LOST, Season 2: "Two For The Road" [recap]

Each and every article I've read about this episode talks about the last five minutes of the show. They were shocking, although kind of predictable (wifey sounded like she was seeing the future before each movement). In this first of many recaps, we'll delve into that, and try to point out some other things in this episode.

Now, this was mainly an Ana-Lucia part. The flashbacks were all about her; she started out a week after the shooting that took place many moons ago, when she murdered the guy who popped off on her. Her mother told her that she suspected Ana-Lucia of the murder, and that if she was on the force, she should cooperate. Ana-Lucia decided to quit, and became a security guard at an airport. She ended up meeting Jack's father in an airport bar (kind of like how she met Jack), and they talked over a few drinks. "Tom" (this is the name she gave him, for he didn't want them to know each other's real names) asked Ana-Lucia to travel to Sydney with him, as her "protection". Apparently, they spent 4 days not together, drinking. One night, he knocks on her door and informs her that, basically, "it's on". They travel out in a stormy night and confront an Australian-sounding woman, who is very irate. "Tom" is screaming about wanting to see his daughter, and the whole scene had an eerie feel to it; the main assumption is that his daughter is Claire, one of the survivors of Oceanic 815... who knows. In any case, she drags him from that encounter, and they end up driving until daybreak. They end up stopping outside of a bar, where a weird cross appears... "Tom" opens the door and nearly knocks Sawyer down! Funny, b/c Ana-Lucia just kind of waves Sawyer off. In any case, "Tom" and Ana-Lucia depart, with "Tom" running into the bar and Ana-Lucia apparently decided to leave. Towards the end, the last flashback sequence shows the scene from Season 1, where Jack is pleading with the lady @ the airport to get his accomodations (his father's coffin, etc) right, so he can get this over with, and Ana-Lucia is further back in line, and calls her mom on some "I'm sorry, I want to come home" stuff. Moms takes the flight #, and that's where the flashbacks end...

Alright, now Ana-Lucia also had a bunch of big things going on during the show. It started off with "Henry Gale" berating her for being bad, for killing Goodwin and generally being an un-nice person. They bantered back and forth, and he ended up almost choking her out, until Locke came behind and whacked him with his cane. Later on, Ana-Lucia decides she needs a gat, and bugs Sawyer for one... he was none to pleased with it, and shooed her away like she was a little kid. She came back, and wanted to take it by force... but ended up forcing Sawyer to enjoy a sexy romp in the woods. I had heard a rumor that was going down, but not in what context. In any case, she makes him swear secrecy, all the while stealing his piece...

Back in the hatch, Locke asked Henry why he didn't kill him when his leg was trapped under the blast door. Henry went into the now-infamous "Other" talk, about Locke being a good one, and even going as far as to say that when he got trapped by Rousseau, he was actually ON HIS WAY to recruit Locke, or so it seemed. That confused Locke even more [which seems to be his M.O. these days], but it further proved the kind of slickster Henry really is. The sad part is, later on, Jack notices the scratch on Ana-Lucia's forehead, and Locke makes up a lie about her nicking her head on the sink. This proved to be costly later on...

On the island, Hurley had some hilarious comments, referencing Say Anything, all the while trying to score some points with a picnic for Libby. He bumbles it, though: he gets lost trying to take her to the beach that Saayid took Shannon to, he doesn't bring any blankets, he just didn't think the whole thing through. We see him last letting Libby go grab some blankets while he goes to secure some wine from Bernard and Rose...

The very first scene saw Jack and Kate tending to a very disoriented Michael, who has been off God knows where for the majority of this season. They carry him back to the hatch, awaiting him to regain some consciousness. Once he does, he spins this wild tale about the Others. He says there was about 22 of them: no sign of kids. He says that half of the Others are female, and they live in huts and teepees, with no shoes. He did say there's 2 gats held by 2 guards outside of a hatch, which we all suspect is where the children are being held. Now, this automatically pushes Jack over the edge, and he is ready to collect the gats from Sawyer, so he could take a war to the Others. Only, Sawyer isn't up for it. Sawyer reaches for the gat that Ana-Lucia has, and when they put 2 and 2 together, they realize Ana-Lucia had an ulterior motive for grabbing that gun.. to kill Henry Gale! This is when Locke decides to chime in about the days events...

Back in the hatch, Ana-Lucia and Michael chat a bit, and she says she was going to murk Henry, but couldn't do it. Couldn't pull the trigger [she isn't as cold as we think, eh?]... Michael offers to do it though, as a source of revenge, apparently. Some say this was her plan all along, but I genuinely thought she was being sincere. She was probably tired of all of the killings. Anyways, Michael gets the combination from Ana-Lucia for the vault, and makes like he is going to open the vault, but he suddenly pulls his gun on Ana-Lucia. He utters a quick "Sorry"... then BLAMM!! He unloads on homegirl with the quickness. You see the blood, for he hits her right in the chest. In an instant, Libby steps into the picture [holding blankets], and Michael instinctly squeezes off 2 more shots. We see Libby on the floor... but oddly enough, no real bullet holes or blood. Hmm... Michael then opens the vault door, stares at Henry Gale, and points the gun at himself. He squeezes a round off, and then it goes black.

That last 5 minutes was a killer, no?

In the preview, we see a few things:

  • Eko and Charlie pushing the plane for some odd reason... and a shot of Eko falling off a cliff?!!?
  • Michael with his arm in a sling, seemingly in the vault or in a cell.
  • A shot of Ana-Lucia laying down, with her arm being placed over her chest.
  • And some other actions shots I cannot think of right now [lol].

That was an intense episode, but again, some of that shite was predictable. I mean, you just KNEW Ana-Lucia and Sawyer were going to get it on, just from the way he was holding her hip. And Michael squeezing off on Ana-Lucia and Libby... it was surprising, but my wife picked it right out. Sounds like that whole thing was planned from the get-go, though... peep 1 and 2.

The other big thing with this episode was the "Hanso Foundation" commerical that came on. Wifey didn't see that one at first... she didn't notice it. In the left hand corner, though, it had a "paid by ABC TV" type text there. Sneaky. It was the first piece of the LOST Experience ARG game. The phone number *1-877-HANSORG* flashed up at the end. Sneaky, sneaky! I haven't delved deep enough into this game, but I will this weekend... hopefully.

All in all, another stunning episode, a nice way to kick off a month full of NEW EPISODES!

Keep your eyes/ears peeled for new developments.

Here's a dope website for you to visit: The LOST Notebook.

As always, namaste, bitches!

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