planning on creating
LOST action figures. Say word.

6> This Jewish guy on
Slate is Blogging the Bible. If you know the Bible like I do, you will find it interesting. I went to a christian school from K through 6th grade, so I had to know the Bible pretty thoroughly, but as an adult I look at it through a different set of eyes, so this is just a big shift in what I thought I knew and what I am now realizing. Check it out.

7> 50 Cent
won a songwriting award. Why? WTF good is an ASCAP award for a guy who can write hooks? He should get the "earned mad money raping Hip-Hop" award.

8> Apparently, the LA Courts are saying that Biggie's lawyers
decieved the court, and are holding onto that settlement. Kind of fucked up, over some dumb shit. I mean, this case is fucking important, not just to Biggie's family, but to the fucking corruption of the LAPD and their RAMPART division. I'll keep you up to date when I hear more about this.

9> Cam
debuted at #2 with Killa Season. Surprising... I guess the Dipset fans came out in droves to support ya boy. Nappy, we'll see if I win that bet or not. If I do, I'll settle for a 6er of Heineken.

10> Sony is proving to get dumber with their success. They want to make it so their PS3 consumers
cannot sell their used games to video game shops for credit to purchase NEW GAMES!??!?! Apparently this hurts their bottom line. Do people NOT buy their game systems? They pretty much own the competition. What's going on? I won't be buying one until the price goes down... in like 4 years.

11> It's funny when old schoolers sue rappers and producers for sampling seconds of audio. How you gonna sue someone for saying 2 words in a chorus? Ask Kanye & Luda. They
getting sued for some nigga's claim of them using the words "like that" in "Stand Up". Huh? Can I sue someone for some money? That nigga said "Yo"... I say "Yo" all the time, yo! Where the paper at?!?!

12> Italians are on some shit. First they put sauce on the Asians spaghetti, now
this. That's right, an atheist is suing the Vatican, trying to get proof that Jesus exists. It's funny, and kind of been a long time coming, but what's next? I doubt he will win, but stranger shit has happened.

13> Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka P. Diddy, aka Diddy, aka That Music Mogul Who Dicks Over His Artists, is planning on
a new MTV show. This time, it looks like he is going to rival Fox and ABC's popular "dance" shows. Speaking of with, Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?" premiered the other day, and that shit was comedy. The Jew Boy smacked his face on the floor AND KEPT ON DANCING! How quality was that? Anyways, speaking of Diddy's MTV shows, peep how Dylan is trying to make amends with his former boss.

14> Ya boy DMX is off the meatrack. Oh I'm sorry,
The Dog. Yup, he's trying to change his name in time for his new album to come out. Why? Crack has gotten to him something fierce. I hope his new album is good, or he will be out of the loop forreal. Can't wait for that BET reality show, X!

15> What's good with the Miami Heat's 2006 NBA Playoff home games? Did they send a memo to the fans that there will only be white tees worn at these playoff games? I didn't watch too many Heat games this year, so I don't know if this is a NEW phenomenon, but it looks great on TV! [shouts to Nappy for the inspiration!] PS: I still say the Pistons will win it all this year...

16> No news here, but I've been digging this YouTube site and want to make it a staple of what I do in these shuffles... here is my find of the week on You Tube:

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday, May 26th 2006 playlist

Greetings my people, welcome to this Memorial Day weekend 2006. Most of us are off on Monday, so there needs to be smoe music to accompany that time of drunken BBQ fun right? I thought so.

Before you go "huh?!" at my DnB playlist, I will let you know that I've been on a "let's not listen to new DnB" kick right now. Not because I dislike it, but I like to travel back a mite every now and again. It's actually because of a new Danny Byrd tune that sounds like a Q-Project tune. Made me start traveling. I do have some newness in there though. And RIP to Desimal, he's in there too, for good measure. Also, if you're looking for a calm, wine and spliff style mix, check out mister ESB's Patio Sessions vol. 3, spanning cuts from 1993 to 1997. Choice selection, as per usual. Let's get to it.

Drum & Bass:

1> Q-Project "Greatest Thing" [c.i.a.] [grimey, beautifullu big bass, choice d-floor appeal]

2> Dillinja "'96 Thing" [valve] [finally, this one drops! odd sounds on the bass, but its an instant rewind!]

