the shuffle. [5/20/06]

What up world? Yet another week down the drain. Just got back from seeing the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey "Circus of Dreams"... we saw a cat get dropped, a horse fall, and a lot of faked singing. And some adopted Asian kid got to do all kinds of tricks while lip synching. It was almost like a live action, dubbed kung fu flick. With motorcycles.

Why do they let Antonio Tarver talk? He jabs a lot of BS with his mouth. Yeah, he whupped on Roy Jones, but Roy couldn't take one on the chin. Hopkins did jail time, nigga. Don't sleep on those ex-cons. First jigs to knock you out just for livin' (whattup P).

Being a sick ass dude sucks. My temp was up to almost 101... nasty. All sweaty and shit, felt like I was going through menopause.

Saturday nights are HBO boxing nights. That nigga De La Hoya is a funny dude. He is probably the best diplomat out there. Go Oscar!

Anyways, let's get into this here shuffle thing.

1> A Tribe Called Quest is talking about a reunion tour. Am I the only one who thinks they should just make another album? I mean I know, I know, they'd make more money doing the shows, show money is what MCs eat off of. True fans want some new music. HOT music, too. Fix up, Ali, Tip and Phife Diggy.

2> This week, the Pentagon finally released the footage from when the plane hit them on 9/11. Funny thing is, there has already been sites devoted to this particular piece of 9/11 history. Plus, the footage didn't tell us a fucking thing about what truly went down. Go figure, the government is keeping info from us.

3> I've seen some fucked up shit, trust, but this shit takes the cake: a RPG game which puts you in the Columbine massacre. That I can understand, sort of. I mean, that's a place in US history, and people might want to interact with that. What I thought was worse was the Columbine Paintball "experience", where dumb ass people PAY to be the Trench Coat Mafia, the SWAT team, classmates (dead or alive), etc. What kind of sick shit is that? What's going to be next, "OJ Simpson Murder Mystery-Dinner Theatre"?

4> All I gotta say is this: "J Dillia Changed My Life". Buy the shirt.

5> So Roy Jones "Glass Joe" Jr. plans on coming back to the ring this coming July. Yo, why? When you get sonned like you did against Tarver, you need to just pursue that shitty rap label a lil further, and call some more HBO bouts. Keep it corporate.

6> Whattup Joey Crack? Fat Joe, my duke, it's one thing to be up on a Paris Hilton track. I can understand the pursuit of the almighty dollar. But her album is phenomenal, dog? Come on! Pick up your career -- it's not that serious!

7> After many, many moons, New Jerz's finest, Joe Budden, is going to be (hopefully) unleashing his latest album, The Growth, this October 2006. Hopefully this is no ploy, and President Carter is ready to greenlight Budden's gem. In other Hip-Hop album news, Nas has decided to name his next Columbia/Def Jam LP "Hip-Hop Is Dead". Is he going to pull an Andre3000, and spend most of his time singing and trying to be Prince? I doubt it. So what's dead? You're God's Son, nigga, wake up this sleeping beast.

8> Right before Barry Bonds tied The Babe's home run record, he got the shit beaned out of him by this pitcher Springer. If you haven't seen it, Springer seemed to be aiming mad pitches @ Barry, with no remorse. Well, that dumb bastard got a 4 game suspension. Good job, prick. The footage was type funny though; it seemed like, with a full count, he was just gunnin' FOR Barry. Sportcenter did the science on this fued, and it seems as these 2 have had history. Funny stuff.

9> Why they got the numbers already, I don't know, but the Da Vinci Code film has already raked in $29 Million. With an assload of shitty reviews. I will still be seeing it next weekend, and you best to believe I'm going to review this. I still say they should have done an Angels & Demons movie first, but who am I?

10> THIS JUST IN: apparently fashion guru Tommy Hilfiger (hillnigger) and Axl Rose got into some beef? WTF is that all about? Apparently, they were beefing over a table in some VIP room for Rosario Dawson's bday. And Hilfiger was actually whupping on Axl? What a bitch. Is THAT the reason that last GNR album didn't come out? And why is Axl sporting those weak dreadlocks? And this is after I spent the weak humming classic GNR material at work. What a dick.

Well, people, that's it for this week. More shit probably happened, including Bush trying to fix this immigration system, but when that pussy can't figure out how to fix what's going on with people who ALREADY live here, how can I truly believe he will be able to fix the madness going on with the immigrants?

Holla at the kid.

PS: Happy Birthday, Malcom X.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Mobb Deep reference. I'm going to bookmark this shit for work. I didn't realize there was more than Sopranos summaries in here!