the shuffle. [5/13/06]

I spent my Saturday on some very good vibes shit. Wifey and I went out to the mall, mainly to cop her a serious gang of maternity clothes. People kept downtalking Motherhood's price range, but she got mad tops and bottoms and we didn't even go over $300, which is good shit in my book. We ate the American Cafe that is located in the mall... the food was excellent, but that service was fucking ridiculous. Shitty floors, very retarded servers... just an overall downer on some great meals. I actually spent money on myself today, too! I copped a pair of Timbs, a pair of S Dot's for like $50 (!!!), and a Boondocks T-Shirt. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday with the misses. We took the girls to cop shoes at Payless, and had a fun Burger King dinner. Chilled, etc... watched De La Hoya murk out on Mayorga, who is a fucking horse med taking fool.

In any case, most of this has nothing to do with a pretty wicked week in the world of entertainment and shit. shuffle on, peeps:

1> The Beatles' Apple label
lost a battle against the Apple computer company, who is still allowed to use their 'Apple logo' on the iTunes Music store. Great, another 15 years before people can purchase Abbey Road on iTunes.

2> The
E3 Expo went down this week, and people got to see the first glimpse of the Playstation 3. Who wants to buy this badboy for me? There's no way I'm spending $500 on a PS3, not right now. Nigga, I got kids. That shit can wait. I heard there's a Reservoir Dogs video game coming on it, though... which might sway me (even though I've never watched the flick in it's entirety).

3> Mobb Deep got a big lift with their G-Unit affiliation. They
have the #3 spot on lock, right under new albums from Tool and Pearl Jam, which is a good look for them. Now if they could only do an album without 50...

4> Faggot ass 'Prince' Naseem Hamed
got into a car accident recently. Hopefully, this will derail his planned return to the US boxing circuit. He was funny for 2 fights, but when you realized he couldn't fight, the comedy ended. Good riddance...hopefully??

5> Outed writer James Frey
admitted that his 2nd book, My Friend Leonard, has some fabricated situations in it. I wanted to read this; I read Million Little Pieces before all of the hype, and loved it. I understood why he might want to embellish in that one... but the 2nd one? It just makes me not want to even take a peek at the shit. Fuck that, James. Speak to me. In your real voice. About your real life.

6> Chris Daughtry, the man I picked to win it all during this year's American Idol was booted this week, but his some good luck. The rock band Fuel asked him to join their group. Good. I hope he does well, b/c America fucked up on that one. Whomever wins this season will be cursed. Well not cursed, but they won't do any spectacular numbers sales-wise.

7> Ya boy OJ is a funny dude. This nigga is out there fronting like he's selling his Bronco for some PPV hour show he's getting made. And he's saying he's not getting paid for this? He's got to be the dumbest nigga out there, esp. for someone that the gossip rags claim has a cocaine addiction. He's in need of a good job... maybe UPS is hiring?

8> Chris Tucker signed on to Rush Hour 3 for fucking $25 million!!! I had no idea Rush Hour 2 was the highest grossing comedy flick of all time --- $600 mill in total?!?!? How nuts is that. I guess that's why Chris can ask for that. Hopefully it's as good as the last 2 were. That first 15 mins is classic -- Chris singing MJ tracks?!?! "CHA-MOHN, CHA-MOHN LEE!!"

9> Lupus is the disease that claimed Jay Dee (aka J Dilla). His mother, Maureen Yancey, is calling on everyone to raise awarness on this disease. I'm here to do my part: check out these websites for more info.

10> Hip-Hop Shock Jock Star of the Star & Buckwild Show fame was fired from his station, Power 105.1, for some fucked up comments regarding Hot 97's DJ Envy (and his family) on the radio earlier this week. He actually ended up getting arrested over this nonsense, too, and he is lucky. Envy got suspended over this shit, but I can't blame him. That's his lil baby and his wife that this man was threatening. Fuck the dumb shit, Star should be either in the hospital being fed through tubes or 6 feet deep. After he made those fucked up comments about Aaliyah back in 2001, I disliked that nig with a passion. Now I have even more reason.

11> David Blaine couldn't do it. This shriveled up nigga couldn't hold his breath past the 7 minute 8 second mark, but the amazing feat is not that he stayed in water for a week straight; it's that people like me give a shit. I had been a fan of his when his first specials aired; the card tricks are legendary, the chicken thing, the fake levitation was even hot. Then this standing in a block of ice/on top of a high pole/staying for 44 days in a box type shit is not magic. Yes, people come see it but it is not magic. During the 2 hour snorefest, he did end up doing street magic. He pulled out some chick's teeth and spit them back into place... weird shit.

Whoa. 11 pieces this week eh? Good. Been saving some of these jammies; In any case, I'd like to wish all of the mothers out there HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I'll be grilling for my lady tomorrow. Do something nice for the mothers in your life.

khal, out.

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