3> Desimal "Earthling" [armada?] [RIP, standard. it's all about the heightened intensity on that 2nd drop...]

4> Alex Perez ft. Specific "Drive By" [progress] [finally out in shops. big up Neil each and every. very moody tune, loving this flavor. it straddles a few styles of DnB.]

5> Verse "The Glimmer" [crunch] [its good to know he can make some real solid tracks dolo.]

6> Photek "Infinity" [science] [circa 2000, mr. TEKDBZ comes with a solid roller. really the bridge between what he did back then with the drums and the sounds he's producing now.]

7> Desimal "Fallen Man" [barcode] [part of the Desimal Project EP -- this is part 2, and it's runnin'. just came out, pick it up!]

8> Bad Company "Brainscan" [bad company] [perfect mid-day rinser. lightas inside!]

9> Total Science "Never Had A Dream" [c.i.a.] [this CD is dope, varying styles, but this tune is all liquid DnB with a hot horn sample to boot.]

10> Krust "Belief System" [full cycle] [Krust is back to his classic form -- sort of. very light, with tasty drum edits to boot. sounds like old Krust in a new filter. peep it.]

Another non-Hip-Hop week, surprisingly. Can't tell you what that's all about. Been too busy to worry about that stuff? Who knows...

Enjoy the weekend.

RIP Desimal

I hope this is not premature or false, but I have had this on my mind ever since I found the shocking news.

Few artists styles could truly be considered "unique", but Desimal was that artist. In terms of DnB, his sound was unparalleled, I mean the talent just oozed out of the tracks. I first heard of him through Cyanide, when he was trying to get Armada off the ground. He played "Earthling" for me, and the fucking SOUND was just new. It was a breath of fresh air to a sometimes stale genre, so new that we toyed with the term "biofunk" to describe it. Desimal has had a lot of solid work released, but Earthling seems to be the watermark for me. "Arcana" is another gem, as is his latest 12" out on Barcode, the Desimal Project EP Pt. 2.

It's tough when our scene loses a producer, especially one who has not reached his full potential as of yet. My condolences to his family, and please, pay homage to this great producer sometime over this holiday weekend, as it is only fitting that he passed so close to Memorial Day.

Desimal, your sound will live on. I didn't know you, but I feel like we've met.

For a catalog of his releases, check out rolldabeats. You can find "Earthling" in this mix, which highlights a gang of Canadian DnB. Also found some old DOA thread shouting praise.

EDIT: I was just on DOA, and found a gang of old Desimal tracks that he asked be posted online for free. They are all in 320kbps mp3 sound, so optimum quality. RIP to one of the true unsung heroes of this shit.

"Sun Signal (v.2)"
"Sun Signal (v.1)"
"The Guardian"

Big up to Us Crew for hosting.

EDIT: DOA moderator double J posted up a sample pack of Desimal sounds that he uses, for all the producing Dogs and crew. Also, check out a picture of Desimal. He is on the left, holding the CD.

EDIT: Shouts out to I.N.I., who not only does ill design for webpages, but he has some shit hot mixes, whether it be DnB or downtempo. He has compiled a Desimal Tribute Mix which can be downloaded here (or here) (and here). Check out the tracklisting, taken from the RIP Desimal DOA thread:

desimal - afterlife
desimal - arcana
desimal - voidwalkers
desimal - circle of nine 2005 (tease)
desimal - voidwalkers
desimal - hyperboria
desimal - promist
desimal - mantra
desimal - sundecay
desimal - continuum
desimal - earthling
desimal - zero searcher (sundecay pt2)
desimal - promist 2005
desimal - sunsignal pt2

Nuff respect to DNBNation for hosting. Shouts to kapsil and elevenfifty5 for the mirror.

EDIT: ANOTHER tribute mix, this time from the one like rusher of The Repercussion Crew. He has had dialogues with Desimal, in terms of collabing on tunes and what not. This mix looks superb, and can be found here. Peep the tracklisting:

01. Desimal - Fallen Man
02. Desimal - Earthling
03. Desimal - Zero Searcher
04. Desimal - Voidwalkers
05. Desimal - Sun Destroyer
06. Desimal - Hyperboria
07. Desimal - Mantra
08. Desimal - Circle of Nine
09. Desimal - Continuum
10. Desimal - The Guardian
11. Desimal - The Promist
12. Desimal - After Life

As per usual, shouts to Rusher for making this happen. If you guys have any other mixes/interviews/pics/links/etc about or made by Desimal, scream at me, and I'll post them up here. I want to load this particular post with tons of Desimal. One.

