the shuffle. [5/27/06]

Memorial Day Weekend, bitches. What's really good? Wanna send a shout-out to my boy Russell over there reppin' NJ over in Cali right now. I hope you taking it easy out there on Crenshaw, nigga.

Wanna shout out to these cats online who type real tough. That shit amuses me... "lemme know where you at so I can bitchslap you". Pure jokes.

Anyone grilling this weekend? I'm putting chicken on that bad boy twice -- legs tomorrow, and breasts on Monday. Might have the in-laws in, which will be nice because their pet dog would come and tear up the yard. Quality.

My baby boy is moving strong.
Check out these new ultrasound pictures. He's a litte over a pound right now, and 13 inches long. THAT'S what it's all about. The funny thing about this is, this is the closest we get to fully realizing how close to animals we as humans really are. We have our opposable thumbs and our forward-thinking brains, but we are on some primal shit when it comes to procreation. I tell wifey all the time, this is the most beautifullest thing anyone can experience or be invovled with. I love her, and I love our girls, and I love Jayden.

OK that's the end of the mushy stuff, you guys want some new news, right? Holla.

1> RIP Desimal. DnB has lost a true individual sound. Peep
this post of mine detailing his music and a gang of tribute mixes. And spin his tunes when you can, DJs.

2> Beanie Sigel
got shot out on his block in Philly. I seen the shit on TV, it's pure comedy. He's in the back of his whip like "I got shot. I'm OK", and then proceeds to pull down his sleeve like "You wanna see?" Beans is a trooper; he apparently laid it out on the mic right afterwards. He says he got shot while being robbed by like 5 dudes. Damn shame, B Mac. Maybe he needs to move out the hood?

3> AOL is on the verge of starting up
it's own Myspace. Why? Who knows. If someone is already on Myspace, why jump over to this nonsense. Honestly, the only reason to fuck with AOL these days is b/c of AIM, which I use faithfully.

4> My favorite dead LOST actress, Michelle Rodriguez, got
sentenced more jail time. Homegirl needs to quit the booze & cruise on the real. Hold your head, though, Michelle.

5> Speaking of LOST, word is that Ubisoft has got plans to create a videogame based on the hit TV show. There's also word that Todd McFarlane is planning on creating
LOST action figures. Say word.

6> This Jewish guy on
Slate is Blogging the Bible. If you know the Bible like I do, you will find it interesting. I went to a christian school from K through 6th grade, so I had to know the Bible pretty thoroughly, but as an adult I look at it through a different set of eyes, so this is just a big shift in what I thought I knew and what I am now realizing. Check it out.

7> 50 Cent
won a songwriting award. Why? WTF good is an ASCAP award for a guy who can write hooks? He should get the "earned mad money raping Hip-Hop" award.

8> Apparently, the LA Courts are saying that Biggie's lawyers
decieved the court, and are holding onto that settlement. Kind of fucked up, over some dumb shit. I mean, this case is fucking important, not just to Biggie's family, but to the fucking corruption of the LAPD and their RAMPART division. I'll keep you up to date when I hear more about this.

9> Cam
debuted at #2 with Killa Season. Surprising... I guess the Dipset fans came out in droves to support ya boy. Nappy, we'll see if I win that bet or not. If I do, I'll settle for a 6er of Heineken.

10> Sony is proving to get dumber with their success. They want to make it so their PS3 consumers
cannot sell their used games to video game shops for credit to purchase NEW GAMES!??!?! Apparently this hurts their bottom line. Do people NOT buy their game systems? They pretty much own the competition. What's going on? I won't be buying one until the price goes down... in like 4 years.

11> It's funny when old schoolers sue rappers and producers for sampling seconds of audio. How you gonna sue someone for saying 2 words in a chorus? Ask Kanye & Luda. They
getting sued for some nigga's claim of them using the words "like that" in "Stand Up". Huh? Can I sue someone for some money? That nigga said "Yo"... I say "Yo" all the time, yo! Where the paper at?!?!

12> Italians are on some shit. First they put sauce on the Asians spaghetti, now
this. That's right, an atheist is suing the Vatican, trying to get proof that Jesus exists. It's funny, and kind of been a long time coming, but what's next? I doubt he will win, but stranger shit has happened.

13> Sean Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka P. Diddy, aka Diddy, aka That Music Mogul Who Dicks Over His Artists, is planning on
a new MTV show. This time, it looks like he is going to rival Fox and ABC's popular "dance" shows. Speaking of with, Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance?" premiered the other day, and that shit was comedy. The Jew Boy smacked his face on the floor AND KEPT ON DANCING! How quality was that? Anyways, speaking of Diddy's MTV shows, peep how Dylan is trying to make amends with his former boss.

14> Ya boy DMX is off the meatrack. Oh I'm sorry,
The Dog. Yup, he's trying to change his name in time for his new album to come out. Why? Crack has gotten to him something fierce. I hope his new album is good, or he will be out of the loop forreal. Can't wait for that BET reality show, X!

15> What's good with the Miami Heat's 2006 NBA Playoff home games? Did they send a memo to the fans that there will only be white tees worn at these playoff games? I didn't watch too many Heat games this year, so I don't know if this is a NEW phenomenon, but it looks great on TV! [shouts to Nappy for the inspiration!] PS: I still say the Pistons will win it all this year...

16> No news here, but I've been digging this YouTube site and want to make it a staple of what I do in these shuffles... here is my find of the week on You Tube:


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