Sunday YouTube Madness: Turntablist Edition

Yes, I'm kind of new to this whole YouTube thing, but I cannot help it. I've been on the hunt for Hip-Hop/Turntablism/DJ shit. Let's see some of my spoils:

#1 - DJ Cash Money (shouts to Philly) doing a quick Dr. Dre routine. All I gotta say is "HOLD UP!":

#2: DJ Craze doing what he does best. I'm glad I got to see him live before he turned into this big DnB phenom. His Hip-Hop sets are still my favorite.

#3: Lord Finesse and Roc Raida at a live show. Finesse actually pulls a decent lil routine, but Raida shits all over the comp. Was there any doubt?

#4: One of my fav DJs of all time: Rob Swift. He cuts up some classic Public Enemy. Watch how he entrances the dudes in the room. Kind of short but whatever.

#5: Another one of my fav DJs, Shortkut, hitting the beat juggle like no other. Shouts to the classic ISP fam, as well as the Beat Junkies.

#6: The true tests, shown on many a Skratch Pikl mixtape, is the freestyle sessions. That's where the best work with the best, and to me is the true essence of this turntablism shit. Check out DJ Babu, A-Trak, Rob Swift and Roc Raida TOGETHER. 5 minutes of funk:

#7: Check out DJ Klever of the Allies wreck shop. Nice rock influence mixed in as well. He might not look like he can rip shit, but check ya boy out:

#8: Ninja Tune's Kid Koala doing what he does best, with some ill interview pieces in the middle. If you don't know, better get to know:

#9: DJ A-Trak was formally known as the Canadian wonder who was one of the youngest phenoms in the game. He is now Kanye West's DJ, as well as putting together his own CD. Check him out live:

#10: I'm going to end this edition right now, but check out Mixmaster Mike, formally of the world famous ISP crew, now DJ for the Beastie Boys, rock the crowd with a hot live intro to their show. Peep game:


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