EDIT: Desimal was not just a producer, he also drew. Check out this webpage full of his fantasy/scifi drawings.

EDIT: I just saw a note up on DJ that has a note from Desimal's brother up there. Apparently, Desimal had a series of mental health issues that he battled for some time. It just puts things into perspective, the essence of some of his tracks and such. This shit hits everyone. If you need more information on mental health, check out this link.

EDIT: Just found a link to Desimal's obituary. I had no idea he had a lil son! I hope his mother let's him know how many people were truly affected by his music. Rest in peace.

EDIT: Here's another link to MP3s of Desimal's DnB work, as well as some more examples of his experimental side, under the name Epidose. Just a small snippet of the whole man. Raise your lighters high.

EDIT: I just saw on the RIP Desimal thread on DOA that his friends and family have set up a new website dedicated to Graham's life. Check it out.

EDIT: Here's a mix of Desimal's that is making the rounds. I have no tracklisting, but it's entitled the "Ambientdub Mix", so that should give you an idea of the sounds coming from it. Solid shit, too. No nonsense. Big ups to sacha @ DOA for re-sticking that RIP Desimal thread.

Shouts to practial for the kick-ass banner(s) he made for me. Check it out:

I really appreciate that, kid. If you guys want, you can dload it and link it in forums/blogs/sites across the globe. Spread the word so we can make sure Desimal's voice is heard.

EDIT: sr!x has his views posted up on his blog. For those who don't know, he's affiliated with DNBNation, who hosted that INI mix, as well as an interview with Desimal. Good to hear more personal accounts with people who interacted with Desimal.

EDIT: There is a new memorial MySpace page up, spreading love and respect for Desimal throughout the MySpace community. Check it out HERE. I have no idea who is behind this, but respect to them.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

LOST, Season 2: "Live Together, Die Alone" [hash]

This recap is not happening. Not to say I can't do it, but it's hard enough writing a recap for an hour show -- try a TWO HOUR SHOW!

I had something in it's infant stages, but either it is not coming together or I am just not going to get it done. If you are looking for some finale recaps, check out these links.

We learned a shitload about Mr. Desmond, from going from the dishonorably discharged Scotland Yard man to the guy who was dating Charles Widmore's daughter Penny to getting a boat from Libby (isn't she dead? how much more are we going to learn about her) to getting stranded on this island. We are introduced (finally) to KELVIN, the guy who taught Desmond everything he knows about the hatch.

Kelvin looks very similar to Joe Inman, who was the guy who made Sayid torture his boys back in the Gulf War and let him go. Not sure if they are one in the same, but who knows. He taught Desmond the tricks of the trade, and even worked it so the hatch doors would come down so he could continue drawing the map that Locke saw on the blast door --- in bleach. He also taught Desmond about the failsafe key that ultimately saved(?) the island from destruction --- but at what cost? I mean there was that noise, and the coloring of the sky, but did Desmond die? What about Eko or Locke? They were right in the computer room --- my other big question is, now that a) the computer is broken (thanks, Locke), and b) the "electromagnetic anomaly" is not there, is the Swan necessary? This is a BIG part of the mythology, and at the end we see some Brazilian (Portuguese?) guys in "The Listening Station" who got a message on a screen, and rang Penny Widmore about the situation down there.

On to Walt and Michael. So unHenry seems to be the leader. He is a man of his word, and let Michael ride off in the boat with Walt. He told him to follow bearing 325, and he'd be out of there. I know I don't believe that. And is it just me, or did anyone else notice Walt acting a bit, well, odd? I mean neph was hiding out under a piece of the inside of the boat for chrissakes! He also didn't ask about Vincent, which I had pointed out to me and thought was kind of odd. He seemed happy to see Michael, but I don't believe that it will last long. Plus, I don't think they will get off the island --- either they are going to get lost and not make it out, or Michael's guilt will eat away at him.

Our hero, Jack, is in captivity with Kate and Sawyer, on to "go home" with the Others, or as Kelvin calls them, the "Hostiles". I don't know if this makes them "good", whatever that means, but the Others seem to have an interest in them. Did they NOT have an interest in Hurley? Miss Klugh, now known as Dee, told him that he was free to go back to the camp, but he had to tell them not to come out there. WTF is that all about? Is he "bad"? And why did the Others seem to be pissed off when the anomaly blew up. And when the deal went down, they kind of just went back to regular bidness.

There's a load of stuff going on here. Charlie ended up getting his kiss from Claire by acting like he didn't know wtf was going on there. Odd, but he is putting the mack thing down. When asked about Locke and Eko, he was like "they aren't back yet?", which makes you wonder --- did those 2 survive, and if so, did Desmond survive?

Other questions to ponder:
  • What happened to Sayid, Jin and Sun? Did they really light that black smoke signal fire or were they compromised?
  • What were those Portuguese guys doing out in the frigid temps?
  • Who was really being watched/tested: The Pearl guys or the Swan guys?
  • Is Kelvin really dead? He smacked his head on the back of that rock, but Desmond took off mad quick and didn't seem like he was ready to check properly for vital signs?
  • Where'd all that Dharma alcohol come from?
  • Did the Swan really bring down Oceanic 815? That's what it seems but a nig never knows...
  • Why does one of the Portugese guys look like Jack?

There are tons of things going on with this show, but that's why I love it. I'll post up the link to the post-finale podcast when it is available. I guess most of my LOST obsession will be fed by the ARG.

Speaking of the ARG, did you guys check out the Hanso Foundation's Hugh McIntyre give an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Wednesday? Strange stuff... this ARG is getting to be BIG! The latest Hanso commercial had a link to Hanso Careers, which is like a sort of Monster-esque job search. No big clues as of yet, but the canon is just too deep.

I hope you guys dug my hashing of the finale. I dug it, and it made things a bit easier than writing this big dialogue on the show. Keep it locked for more in the very near future.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jayden soon come...

So I've got a baby boy on the way. The doctor says Sept. 10th is the due date, but Wifey is sure he will drop sometime in August.

It's fun to think about how much of a personality he has in the womb, already. He hates confinement... anything that is on her tummy, from her waistband to a glass is being kicked and punched out of the way, like he's some prenatal Bruce Lee. Yet, when you put your hands there to feel his movements, it's like he hides from the hands.

We haven't played him music as of yet, but I saw on a
National Geographic documentary that they can only really register bass, so while I won't be making him rock to the Drum & Bass sound [YET], things like Dancehall and Reggae will definitely be taken advantage of. I sit and wonder what type of music he will like -- it's never as easy as "what your parents like", because I got heavy into Aphex Twin and they had me rocking to Marvin Gaye and the Isleys.

I think about how amazing he will grow up to be, and I hope that he amounts to being more than I am. I mean I'm OK but I can be a lot better --- there's some shit I need to fix about me and I don't want him to think I'm some schmuck on wheels.

I just want to do right by him, and my daughters. I'm always wanting to do right by them. I just don't want to fuck up, b/c no matter how off track I may be in my own head, I will be DAMNED if they don't succeed.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


If you guys are not up on Mary Anne Hobbs and her Breezeblock Show on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, here's the skinny: she has a choice selection of DJs come through and drop mini mixes on the masses. Varying styles, from Hip-Hop to Dubstep to DnB get rinsed by some of the scene's hottest selectors, but this new show is going to take it back. She posted up on Dogs On Acid the following selection:


Bank Holiday Monday 29th Breezeblock BBC Radio
100 per cent old skool 20 minute back-2-back sets from the masterz... as nominated by you..

Doc Scott
Bizzy B
Congo Natty's Spikey

get the kegz in and invite yr whole street over for a party.. ;)m/a.. x

Looks slick, right? I mean I voted for Remarc and Bizzy B... surprised that Photek is doing it, b/c he is more new school style production now, so that should be VERY interesting. Doc Scott is gonna pull a hot set, but the one to not sleep on will be Randall's. Daddy Randall, the turntable vandal... he is a top spinner, and his selection is gonna be a journey. Spikey should do the damn thing too. I hope someone is recording these sets! MP3's should be out late next week --- I hope!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

J Dilla Tribute Show in Philly TONIGHT!

I won't be there, I'm a family guy, but the show looks like it will be slick, esp. with Monie Love hosting. Check it out:

For more info on the J Dilla Foundation, check out this website.

The Sopranos, Season 6: "Cold Stones" [recap]

The Sopranos is known for packing a lot into an hour, and this episode was one of the meatier ones of this season. It started off right in the midst of Tony walking in on an argument between Carm and AJ. AJ apparently got fired 3 weeks ago for selling promo items from Blockbuster. While he tried to defend his acts as him caring for the environment, Tone let him know that even "Rhesus monkeys" work at those stores. When T and Carm walk out of the living room, AJ punkishly flips them off. Lil' bitch.

With that on her mind, Carm can't sleep. T tries and fails to get her calm so he can rest his bones, but out of nowhere Meadow walks in, announcing that she is off to California, chasing punk ass Finn. She says she is going to get an internship studying medicine for her med. school apps, but Carm suspects she's just there for Finn. She even questioned their relationship turmoil, to which Meadow acted like that was new info to her. Meadow further stunned them by saying that she doesn't even know if she'd make it home for Christmas. The fuck?! With this on her mind, Carm decides the next day that she wants to take that trip to Paris she won. Tony is at first not feeling that arrangement, but after her talking about the year she's had, T says she should go, so Rosalie and Carm are Frenchie bound.

In France, Carm has some deep thoughts and good times. They eat in the best restaurants, Ro flirts with some young French dude, they shop out, and even see the sights. It's been noted that during a lot of the scenes, Carm is fond of a bunch of pieces referencing the Virgin Mary and other things of that ilk, which cause her to contemplate a "who am I?" school of thought. They visit a church, and Carm noticed that Ro lit 2 candles, seemingly for Jackie Sr. and Jackie Jr. When she tries to speak about this with Ro at dinner one night, Ro becomes upset, asking why she brought New Jersey to France. Ro opened up a bit, but was visibly disgusted. Carm apologized, but the thoughts were still on her mind. She had a telling dream featuring Adrianna and the rat-dog that Christopher sat on. She’s talking to Carm in the dream, when some dude comes up behind her and says something like "someone needs to tell your friend that she's dead". Deep shit, no? I still suspect that Carm is either going to investigate what happened to Ade or that shit is going to come to surface... whichever way, someone will have to pay for that.

Tony, who couldn't make the trip, had other things on his mind. Early on, Phil gives him some bad news: he can't keep up a 5 no-show job deal they worked out. Tony realizes that Phil is power tripping while Johnny is "folding laundry in Danbury", and is disgusted. To add fuel to the flame, Vito confronts Tony while he's reading a paper in the mall! When Tony is startled to see Vito, Vito immediately is like "my brother is over there", which is just a dick move. You'd really think T would clip Vito in the middle of that crowded mall? Anyways, Vito first tries to lie: he says that he was not gay, it was his fucking blood medication (??!?!?!), leading to this funny ass exchange:

Vito: "If you want proof, I can probably get a letter from my doctor."

Tony: "A note from your doctor sayin' you don't like to suck cock?"

In any case, Vito then suggests a $$$ fronting to Tony in exchange for a piece of the action. He wants to run a thing down in AC: drugs, girls, whatever, with a cut going to Tony. T thinks if over, and when he vocalizes the situation to the guys @ The Bing, they reject the offer cold. Tough break.

In one sad scene, Vito is eating a meal with his kids, lying to them about him being in the CIA or some shit. They believe him, thinking he is on secret missions, promising not to tell. Damn shame. He also calls Johnnycakes, who let's him know that he is very fucked up and doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

Tony realizes later that Vito has to go. He has to do it to make right with Phil -- this whole season he's been satisfying Phil, like that fuck really cares about him. He doesn't iron out plans, but he makes it clear to Sil that the plan should be put into motion soon. Later, T eyes a girl at the Bing and gives her a ride home... with her head in his lap. I thought he was panic attacking but no, that was just an orgasm. After dropping her off, he gets a call from Vito, wanting to set up a meeting. Too little, too late...

Vito catches it from two of Phil's goons, a guy named Dom and another guy. They smack him with a pipe when he comes back to his motel room. Phil (literally) then comes out of the closet to finish the job of murking Vito who (figuratively) came out of the closet. Before they beat Vito to death, he tells him that he is a "fucking disgrace".

Bobby Bacala brings the bad news to T and the crew @ the Bing (Vito even had a cue stick shoved up his ass when he was found), and T plays it off like its no thing. In private, he confides in Silvio that this does not look good @ all. Phil is showing that he doesn't give a fuck about what he does anymore. Sil asks if they should murk one of the NY boys, but T shoots that down. They don't want a war; he says they should hit him in his wallet, b/c that's all Phil really cares about anyways. Smart move... fucked up it didn't go that route.

The next day, Dom (one of the NY guys), Carlo and Silvio are at the Bing making food. Dom keeps coming with jokes about Vito ("You know the autopsy found a three ball in his side pocket"), which pissed both of them off -- so much that Carlo stabs Dom in the tummy! A few more stabs go, and fat ass Dom is dead on the table. T pulls up and wants to go in the Bing backroom, but Sil tries to play block at the door. Doesn't work. T sees this display and is disgusted. He says no words, just turns around and walks out, with Sil screaming behind him "you didn't see nothing!" ... can it really be that simple? Are we really ready for a 7 years war? Is it really necessary?

After this fucked up day, T comes home to see AJ on the couch playing video games. He had expressed earlier in the episode, to Melfi, that he actually hates AJ, wanted to fuck him up while seeing him in a "chit-chat room" online in his undies, laughing like an idiot. He then says he couldn't hit him if he wanted to, due to his size, which he says he got from Carm's side. Melfi points out that his hatred for that is due to the fact that AJ was raised the way he wasn't. T got his shit pushed in on the regular, by his pops, and Carm protected AJ, for good or ill. When Tony sees AJ at the couch, he’s ready to talk to him. He takes him in the garage and lets him know he has a job lined up for him: construction at 7am. In the winter. AJ thinks it’s all bullshit, and tries to brush it off. Tony gets pissed, telling him he’s going to start losing his shit 1 by 1. AJ tries to be cool, but then Tony bashes AJ’s windshield with a helmet. Sure enough, AJ is up and ready for the cold work life. We’ll see if this keeps up.

Vito's death made the paper, and not only did the photographer from the "Fit Club" we saw Vito pose for in the season premiere, but his fucking KIDS see it. His daughter is confused, but his boy knows what it is. He knows that his pops lied, and now knows that he was a homo. How fucking tough is that?!

The Sopranos is going on hiatus for another week, so it’s looking like we’ll have to wait for next month for the finale. I’m psyched. So psyched.

I won’t comment on the preview now; I’ll save that for when the new episode is in queue.

RIP Vito, you fat lying bastard.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

LOST, Season 3: NO RERUNS!

this taken from Yahoo! Small Business:

May 17, 2006 -- 3:52 PM PDT

When "Lost" returns on the ABC schedule this fall, producers say they'll no longer use reruns to fill in the gaps while they film new episodes of the Hawaii-based series.
ABC executives told reporters in New York on Tuesday that fans of the mega-hit series made it clear that they're tired of the constant string of reruns that have disrupted the flow of "Lost" this season.
Steve McPherson, president of ABC's prime-time entertainment, told the Los Angeles Times that "Lost" will run with seven new episodes in its Wednesday timeslot this fall, then go on hiatus until January or February, when it will return with new episodes until May.
"Lost," which premiered in 2004, is filmed entirely on location on Oahu at a cost estimated at between $1.5 million and $2 million per episode, a large chunk of the state's $100-million film and TV industry.
The series employs an estimated 200 people fulltime and parttime in Hawaii.

Can I get a word up? Maybe all of the LOST fans who bitch/moan about the reruns (which can be annoying, but with a show this good, I'd wait all year -- hell, I do it for The Sopranos AND The Wire!) will be happier. I had heard that they'd either do something like 24 does, where it just starts its season late, in January, or what they did now, which is the same thing Prison Break does. Big up to ABC and the producers of LOST.